Monday, December 6, 2021

Bad Dream--where do I get these things?

 I had a bad dream and it scared me. It was not scary, but someone might die.

I was in my house and heard a big noise. I looked out the window and saw a wrecked car. Well, it looked like it had been dropped from the heavens because it was banged up. There was another car and a man standing up. So, for whatever reason in my dream, I just ignored it. 

Later, I thought I heard Tommy calling me. I went to the side door and could no longer hear him. Thinking he was having a problem, I went outdoors and could not see him or his car. Oddly, my car was not in its usual place. So, I walked from backyard to front yard. 

Over at the corner where the black truck was still sitting, all wrecked, were two black mannequins. Not only were they a shiny black, the were black people. It appeared they were part of some sort of art installation. I went over quickly because it appeared there was a man lying in the road with these two broken black statues. 

Well, it was a black man who was sharply dressed and badly hurt. When I started talking to him, he held up his cell phone. It looked smashed with no more glass, a flip phone like mine. I dialed 911, I stood and waited for it to ring, like holding it for three minutes would help! 

After this, it was all jumbled with me thinking about going back to my house to get my phone. I think someone else came by and I think the poor man got help. He was all beat up and bleeding all over. 

I woke up and knew no more about what happened to him or where the figures came from. 

The night before, I heard nothing, but Tommy said there was a crash, and he came to see if I were okay. Later in the morning, he discovered a box with about 50 cans of food fell from their perch on a 60-year-old tv tray. Why did you put that can of food on the TV tray??? I am giving away at least half of the food. I think I got up about 5:30, went to the bathroom, and came and sat on the bed trying to figure out something. I don't know what. Now, I think I knew something happened but not what I needed to figure out. However, I did fall asleep quickly. 

My nights are busy!

Monday, I have done nothing. I need to put that hen back into the oven. We ate some last night, but I think it needs a bit more cooking so it won't be so tough. We will have turkey, kale, and carrots tonight. 

I realized the poinsettia ornaments I put on the wreath are for indoor only, so I will remove them. I may put them on the tiny tree. What was I thinking? The wreath will only have the red bells and ribbon on the greenery. I think that is a beautiful look, just red and green.

So, mostly, I have made Christmas decisions. I have a gingerbread house for Tommy to put together and decorate. And, I must get the construction paper for the paper rings to make a chain or many chains to hang around the doors. I haven't told him about that yet. Tonight or tomorrow, I will get the tree out.

How are your Christmas plans going?


  1. Hi Linda,
    Low blood sugar can cause very visual, realistic dreams. Take care and have a better night of sleep tonight!!
    Sincerely, Bun

    1. Bun,
      Thanks for that info. I slept well until I awoke!

  2. Sometimes I wonder where our dreams come from. Such a mish mash of things that don't go together.
    Could be remnants of your run in with the guy on the motor cart the other day - triggered something.

    1. Cheryl,
      That is exactly what I think. I have not told all the story about that guy.

  3. I have super-vivid dreams sometimes, too. I wake up and think, "Dang, that would make a great movie!"

    1. Sue, That is funny. I suppose some of mine would, too.


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