Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Tuesday Plans and Execution and Surprises

 Plans are delayed while we get the wire fixed. I pulled the wire sticking out to attach the ornaments to the wreath. The wire sticking out was how I was supposed to unroll a piece to cut and use. Then, it gnarled. Tommy is dismantling this plastic container that is sealed. So, I will have a wad of wire! That is okay because I bought a wire cutter in the jewelry making dept while out yesterday or the day before. Surprise wad of wire!

Okay, it only took almost an hour to free the wire from its container. Now, he is cutting pieces for me. ugh this is not how I planned it. Surprise help!

Another day at  the Most Hated Big Box I found the $5 throws reduced to $3. I bought two because I managed to lose both Tommy's car blankets. They were much larger and much thicker and he had had both since he was in High school. I felt sooo bad. He did not get upset with me at all. Surprise markdown.

The dermatologist gave me a prescription cream for use on my face for a condition. Stupidly, I applied a pain reliever cream which really hurt. They were both in boxes. You mean I should read the prescription label? Surprise pain1

Plans for today include taking Tommy's car to the shop, buying COQ10, buying dishwasher tablets, getting our flu shots. Yes, getting the wreath made up is part of the plans.

Today, Tommy wandered into the kitchen about 11:45. I heard little noises, but I never needed to know what he was doing because I figured he was fixing his lunch. Mostly, we make our own lunches unless I decide to make something for both of us. 

About thirty minutes later, I decided to go into the kitchen and figure out what to eat. He had washed a huge sheet pan, a colander, and various other items used to take meat off the bones from the stock. I was amazed, shocked, and grateful. Surprise dishwashing!

Last night, I gave him the sheet pan with all the bones and skin and some of the vegetables from the stock pot. He sat in his chair and deboned it all. I gave him two square brownie pans for the bones and for the meat. It seemed like he worked for hours. Now, there is a brownie pan full of meat that I need to freeze in portions. I had to empty the bone pan half way through. The carrots, celery and onion are in a bowl. The stock is still simmering. There was a gallon to begin. The stove has been on for three days! How long should it simmer? 

We took Tommy's car and left it at the garage. They called. The problem is in the wiring, so who knows how much it will cost or how long it will take. We went into Publix for our flu shot and decided to get Finish tablets for the dishwasher and decided to get the drying agent and also saw a dishwasher cleaner tablet. My dishwasher got gunk in the hinge of the door, right in the flexible part that covers the hinge. So, we got that. Surprise needs! Really, we need these?

We had a hamburger in the park and I found a chair to rescue from the side of the dumpster. It will probably be gone by the time we get Tommy's vehicle back. Bummer! Surprise chair!

I carried the Christmas planter with the poinsettia into the den to place outdoors. Then, I noticed the velvet leaves and decided to keep it for use indoors and not buy a live poinsettia. I paid $5 for it at the yard sale, but a real one would cost so much more. I can use this every year. Surprise saving!

I bought Halos, broccoli, garlic and grape tomatoes. All three were reduced but not by much. I walked out of  Publix having spent $45. Shocking. Oh, I did get a Santa Pez that is a tree ornament. Surprise prices!

Okay, I need to cook broccoli for Tommy, so I had better go and do it. Surprise cooking!

How are your Christmas plans coming along today? 


  1. The stock is still simmering?? That's...far too long. Stock should simmer between 4-12 hours.

    I have Afresh dishwasher tablets but I have not used them yet. I find I do have to hand-wash the gunky edges of my dishwasher every so often.

    I got my flu shot and my Pfizer booster shot this afternoon. I feel fine, but I might pretend I'm sick tomorrow just so I can laze about. Although the weather is going to be warm (low 50's) tomorrow and I'd really like to spend some time outside. Hmm. Maybe I'll start to feel bad in the later afternoon. That will at least get me out of making dinner... ;^)

    1. Sue,
      With all that is happening to you, I would get out of what I could. I do wash the edges, but this gunk is in the folds of the flexible part that covers the hinge.

      I suppose I will take the stock off. But, it is still way too much liquid. I will have to wash new jars, ugh.

  2. Boy you really had a very busy day! I didn't do anything today in preparation for Christmas because I've got most of it done. I just have to prepare a package or two and maybe bake some tarts and cookies later. I did bake some bread today and I enjoyed a day or doing not much else.

    1. Joyful,
      I got very little done toward Christmas. And, I need to fold clothes and do so much. But, I am exhausted from my busy day.

  3. It seems we're so busy this time of year, when will I ever have time to get the tree up? The grands asked me last night if we had our Christmas decorations put up yet. The answer is a solid NO. And we likely won't get them this weekend, either. We have our town Christmas parade Friday night. Then a luncheon on Saturday that our Sunday school class is putting on for the widows and widowers of the church. Then hubby has a chili supper fundraiser that night. Church on Sunday then choir practice that afternoon and the program that night. Shew. I'm tired just thinking about this weekend.

    1. Alice,
      You are busy. Can you decorate a bit each day before this weekend? I can see how this is hard right now.


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