Wednesday, January 26, 2022

It's Wednesday?

 This morning, I thought it was Tuesday. That delusion has stuck with me all day. I had plans for Tuesday, so I suppose they will be pushed to Thursday. I hate when I don't get the day right all day!

My hand developed a third bruise. I think it is because I am overusing my hand sorting things, handling paper, and occasionally lifting something not very heavy. However, even three pounds is too much for my hand.  My hand is achy, but I have age related arthritis. When I get another bruise, I will consult the doctor since I have never bruised easily.

I ordered the long hot-water bottle and decided it was not for me. With water in it, it was too heavy. It did not stay hot as long as the ad said. The rubber bottle would not come out of the knit sleeve easily enough.  And, Tommy had to put it back in the knit sleeve. When I tried to put hot water in it with the knit sleeve and got water all over me, the floor, counter and the sleeve.

The reason it was sent back was the storage instructions. It needed to hang upside down to drain. But, there was no hole so I could hang it and I was not going to clip in with a clothes pin, even if a clothespin would go onto the thick rubber. So, I called well before the deadline to return it.  

The woman at Amazon was very helpful, but could not find it. As it turns out, Amazon gave me a refund. Then, she still could not find the listing in my account. As it turns out, I was not charged, got a refund, and got to keep it!  I tried to get them to take it back AND to get the refund returned to Amazon. No, they would not. So, I have the hot water bottle that they told me to keep or donate or sell. 

Okay, I am sleepy and tired of typing, as my hand hurts. I did comment on blogs, so this is it for me, today.

Has Amazon ever sent you anything without charging you? 


  1. Was the hot water bottle to keep you warm in bed? Maybe you need to go "old school" and heat up a brick or paver in the oven and wrap it in a towel to use. The stone would lose heat much more slowly than water. Thank you for sharing your experience about the hot water bottle. They sound like way too much work, as well as inadequate.

    Years ago, Amazon sent me an Apple Watch. It's still in the original box with wrapping intact. I should check eBay and see what it might fetch.

    1. Sue,
      No, it was for Tommy to use on his hips. I cannot carry a brick or paver!

      That watch would bring something. Even if it does not work, someone will want it.


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