Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Tuesday Nothings

 While sitting still, I hurt my hand today. There is a bruise the size of a silver dollar on the back of my hand. It really hurts. After three days of not straining and pushing to rise from a chair, I am now injured somehow! Since it hurts, I think maybe I will not type for a bit. The same thing happens to this hand occasionally and I don't know why. 

I have been busy sorting paper! This is not fun at all and slow. 

The Summer Savory came, but we decided to freeze the last almost-quart for a dinner later. So, no immediate gratification in the form of seasoned soup. We need something fast some days.

Dinner tonight will be hotdog on bun with chili and cheese, coleslaw, sweet potato. 


  1. Sorry your hand is hurt. I don't understand how you could hurt it while sitting still, that is bizarre! It does sound painful for sure :( Hope it feels better soon!!
    Dinner sounds good! We were in Vegas over the weekend and surprisingly the one thing my hubby won't stop talking about were these amazing chili cheese dogs we got on the Strip! They were so fancy and so freaking good, I wasn't expecting much but they were divine!! I'd even pay the outrageous price of $8.50 again for another taste - which says a lot - they really were that good!

    1. Bri,
      Bizarre! Those are expensive chili cheese dogs. I am glad I found a good chili to use with mine.

    2. So bizarre :( Especially the bruise - how do you get a bruise without hitting it on something?! Have you asked your Dr. about this since it's happened before?
      I'm curious to know, what chili do you like to use on your chili cheese dogs?

    3. Bri,
      Calling the doctor is first on list of calls today. I used Hormel No Beans Chili, bought bogo a bit ago. f

  2. Strange about the bruise. I hope it heals quickly.

  3. I think it's pretty wild you got bruised while sitting doing nothing! More probably you strained/bashed it days ago.

    Sorting paper IS an annoying task, because you have to think about each darned piece! And if it's important enough to keep, how do you file it for future reference? I am the only one who sorts papers in this house. No one else has enough common sense, LOL! ;^)

    A chili cheese dog and coleslaw sound really good right about now. I get to have my husband's lasagna. It's quite good, but I'm not in the mood for all those carbs tonight.

    1. Sue,
      No, it started aching immediately and the bruise formed. I think I strained it with no effort at all. However, if this continues, I will contact my doctor. Another formed today.

      I am going to give Tommy a box of envelopes full of information and have him sort them by putting like envelopes together--ex. all that have Medicare. I would not trust him any further. And, I would have to answer so many question for other paper to be sorted.

      I hate the hotdogs, so Tommy can eat those. I had a chicken breast, so slaw and fruit will complete my meal later.


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