Wednesday, May 18, 2022

New Recipe for Zucchini

 After I posted this morning, I decided we would go to Cullman. I needed my mail and the pickup lunch was at 11 am. We picked up lunches for our 90- and 91-year-old friends. We had Chicken Parmesan, vegetable casserole, Hawaiian rolls and brownies. I love Chicken Parm even though I use mozarella because it is what I have. 

Our friends are getting rid of stuff so their children don't have to some day. Tommy and I are of the mind that someone else can get rid of stuff when we are gone. Just kidding, Tommy feels that way. I don't.

Before we left we were watching the Today Show, the segment with Hoda Kotb. The cooking segment was about cooking eggplant, a segment that did not interest me. They were making baba ghanoush, a dip. At one point someone asked if zucchini could be used or yellow squash. That interested me. It seems that the recipes are the same except the skins of the squashes do not have to be cooked and peeled off. 

This is a recipe for baba ganoush. Okay, there is more than one recipe. Since I don't make or eat baba ganoush, I cannot recommend a recipe. This dip would be a great way to use up zucchini and would be healthful. By using carrots or celery to dip into it, the vegetable count would be out of sight. When I buy some tahini, I will make this dip. 

US Soccer reaches equal pay deal. It is about time women made the same as men! Now, to get all pay where it should be. But, they still make more than nurses or firemen! 

Plans: Hopefully, the meat cooking marathon will happen on Thursday. It is not all thawed yet. We need to empty the dishwasher and fill it again with more contents of the cabinets. 

I just had a second Chicken Parm lunch for my dinner because I am too beat to cook anything. 

There were no deals at stores in Cullman. Poo! My yard is three-feet high because the guy who was going to mow it did not! grrr

How did your Wednesday go? What's for dinner? 


  1. It was a good day but boy, is it hot out there. Got some really good deals on ground beef and breakfast sausage for the freezer. It makes me very happy when I can stock up when the prices are good. Like you, I am tired this evening, I will just find something easy. Have a good night!

    1. I have not seen many good deals on meat lately. But, when I do, I will be all over it. It was in the 90s here today. Hot enough. Easy is how I like meals.

  2. It was a pretty day here today, but after I showered and washed my hair, I started feeling so hot and then worn out. I took my temperature about an hour after my shower and it was up to 100 degrees. I don't take that hot of showers and an hour had gone by. I took a couple of Tylenols and thought what the heck is happening with me now. I felt kind of sickly, so I ended up having a can of Beefaroni for dinner, believe it or not that is a sickness comfort food for me, weird, huh. I had two popsickles for dessert. Maybe I was hoping to be eight years old again. My husband had a frozen dinner. I have a big spiral ham that needs to be cooked, and country pork ribs to cook, and some nice chicken thighs that I wanted to oven bbq.
    I found some store made macaroni salad from the nearby Shop n Save grocery store that is really good. I had forgotten all about macaroni salad. It's been so long since I had any. I was so busy cleaning house last week because my daughter, son in law,and our grand kids were coming over, and then I had to pick up stuff all over again because our son was going to be here a few days after my daughter was, because he was on leave before leaving for The Netherlands. It is so hard to believe how cluttered me and my husband can make a house in just to or three days time. I wish that I could say that wild monkeys sneak into our house and fling things everywhere, but I can't, because it is only my husband and I here. Here lately we have gotten so messy plus absent minded, we are constantly misplacing things and having to search for stuff several times a week. I think it was just because we were so busy last week and are not used to packing so much into our days. At any rate, my big spiral slice ham, the country pork ribs, and chicken thighs are waiting to get cooked. I was going to fix the ham when everybody came over one day, but then the rest of the family wanted to to get together and visit our son, so we all went to a restaurant, because my house is not big enough for so many.

    Hopefully I won't start running a sickish fever in the afternoon again. I don't know what is causing it. I thought about going to one of those urgent care places near our house but the assistant I spoke to on the phone said they have been really busy this week, plus they are starting to see a lot of covid cases again. I decided I didn't want to go there if there were a lot of covid cases going in. If I get sicker I will try to go to my regular doctor who doesn't see Covid cases in his office. In just our county, there were over 300 more covid cases this week than last week reported. Imagine how many haven't yet been reported.

    I hope that you can get someone to mow your yard. My husband didn't get a chance to finish the whole front yard last week, and when our son was here he answered a knock at the front door and there were two young boys with their lawn mower asking if they could mow our lawn for $15. Tommy (our son) just couldn't hardly stand to tell them no, but I explained to him that I have so many flowers and plants that I would have to point out to them not to cut down, it would take forever, plus places in our yard were so high, I don't think
    their lawn mower would have made it through. Finally he told the kids no. He then turned around to me and said Mom, I'll pay for it
    for you. I told him that I was worried the tall grass might mess up their lawn mower and ruin it. I am surprised he didn't just give the kids some money for not mowing the grass.

    1. I hope you are not getting ill. It is too hot to be sick. I have noticed Covid cases are rising. And, I have wondered how many were not counted since the new variation does not make some people very sick.
      Those meats sound delicious. Hope you get your meat marathon done, too.
      That is cute about those little boys. Maybe you should have let your son stand out there and point out flowers not to be mowed. Then, he could pay for it too. I could not have given them so little money. Cute.

  3. my son makes a very good baba ghanoush using eggplant. I never thought of zucchini but theres no reason why it wouldn't work.
    Our dinner plan is pasta carbonara made by my other son. It's almost dinner time and he hasn't started, nor has he taken up my offer to swap places on the roster. It could be a long night :)

    1. kylie,
      I am sorry, but I am laughing. Hopefully, dinner will come before you famish. The only thing I need is tahini and zucchini to make this dip.

  4. Personally I adore eggplant. My husband and son say they don't care for it but to tell you the truth the have absolutely no idea how often they eat it!
    This evening I made a chicken tortilla casserole. This is one of the items that we never end up tossing out the last serving of. I boiled 6 chicken legs and when they were done I removed the meat and returned the bones skin and trimmings back to the pan along with the onion, celery and carrots. I didn't peel the carrots and the celery was the last of a nice bunch . I also tossed in some parsley, stems and all. ( I did add a generous spoon-full of granulated chicken bullion) I let that boil a couple of hours. Now I have a couple of jars of beautiful golden chicken broth!

    I can purchase fresh baba ghanoush at my local market. This store has an interesting mix of a Mexican / Chaldean clients. My city has the next highest concentration of Chaldean citizens, next only to Detroit. The Chaldean people are Catholics from Iraq. Originally Babylon.
    I saw my PA yesterday who froze a few more "skin tags" off of my body. He also prescribed a new time release medication that hopefully will lessen my morning pain. My arthritis causes my hands to be next to useless in the morning. As the day progresses there is a lot of improvement.

    I was able to finally qualify for a financial assistance grant to cover the last 3 months of my EVENITY monthly injections, Evenity is the only medication (at this time) that can help regrow bone! I have severe Osteoporosis and have been told that my spine will not accept screws or other mechanics to stabilize my spine's bone loss. At one time I was 5'9 3/4" and now I measure 5'6" I only have 3 months left in the 1 year program This medication is insanely expensive and with out assistance I would not be able to benefit from it.
    From on line
    "How much does the drug Evenity cost?
    Given as a once-monthly therapy, Evenity comes with a list price of $1,825 per dose, or $21,900 for a year."

    1. My friend served a dish of lamb, eggplant, and tomato sauce. It was gross since I dislike lamb! I wonder if I have eaten eggplant and don't know

      I know Chaldea and Chaldeans, but did not know Chaldeans were a people in the US. Interesting. Oh, did not know they were Catholic. So, I learned something tonight.
      Only lately have my hands hurt, and then it is more like a mild ache when I have overused them. That must be annoying to have hands that don't work early.

      That is a lot of bone loss. I doubt I am my original height, but the bone loss is not so much. That is a very expensive medication. I am glad you got some help with the cost. I am going to look this up. Thanks for that info.


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