Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Too Early and Changed Plans

 The telephone appointment at 7:40 am was just too early. However, I had a list of questions/subjects for discussion. I certainly didn't want to be up that time of morning trying to figure out what I wanted to ask. He called at 8:01 am, so I had to be up for a half hour. ugh

We went to Verizon to get the charging cord I should have received when I purchased my phone. I think I will go back to AT&T. "Do it yourself" and "look it up online" are not good answers to my questions. No, I did not get a manual with my phone. The woman was shocked I was just handed a phone with no box or anything. 

When I went to Publix, I needed only heavy stuff--water, Pepsi. 3 half-gallons of a2milk. A guy had to go with me and load up the electric cart. I felt sorry Tommy had to bring it all inside the house. 

Later, I took a two-hour nap and was more tired when I awoke. Tommy watered the flowers. With a bit of rain, sun, and his watering, the dying Wave Petunias have seven blossoms instead of the one blossom of a week ago. 

I had plans to cook a chunk of pork, two packages of ground round, and a huge pack of bscb. But, I have been inordinately tired today. So, I thawed a chicken thigh for him and he got some cauliflower rice and salad for his dinner. I had chicken salad. 

We have been washing and discarding things from the kitchen. Tommy was in charge of his coffee and tea supplies. When I looked, he had discarded a whole trash can of items. One was a huge plastic container for coffee. We need to load the dishwasher one more time in anticipation of the guys coming by. We can put everything back and start to put things up that never had a home. This is pleasant to anticipate. 

As usual Dillon was shot in his left arm. However, he did not have on the purplish pinky shirt. He had a light brown shirt on. When he is shot, he usually just holds his arm. This time, he stuck a finger in the bullet hole and ripped open his shirt sleeve. Usually, he heals and so does his shirt, never a hole or rip. 

Lynda has the prettiest roses. She gave me a rose with four buds. I stuck it in water, hoping all the buds do make beautiful pink roses. I have heard the rose stem can be placed in a bucket of sand to get a rose bush to plant. 

The plan for Wednesday was to go to Cullman for several things, including getting my mail. That won't happen as I am so tired. 


The dogs had me awake at 6:30. I don't know how long I can stand this. Plus, there are two more cars, several adults and several more children. ??? I have not counted, but there are probably more dogs. There is not three feet between all the things left in the yard. Plus, the garbage on the carport continues. I thought some of it was gone, but Tommy said they just moved it. 


  1. My new phone from AT&T also came without a manual but did have a charging cord. To become familiar with and use the features I have had to use the internet. Amazon may have a book available offering help with a particular model of phone.

    1. Connie,
      This phone came in a box with a charging cord and booklet. However, the guy went into the back and came out with a naked phone. grrrr


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