Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Sunday, Monday and Sale Items

 Sunday night, I baked turkey wings. Tommy had smoked, marinated, baked turkey wing, peas, one small potato peeled, one thick slice of kohlrabi. Of course, I had to peel his potato before I baked it...lol. He took the meat from the other two wings and I froze them. He said there was enough for two meals. 

Tonight, Monday, he will cook the ground pork and I will make the taco casserole that is more like taco soup. Probably half of that will be frozen for another meal. 

Since the refrigerator is not loaded so with my milk and Tommy's milk, we are going to clear a space to thaw a turkey so it can be baked and stored in small portions. I am hoping this will help to make room in the freezer. 

These kinds of projects come to me and seem possible to do when I feel well. I do feel well. I think this is three nights in a row I have slept 7 or 8 hours each night. I hate to rejoice too soon since tonight could be the night I could only get two hours sleep. Either I slept through the dogs barking or they did not bark. Not sure. Since they bark every day, I cannot imagine them not barking. Of course, Saturday, I suppose the dogs and people slept late. 

Today, I even cleaned a little from two tables in the living room, tossed trash that was stacked up like expired coupons, I am a dynamo...lol, not really. 

We are slowly, very slowly, washing, discarding items, and putting the kitchen back together. I am opening the last 5 lb. bag of sugar. I suppose I will buy another bag soon. In almost three years, I have only used one 5 lb. bag. And, I spilled half a cup of sugar in the sink two days ago. I am just grateful it was in the sink and not on the counter or on the floor.

Sunday night, I almost spilled a glass of milk sitting beside me. I almost pushed it off the table. Then, I got a finger inside the top and almost toppled it. Finally, I picked it up and spilled it all over me as I sat in my chair. Thankfully, I had the quilt on the chair. But, the milk went through. I did clean underneath side of quilt and put fresh towels over the chair. There was really a lot of milk, almost a cup full of milk! My clothing was soaked. Grrrr! 

Our birds, a pair of Eastern Phoebe, have made a nest and continue to stay close to home, sitting on the closet shepherd's hook, the one nearest their nest and the door. I was going to destroy a nest before eggs were laid, but I suppose we have eggs, a family now. We also have a poopy railing! 

Tommy voted. Thankfully, the traffic, car and foot, was light. There were only five people ahead of him. I took Hillbilly Elegy and read. 

Right now, I need to get out stored summer clothes to wear to an "event" this week. I suppose it will be the floral outfit I got when I lost my house. 

I love Kay Ivey, our governor. She has the best campaign ads on TV. I won't vote for her, but love the ads. She is fully embracing the "memaw governor" moniker that people gave her in derision. Love it! 

Monday night, we drove the neighborhood and found a pink bag with coupons and ads. We get it from a house that looks abandoned. The grass is mowed and someone finally pulled the vines off the house. But, there is a tree across the deck that has been there for months. So, we get the pink bag. 

From the Piggly Wiggly ad, I thought I had really found a deal. But, it is something I won't eat. Bryan and Castleberry Hot Dog Chili Sauce are $0.70. But, I will not get any because it is mashed beans, beef fat, and no meat. I cannot stand beans in chili, but maybe someone else can benefit. 

 Boston Butt Pork Roast is $1.78.lb. So, I will get that at The Pig. There are other deals I will get, but these two are the best. I will get corn at Publix $2/5 ears, bogo bread I like, cheaper than at bread store. 

There are other items I want to get but definitely don't really need. At least I won't have to pay full price for goodies. 

It's late and I need to take my medicine and put the taco casserole/soup in the refrigerator and freeze it tomorrow. 

What deals are in your ads this week? 


  1. We enjoy the Castleberry Hot Dog Chili. I do understand about the beans.

    1. Lisa,
      Don't get me wrong. I like beans, some beans, in their place.

  2. I make this recipe when I want hot dog chili. It's excellent and freezes well... https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/katie-lee/west-virginia-style-hot-dog-2422753

    1. That chili recipe looks good! I would throw that over some riced or mashed cauliflower!

    2. slugmama,
      Thanks for the site. I know I typed a reply to your comment. I don't know where it went!

  3. NEver heard of hotdog chili We do chili dogs out here

    1. Kim,
      I think it is probably all the same, just different names.

  4. there are no deals to be found, just things to avoid buying.


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