Sunday, July 3, 2022

Dogs Again


The dogs next door woke me one day an hour into a three-hour planned nap. I must admit that I was enraged. I rolled best I could and got to the back side of the bed and rapped on the window. Once, and the dog kept yapping. Twice, and the dog seemed to hear. The people certainly did. Thrice, and the people started getting out of their chairs. Then, I heard nothing more. But, the nap was over, and I was shaking when I was awakened. I needed the nap since I only slept three hours the night before. 

It took me a bit to get to the other side of the bed and stand up. I did a rapraprap three times before they did anything. Yet, they told him they were doing the best they could. The dog barking certainly did not faze them! 

They said the dog barks all day long when people walked by. !!!

I told Tommy to go talk to the people about the dogs and not to mention anything about my health, just they woke me again barking. He did. They said they were trying the best they can do, but that when they went off to work, there was nothing they could do. (There were at least two of them sitting there when the dog started barking.) They said they were sorry it was happening.

Tommy continued and said I need sleep. Now, mind you, some days it is 5:15 am when the dogs bark. 

THEN, one of them said they were following the city ordinance. Sooo, they have had a problem with this before, obviously. The ordinance states that a dog is a nuisance when it barks continuously for ten minutes. They are following the letter of the law with no consideration for anyone or anything else. 

The next day, I was sitting on my bed when the cleaner was here. She was here and getting things off the floor, clothes and everything I own, it seems. Wellll, the littlest, and yappiest dog started in for OVER TEN MINUTES. So, I called Animal Control. We did not see Animal Control come here and they have not told us anything. We have not seen or heard a dog in two days. Well, it is the weekend and some of the people are gone. 

Since then, Tommy has seen three dogs instead of seven. I cannot imagine 7 dogs and 9 or 10 people living in one house! They bring them all in at night. Tommy said just now that he thinks some of the dogs came with friends who visited for the day because the dogs were gone when the company left. 

We drove by yesterday on the way home from a drive and all three children were on their bikes in the front yard. The oldest, 8, turned and told the other two and nodded in our direction. All three waved wildly like we were long-lost relatives home from a six-month expedition. I wonder if the kids were told to be nice. Am I being too suspicious? 

So, we will see. All the cars are not there. So, are some of them on a vacation? Did they leave with the dogs? Are the dogs coming back? They trained the children, so why not train the dogs? 

I still have not made the cupcakes for the kids like I intended. My friend down the street says I should not do it. But, they are good kids. I WANT to do it. Should I still bake the cupcakes? 


  1. Maybe when you want to nap during the day time, you can wear ear plugs? We're surrounded by neighbors with dogs (and kids!), but most of them are conscious of the noise and do their best to quiet the dogs (notsomuch the kids, but we love hearing them).

    1. Bobbie,
      With almost continual ear congestion and allergies, I cannot wear earplugs. I have slept through lawn mowers next to my room, kids, roaring cars and motorcycles. It is the dogs! This place is noisier than my neighborhood was. But, the dogs are incessant from next door once they start.

  2. I say bake the cup cakes! That is so nice of you!

  3. Bake the cupcakes. Let them know you’d intended to bring them the first week they moved in.

    1. Debbie,
      Thanks. I have to send Tommy over, but he never gets my message right or dilutes it. So, I will send a note.

  4. Someone may have asked this before but I am curious. Have you ever tried to modify your sleep patterns to be easier on you and more healthy? Watching a television screen so late at night is a known detriment to sleep. Maybe turn off the tv at 10:00, enjoy some soft music and aim to be in bed by eleven. Read if you cannot fall asleep or if you awake in the night but avoid screens; phone, ipad or laptop. Get up at 7:00 AM and repeat. It takes more than a few day or weeks but it is possible to train the body into healthier sleep patterns, believe me I have been there. Sleeping at night and awake during the day is a relief worth working towards.

    1. Of course, I want to sleep about 8 hours at a time and not all over the place!

  5. Yapping dogs are a pain.
    About the cupcakes, 'always do the right thing' yes to doing so.


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