Friday, July 1, 2022

Small Economy Instead of a Huge Waste

 Sometimes, a small or large package of wipes, whether for just wiping hands or sanitizing anything, dries out. The package either gets the flap knocked loose or it is not closed correctly. Sometimes, the wipes are in a canister, sometimes in a soft, plastic flap pack. Bummer! However, I never waste them. 

These wipes are very thick and tough. I take a very dried out wipe and pour a bit of water from my drinking bottle and splash the tough and dry wipe. It works just as before--to clean my fingers, mostly. Of course, if you need something dry to absorb liquid, there is no need to douse the dry wipe with water. 

I never wet the whole dried lot of wipes because I think it might spoil, either grow mold or become rancid, grow bacteria. I just want the water fresh as possible. 

Since March 2019 I have used more wipes than I have in my whole life! I stocked up on all types--Clorox, Lysol, plain wipes, canisters, flat packs, diaper wipes. I don't think I have had more than two of any one kind since I just got my one-pack allowed of whatever came in. 

And, I did not stop at Ninja Fireworks!

Do you ever rehydrate a wipe that has dried? Tell me about a small economy you have had lately. What have you salvaged? We all do this. Your actions would be an inspiration.


  1. I have rehydrated wipes, with bleach, I only use them for cleaning in the kitchen and bath, on door knobs. I never use them anywhere that they could damage anything with the bleach.

    When produce starts to age, bananas go in the freezer for banana bread, muffins or pancakes. Other produce goes in the soup bag, carrots, onions, bell pepper. Potatoes in a different freezer bag for soups, casseroles, hash browns.

    In the bath, those little sliver of soaps go in a soft sock to be used for washing the body, Shampoo and conditioner used to the last bit, bottles kept to water down those products I use everyday. We don't need full strength to get the job done.

    Laundry detergent, we do not need the amount the bottle says. I use less per load, why waste the product when we don't need to.

    Save and freeze or refrigerate the drippings from your cooked meats. Great to use for gravies, sauces and soups. Gives you the flavor you crave without having to use boullion. Bacon grease is a gift from God for seasoning. I cook a pound or two at a time when I am batch cooking, don't cook it all the way. I just freeze, pull out what I need for breakfast or BLTs. Same with sausage, cook it, and freeze for breakfast or casserole needs, I love it to use as a topping for homemade pizza.

    Use your bath towel more than once, it is not dirty you just took a shower, you are clean when you dry off!! Just hang it up to dry and use again when you bath or shower. You save water, energy to wash and dry and detergent.

    Batch cook, you save time, electricity or gas, It keeps you from heating up the house everyday just to spend money to make it cool again in the house. Plus, you don't have to cook everyday, Freeze left overs for future meals. Cook once and eat many days no fuss, no mess.

    I also make and bake pies. Once they are done, I chill and then cut to serving size in the pie dish. I freeze the whole pie and can go and pull out how many pieces I need at a time. This works great for fruit pies and for savory quiches.

    I am sure there are other things but I will stop at that, you probably know these already

    1. Texas,
      Thanks. It is always good to see time- and energy-saving tips again. And, it may give others ideas or renew their efforts to be frugal.

      Freeze pies? Yep, I know how to unfreeze quickly. It would be a waste of time to freeze one since I would have the whole thing thawed one piece at a

      We have a big cooking marathon coming up on Saturday. Tommy does all the chopping of ground beef. I prepare and cook all meats I put in the oven. Then, I freeze most of what we have cooked, leaving out what meat we can eat for about three days.

      Saving on eating and heating costs is a big thing around here.

  2. True, I will buy small packages of some things knowing they dry out, go bad etc. before I can get through them.


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