Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Grocery Ads

 It's amazing. There is absolutely nothing in the grocery ads from five stores that is anything I want or need. NOTHING! Usually, there is at least one item I can stock up or something for immediate consumption. It astounds me. However, I still collect the pink bag with coupons and ads. Only, Publix ad has been absent for two weeks. That puts a kink in my armchair browsing. 

Monday night, I perused the ads with a marker in hand. Finally, I put the ads and coupons back in the pink bag and tossed to Tommy. He cuts the coupons for the food bank friend and circles items in the ads we need to buy or something he wants. He did not circle anything but is usually good for a few circles. 

We did go out for soft drinks today. We will just sit on our money until a loss leader, price reduction, or a bogo comes along. 

The food giveaway was not so great for us. We gave away lots of it.

2 boxes of fresh spinach

turkey necks

fake sausage patties

2 lbs chicken livers

9 bananas (we kept four)

8 huge bags of too hot or too salty chips

All the above went away.

We kept:

Land o' Lakes sliced Muenster cheese

Dole chopped salad kit bacon and bleu cheese

2 Vidalia onions

4 of the bananas

pork meat for stew???

2 bottles Bleu Cheese salad dressing yum

box of Bob Evans mashed potatoes

Also, from past giveaways we gave things we were not going to use:

three cucumbers still fresh

two bags, boxes of salad

12 cans of Hunts tomato products

large bottle of hand wash liquid

gallon of sweet tea

There seems to have been more

When we gave all the meat products away, we knew the resident dog would get those. In the past we have kept all salads in hopes of eating them. Now, we give them away immediately. It is sad to see food waste.

All the Hunt's tomato sauce and bits have a "use by" date of May 5, 22. So, we don't keep too many of those. I think we have about eight or a dozen. But, all need to be eaten, not saved until next year. So, we give them away and tell people to eat them now. No one seems fazed. 

The woman in the parking lot was very gracious. She wanted to know exactly where food was given away so she can go. So, maybe she can get it herself from now on. Most people say thank you and leave. These women, three generations, stayed and talked. 

Tonight starts the new season, I think, of Resident Alien. On Sunday, there was a rerun. Great fun. Believe it or not, I am choosing Password over Gunsmoke. Heretofore, I have absolutely despised KeKe Palmer, but she is good hosting Password, one of my favorite shows. Formerly, she was on a show with Michael Strahan, taking over for Sarah Haines who left. She was so nuts. Now, she is just personality plus. 

It is after 7 pm, and I have only eaten milk and banana about noon, some chicken breast, tiny 1 oz bag of cheetos around 4 pm. Before 8 pm, I will eat a salad with lots of fresh mushrooms. Remember, I have two boxes. These are square boxes whereas the ones from the last two weeks were rectangular ones. Dinner was the American Salad topped with mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and Ranch dressing. Tommy had the chicken breast on skewer with onions and peppers, salad, and mashed potatoes. 

This afternoon, it rained for about 30 minutes, enough to keep the grass lush and growing. It seems it is not so dry as usual when the grass does not grow so fast. I could be wrong. So, Tommy is relieved not to water. 

My sinuses are still hurting, and it all makes me feel so awful. My ear does not hurt, so I will take it. Still, it took a night of okay sleep along with a long nap to keep me going today. I was so ill this morning; I cancelled my appointment with the gynecological oncologist. I feel a bit better tonight, but the day has been me sitting.

How are the ads in your area? The only good part is there is nothing I am waiting on to go on sale. So, there is nothing spent except for the slaw yesterday and drinks today. I think the slaw was 29 cents less today, but that is okay.


  1. There you are! Well, it is good that you find someone to take the items you don't use. I don't know why you would give away the hand soap, you can use it a lot of different ways. I only have one things to get from Kroger this week. Loss leader for Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage. $2.49lb will get about 6 rolls for the freezer. I use it a lot in the fall and winter. It is priced about $5.00 now when it is not on sale. Use it for sausage balls, a sausage quiche and for sausage gravy over biscuits. Those are all my son's favorites so I like to have it on hand. The first two I can make and freeze and give him to take home. Makes one happy boy LOL

    I did not get anything done waiting for your post this evening but I did a lot earlier in the day. Cooked that beef roast, carrots, mashed potatoes and gravy. Also made a bowl of tuna salad for lunchs the next few days.

    This roast is the best I have made in a long time. It came out so tender and flavorful.Thru some onion, celery and garlic with beef broth. I cooked it in a salad master electric skillet that was my Mom's. I forgot I had it. I was looking for something else in my high cabinets and there I found a bunch of this cookware I forgot I had.. Also up there was a bunch more of her tupperware. The cookware is double clad stainless steel that she bought back in the 60's. The tupperware is from probably 60's and 70's, in colors of harvest gold, yellow and orange. It is so hard to believe these things are still in perfect condition after all the use and time she had them.

    In closing I will tell you about a blog I having been reading this evening, I think you know the person, it was you. It is your old blog before you moved to Tommy's. I must say I love that pale pink Christmas tree you had back in 2011. Reading more later!!

    Sorry you are not feeling well. We finally got rain after 60 days without. I guess the barometric pressure got me as I have had a migraine all day. I just gave up about an hour ago and took a xanax. I already feel 100% better. It has been about six weeks since I have had to take a pill but I am glad I did, it really helps!

    1. I would buy Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage, too, at that price. I love it in sausage balls and everything
      Tuna salad talk makes me want to make some, too. I try not to eat tuna over once a week, and I think it has been two weeks.
      My yellow Tupperware cannister set went in my house. I miss it. Five pounds of sugar and five pounds of flour fit perfectly! The new T is not so airtight if you accidentally touch the top.
      Maybe I will get that tree and put it here, too, this Christmas. I love it.
      Sixty days of rain is astounding. I just cannot imagine that. I am glad the headache went away. I would not know how to handle headaches since I rarely have one, especially not a migraine. Better is good.

    2. We have been given two gallons of hand soap at a time. We keep enough, especially the six pump bottles of hand soap. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much hand soap.

    3. I have my Mom's yellow cannisters and they are perfect, I love them, I love retro things. I was keep my eyes peeled at garage and estate sales. The younger generations don't know what a good products they are so I often get them if I am there early.

    4. When and if I ever go to another yard sale or thrift store, I will keep my eyes out for those.

  2. Well gas is down to $3.82 and I saw that cheese was down to its old price.

    1. Kim,
      Good for you. We saw gas last week for $3.43 but probably lower now. Cheese is on sale for the old regular price. The regular price was exorbitant.

  3. Be careful of old or vintage Tupperware. Anything older than 2010 contains BPA.

  4. I have never looked at the ads on the cynical grounds they aren't real viz. you show up and the price is higher than posted. I don't know this is true though.

    1. Urspo,
      The ads are real! No, the price is never higher than posted. Try looking at ads and see what you find.


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