Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Thoughts on Tomato Seeds and Other Heady Subjects

 One day, Tommy and I had a sliced tomato on our plates or we had a salad. At any rate, we had fresh tomatoes. I noticed something on his plate that he was not eating. It was about a half inch high. I asked him what he was not eating. He said it was tomato seeds. He told me he hated tomato seeds. That membrane is probably the best part of a tomato and where all the flavor is for me. 

In the past I have read about canning tomatoes where the instructions include de-seeding tomatoes before canning. I thought this was plain weird, so I canned tomatoes with seeds. I won a blue ribbon for canned tomatoes at the fair and the tomatoes in the jar had seeds. So, it appears it is proper enough.

Since that day, I have noticed he leaves the clear, juicy, and seedy part of the tomato on his plate. Of course, I have not mentioned it since he told me hates the seeds and the soft membrane surrounding them. 

Do you dislike tomato seed and membranes? Do you avoid them or discard when you eat tomatoes or can them? Is it the taste or texture? I may start getting the seeds and membranes from his tomatoes before I serve them to him. 

One month, I received a copy of Ladies Home Journal. I have no idea why. But, I enjoyed the freebie. The next month I received a copy of Cosmopolitan. I did not enjoy it as much as I did years ago. It was nice having reading material in my hands that I did not have to pay to get. I cannot stand to throw out magazines, so I always give them to someone I know who always passes on magazines to others. I am waiting on my third month of a free magazine. Have you gotten free magazines in the mail for no apparent reason?

The glass remained on the carpet because I was dizzy when I walked on Monday. The dizziness sort of came and went. I was afraid it would come while I was bending and into the glass. Besides, I was too busy taking a nap and then it was dark. There is no light in that area of the room! Okay, that is my excuse. It is Tuesday night and I actually feel like I might die. No cleaning up glass for me. I only slept one hour last night, and then could not take a nap today. 

We have not gotten one robo call from a car warranty company since carriers were ordered to stop allowing the calls through. Or, something like that. Now, the phone rarely rings which is okay with us. We both have a cell phone and he has a home phone, so we were hit hard. No more. Have you noticed fewer calls? 

How do you feel about tomato seeds?

Any free magazines coming to your mailbox?


  1. The only way I have ever liked tomatoes is made into ketchup or marinara sauce. No fresh or sliced tomatoes for me. But that goo inside is the worst. If I ever ordered a burger with no tomato and they forgot, I'd have to have a new one. Just taking it off is not sufficient because that tomato snot is left behind.

    1. Alice,
      Tomato snot!? I never heard of that. Now, I am almost turned off tomatoes. Taking a pickle off the burger does not fix that, either.

  2. Unfortunately I have not noticed less calls. Yesterday I had 5 of those scam calls that claim to be amazon and that i had bought some item for $900 and something dollars. I hung up immediately and I didn't speak one word before they launched into their scam. I haven't had any Middle Eastern sounding accents calling to scam me about a type of computer that I don't even have. That has saved me a lot of cussing. That's a good thing. I wouldn't want to scare my little dog. They always acted so bossy on those calls.
    I don't eat the seeds if it is an old tomato and the seeds look like they are starting to turn into teeny tiny little plants. I usually like the seeds and the meaty part of the tomato and pull off the skin, especially on bacon and tomato sandwiches, and on braunschweiger sandwiches on white bread with a little Miracle whip on it. Those two types of sandwiches taste like summer to me. A friend of mine used to like a slice of onion on her braunschweiger and tomato sandwiches. I like to have sandwiches on hot summer days for our supper.
    I don't have free magazines coming to my mailbox, but my friend brings over a magazine called Reminisce when she and her sister are done with it. It is filled with pictures and peoples personal stories of different seasons and and family life during different era's...very nostalgic to look through and brings back lots of memories. I haven't bought any magazines since my first knee surgery, because I don't like meandering around the book store looking for the expensive folk art magazines that I used to like. I do have all of the art magazines I bought before, plus almost every issue of the Mary Engelbreit magazine that I used to enjoy so much in the 1980's? or 90's?.

    My husband and I are both being kept busy by Fritzi Pom. She gets into everything she can see. like a naughty toddler. She is catching on to her wee wee pad training, except the other day she decided to pick the pad up and run around and around the house with the wee wee pad flying out behind her like Mighty Mouse's cape. She is so fast and I and my husband are much slower it took a minute or two to catch her. We have a loud whistle that made her stop immediately. It was our lucky day because the wee wee pad was a clean one just put down for her. Some days it doesn't take much to make our day a lucky one.

    Have a lucky day!

    1. I got those calls about an Amazon purchase for a long time, now none. Then, Tommy started getting them. It seems those are hit and miss, unlike the car warranty calls that were so persistent.

      I have never seen tomato seeds starting to sprout in a tomato. ugh I have not had Braunschweiger in over 50 years.

      Reminisce sounds like a magazine I might like to read. Never heard of it.

      Dogs trip people. Be careful. Dragging around a pee pad? That sounds like a fun chase!

  3. I eat the whole thing! Would never think of removing seeds - it is just part of the tomato. I do not remove when canning either. I think fresh tomatoes are one of my favorite things ever to eat.
    I get a free magazine now and then - just trying to entice me to ordering. I don't mind free but I won't be ordering!

    1. Cheryl,
      I wholeheartedly agree with your tomato stance...lol. We need more tomatoes as there is only one left.


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