Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday Relapse and a Bird

The doctor visits were cancelled. I had no sleep until about 10:30 am. It appears I had a slight fever last night. And, my congestion and cough were worse for about two hours this morning, So, I will have to try again.  

We went out for one thing--eyedrops. The retina specialist told me to get artificial tears with no preservatives for my eyes that get sticky along the lashes and make seeing difficult. Tommy went into Publix for them and could not find any without preservatives so decided we could go elsewhere. Since I could not imagine they had none, I told him to ask at pharmacy. Someone showed him. In his defense, he said these were separate from the other eyedrops. These drops sting and it takes about 30 minutes before I can see better. 

On the way home, we cross a creek right near his house. People fish from the banks. It looks so polluted I cannot imagine eating anything caught there. Tommy exclaimed, asking did I see the big white bird. As we drove along nearer the creek, we saw a beautiful, tall, white bird, a Great Egret. It was exciting as I cannot remember having seen a Great Egret. 

There were other pictures of the Great Egret, but the pose is like the one we saw. The all-white bird was majestic, about three-feet tall.

Tommy is watering. I think it rained everywhere else but here! I suppose with the forecast and recent past rain, it looks like this will be a three-week rainy period. I know some of you need rain, but I just don't like so much and especially when I need to go places. He is dead-heading flowers and will drag the garbage to the road. We do get an average of 58-60 inches of rain per year. But, I am ready for a little drought. 

There are so many little, piddling chores to do around here. I just don't feel like doing anything. Sooo, I took another Maybe I can get a few chores done after the nightly 

On the news--Alabama is first in the nation in per capita deaths. Usually, we are dead last or next to last in measures.

What is happening at your house? Excess rain? Drought? Ever seen a Great Egret? Do you ever suffer from dry eyes? 


  1. Wednesday we had a really fun day at home with our Grandson, who is 12 visiting us. We bought a real good pizza from Dominos with bacon and feta cheese chunks on it. New to me and that Feta was good on it. Our grandson doesn't like mushrooms, and I wanted something besides just bacon on it. It turned out that everyone liked the feta and bacon combination. We played board games, he played with Fritzi Pom and they ran and ran around through the house and played tug a war with Fritzi's toys, wrestled around and had fun. When our grandson went home, Fritzi sniffed at the door for a while in case he might come back in, and then she stretched out on the floor and slept most of the evening sound as could be. My husband and I slept, too, because our grandson had arrived early. His Mom dropped him by here after taking his sister to her new pre-preschool that takes little ones at 18 months. Our grand daughter had a regular sized backpack with changes of clothes, diapers, some kind of folder that they had to have. The backpack came down to the back of her knees. If she would have fell over backwards she would have been trapped like a turtle on it's back. Then she also had a lunchbox to carry. She was so excited to go to her new "school".

    Today I had a doctor appointment so he could check out the progress on my giant blister wound on my foot. It had finally stopped weeping three days ago and had healed up, but the area is still very puffed up, so I will continue to have to wear a nonstick bandage on the whole
    area and a wide elastic wrap around the foot to keep the nonstick dressing on so it can even have more time to heal. I couldn't fit a shoe on that foot so wore two of those hospital slipper sox with a couple of orthopedic shoe inserts inside the socks to protect my foot a little more. My legs are so sore from walking with a shoe on one foot and just sox on the other foot. Good news, he translated the information on the ultrasound echocardogram taken to make sure the fluid was gone from around my heart, and he said my heart is normal for someone my age, and the pumping action of my heart is good, and the fluid was gone and there was no sign of any pulmonary fibrosis that one of those urgent care places claimed they saw on a chest x ray that scared me and my husband because my husband's Mom died of pulmonary fibrosis, and it is a very miserable smothering way to go. So what a great day to be told there was no sign of pulmonary fibrosis on any of the images that I had taken, plus I am a good-hearted woman (in a medical way at least) It was a very good day, indeed.

    Our weather here was beautiful and sunny, but not horrible hot and humid. I think it is supposed to rain again today, Friday. Normal rain, I believe. Not frog strangling, basement-ruining downpours. I hope they are right this time.

    Have a nice day, I hope you will wake up feeling good and feel good all day long. Take care.

  2. When we get Dominoes pizza, we get mushroom on one side and sausage on the other side so Tommy does not have to get a mushroom in his I never thought of getting feta. With bacon that sounds great. The price has gone up so that we may never buy a pizza again. But, I will try bacon and feta if we do.

    I suppose the dog and grandson wore everyone out. That is cute--her checking the door.

    My daughter went to school when I was at Kentucky Wesleyan as they had a daycare for student's children. She told everyone she went to college, so I can imagine how big your gdaughter thinks she is. I hope you got a picture of her in all that gear.

    I know you are thrilled that foot, heart and lungs are okay. I have doctors misidentify things on xrays and scans. I am glad you got that straightened out. And, you are a good-hearted woman.

  3. We’ve not had any rain here this week, but have had a lot before this, so We’re grateful. That bird is beautiful! I love seeing things like that outside.

    1. Belinda,
      The bird certainly lifted my spirits yesterday. I will be glad when the rain lets up.

  4. I use TheraTears recommended by my eye specialist. They are preservative free and don't sting or anything.

    1. One,
      The drop stung the first time. My retina specialist was of little help the whole appointment and just said any with no preservatives. I will keep those in mind. Thanks.

  5. Replies
    1. Urspo,
      I did not make it clear--violent deaths, shootings.

    2. I think the local news is fooling you on that. West Virginia has the highest all-around death rate (from drug overdoses, to murder and mayhem and accidents). If they didn't make it clear they were making it up. So much for the accuracy of our news. The silly thing is that Washington State had some prepackaged news piece that said the same thing about that state. It's ridiculous...

  6. I have Sjogren's so understand your eye problem. I have prescription eye drops.

    1. Kim,
      This is annoying trying to read. I cannot imagine how it is to sew with sticky eyes.


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