Monday, September 26, 2022

Shopping and CS

 This morning, I was sleeping the sleep of the just when Tommy woke me at 9 am like I asked him. My hair needed washing before we went to Tommy's doctor. So, I was on my way to another sleep of at least my 7.5 requirement. 

We both needed to go to the doctor's office so the nurse could set him up with a blood sugar monitor that used my phone. Well, I have to get a different phone as mine won't work with the monitor. I am very surprised. So, I have to get a different phone, a Samsung. 

He can get a little monitor to use with the device. But, he said that we would just get me a new phone. I did not encourage the little monitor. If he had that, we would never know where it was as he would drop it somewhere like one side of his chair and have to search. Or, he would leave it out of the reach of both of us. If he took it in the car, he would not give it to me to check when I thought his blood sugar was dropping. He can get it out of my phone anytime he likes as I put my purse in the same place all the time and accessible to both of use. So, we left. 

Since I needed things from Big Box, we went there. I found leggings for $2 and got three pair. I want to wear them in the house during the winter. I really did not care what color, so got once cute pair and two pair to cover my cold, nakedness. There were no black ones in my size as they have sold out! So, I came home pleased as punch at the great price. 

As I pulled off the hanger one pair, the cute pair, I realized I had bought capri leggings. Bummer and double Bummer. I will wear this pair in the house or the yard, but the other two pair were bought for the cheap price and just to wear around this winter only in the house. So, this is a dilemma. I am wearing the cute black pair with pink flowers all over. I may take the other two back, maybe not. I will have to wear leg warmers to keep my legs warm from the calf to ankles! 

Okay, I wore the cute pair of capri leggings. The back waistband pulls down too far. I can fix that. I think I will take the other two pair back. I hate to lose a $2 deal, but they will not work. The big takeaway from this is they are not cute enough to be uncomfortable or to fix! 

I also got two jackets to decide which I wanted. I don't think I like either one. But, I have the receipts to return them. 

Last night, I was anxious to wash the glass serving dish and see how pretty it was. It was yellowed and sticky. Plus, I didn't know if it were etched from soap. Vinegar on a cloth took away the yellow and sticky. It does not look etched, but it will never have soap on it ever again, only vinegar. 

Last year or two years ago, I bought a cute sundress from a major department store. I could never get it returned because I lost the receipt. The store took back the other things I bought on the same receipt. I called cs national. They told me when exactly I bought the dress and what to tell the people at the store to get the return. Well, that did not go over well. The clerks were young women who were overworked and I did not feel like arguing. (Even Publix is having trouble finding or keeping people.)

In the meantime, I found something at this department store I want. So, I got on the phone and got no answers and was put on hold. Sooo, I emailed cs and asked for a call. The young man called and we had a good talk for 1:50. Yes, one hour and fifty minutes. No, I did not talk his ear off. He talked my ear off. lol. The dress was $18 and cs had given me the day and time I purchased it before. He said keep the dress and wash the car with it if I liked. He was sending me a $50 egift card. Suits me! 

Tommy brought in the mail and I have two coupons for a free loaf of my favorite bread. In other good news, dinner is leftovers, so no cooking tonight. But, we need to load the dishwasher, so no rest. 

However, I am going into the kitchen and drag something out of a box until I find a thing Tommy does not want. If he wants it thrown out, I will keep on until I find something to take to the thrift store. No one wanted anything from the free box we put by the road. 

Update: I had to take off that pair of leggings I liked because they were just too tight in the crotch! All three pair go back.

Do you wear a blood sugar monitor? How is it? Do you think service in stores and customer service in stores is worse? Have you had good luck with customer service on the phone? Tell me all about it.


  1. I am hoping to get a blood sugar monitor. I would prefer the one that goes on my belly. I don't want one on my arm. I would just as soon use the machine's monitor instead of my husband's phone, or a phone of mine if I get another one. Do the meters that attach directly to the body have a better accuracy rate than the old fashioned ones that are in the case, that use all of those testing strips? I hate all of that fiddly little stuff like the strips, and the little needles and two separate caps to them if one uses insulin. I never had a problem with anything weird happening with that stuff if I dropped it in my chair and it went between the cushion and down onto the floor, but now with this little goofy puppy, it is a big worry. The other day she found one of the used needle in its plastic cap and was chewing on it. Oh, my God that could have been so dangerous. I heard her chewing on something and checked her to see and their was that needle still in the plastic cap. Our little Fuzzy Pomeranian would never have even touched one of those needles. He was a grown dog by the time I started using insulin. But he always had real good sense.
    But Fritzi, the Pomeranian may be part goat. She acts like a young puppy and tries everything in her mouth.

  2. susie,
    He cannot find what he did with the tv remote half the time. And, if he was feeling cantankerous, he would keep the machine and not admit his blood sugar was low. He is mean, stubborn, and irrational when his blood sugar is low. He would insist he did not have to check it if he determined by thinking about it that his blood sugar was okay.
    I drop pills all the time. It would be dangerous for a baby, dog, or cat to be around my chair. That needle would have been a problem! I am glad you found what he had.

  3. I don't need to monitor my blood sugar, but I do have to check my INR regularly as I will be on Warfarin the rest of my life.

    I have an at-home monitor where I prick my finger, check the range & submit results via an app on my phone. The clinic calls me with dosing instructions. After 5+ years of doing this, I'm better at dosing myself than any nurse or doctor. To them, I'm a number on a chart, but I know my body.

    1. Tiffany,
      I have never heard of that. But, I am glad you know your body and what it needs. It is too bad Tommy cannot know his body, but now he will.

  4. Glen used to do the finger prick and then had a little monitor here, that checked the levels. He knew what range the doctor wanted them to be, so no need for a call in monitor. It was all quite simple.
    All in all it sounds like you had a good day.

    1. Cheryl,
      Tommy would not keep up with his blood sugar levels on his own since he "knows" when his blood sugar is down, which is never according to him. It does sound simple.
      We had a very good day. It helped that the weather was fine.

  5. Wow, excellent customer service there to send you a $50 gift card!

    1. I would have been happy to take the dress back to the store for the third time and get a refund. I objected, saying I just wanted a refund, but he would have none of it.

  6. I don't understand why you can't wash your old pressed glass dish with soap. I have never heard of soap "etching" glass--even old glass. I have pressed glass from my grandmother that gets washed with regular dish soap and water all the time.

    I think your $50 gift card is awesome! Buy something nice for yourself and tell us about it!

    That CS rep was certainly in the mood to chat and he got lucky enough to get you. I'm not sure how he was allowed to spend so much time talking to you, as their performance is measured in # of customer resolutions/hour. But he probably found you so charming and interesting that he just didn't give a crap about work metrics. ;^)

    1. Sue,
      All antique dealers I have ever know said to use vinegar as soap will etch glass. You cannot really see the etching, but it dims the glass luster. I had two friends, sisters, that I told not to wash my glasses. They took it upon themselves to "help" me and did so. I was so furious but did not say anything. Neve time, I will hide anything that could vaguely be used to clean anything! People can and will wash anything, so it is up to you.

      I want something particular, so all set.

      He explained this was his job to keep people happy. I told him getting my money plus tax was all I needed. He is a specialist who reads emails to company and fixes those problems, so he said he was thrilled to actually talk to a person. We hit if off.


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