Saturday, October 1, 2022

Saturday Football, Amazon Problem


See the package? See the narrow porch? See the ramp? Picture compliments of Amazon.

By noon on Saturday, I have gotten rid of another box. I put the two thermoses back into the bottom cabinet since they can easily be removed for applying contact paper. Another box will go to the curb with two nasty, pitted aluminum pots and a flashlight that may or may not be any good. The other free box will go to the thrift store since no one wanted it. 

Okay, later in the afternoon and I have emptied two boxes and cleared up precious floor space! One box is at the road with free stuff. He will cut up the other box. Two boxes of instant flavored oatmeal packs are in the trash along with old pepper. There was a plastic piece that was broken and appeared to come from a coffeemaker. One covered dish will go into the dishwasher. I did find a sticky JC Penney bag with Christmas items--about half dozen paper plates with maybe a dozen cocktail napkins to match, and very large luxurious feeling plaid Christmas napkins, two dozen or more. So, we will use those. His gas heat makes things sticky when kept and not used and washed for years. 

This afternoon will be devoted to planting spring bulbs in pots. I will be wearing a mask. There are pink tulips and purple that I will plant in the same pot. Alliums will be on their own. Of course, this won't take all afternoon since Tommy is planning on watching the Alabama game about 2:30 and Auburn around 6 pm. He will likely go to the thrift store to drop off a load without balking or wanting to watch TV. 

Yesterday, as we sat in the car in the shade for thirty minutes in another neighborhood, five little boys at a house were playing outdoors. Suddenly, two of the little boys very unselfconsciously faced a bushed at the front corner of the house and relieved themselves. They continued their conversation and playing. This must be their normal bathroom. The five boys were between the ages of 4- and 6-years-old. They ran, jumped off the porch, climbed, rolled, and all in good spirits. There seemed not to be an ill thought for the whole thirty minutes. You could see they were laughing and talking, but it was not loud at all. It was fun to see their antics. 

Every day, I learn something new about the family next door. I thought there was a man, woman, and four children. It turns out there are two women and four children. Tommy today said the guys we saw moving do not live there. The person he thought was a man is not! We really don't care who they are, but it sort of shakes the foundation of who the neighbors are since Tommy told me there was a husband and wife! Four dogs still continually bark and bark at us when we are in the yard. That bothers me. Their personal lives do not!

Well, I managed to let Tommy become interested in Alabama game instead of going to the yard. I took a short nap and certainly don't care, but the plan for bulbs is shot. He will be rooted to his chair when Auburn comes on, so I am letting it go. I will be cooking a pan of vegetables--zucchini, yellow squash, and onion. If he peels potatoes, I may cook a pan of potatoes. Both can go in the oven at the same time. I would cook them together, but potatoes take longer to cook. A preformed, very thin burger will round off this meal with plenty of vegetables for another day. I have chicken breast. 

Friday night, I did some mending that has been here while I was ill for the last month or so. It seems I start to get things under control and then I start getting sick again. Tommy notices how I do things like carrying my plate back to the kitchen, throw away Kleenex, toss water bottles, and generally move from my chair. 

I just now had the most infuriating encounter with a delivery person. I saw a plain van pull up in front of the house. Then, a delivery person loped to the house carrying a package. THEN, instead of using the ramp, he ran and put it on the porch beyond the ramp where Tommy would have to drive his walker past a flowerpot to retrieve the package. He is not that stable. If I got the package, I might tumble off the very narrow porch, too. 

After I scrambled out of my chair, I rushed as best I could to the door, opened the door and bellowed at the driver who was on the other side of the van starting to get in. I suppose all the neighbors heard, too. I yelled, "Can you see the ramp? Does that not tell you we have trouble walking and you put the package down where we cannot reach it? Bring it to the door!" 

Delivery guy: "I didn't want to put it in front of the door." 

Me: "There is plenty of room next to the door! Put it there." 

He disappeared, climbed onto the porch, brought it to the left of the door. I told him to hand it to me since he was there and I was holding the door open. I don't understand what is the problem with using the ramp. Another ten seconds? 

I would have had to close the door, get my shoes, and struggle to get out the door, pick up the package, throw or place in the house and struggle to get back in, and pick it up again, so did not feel bad about the extra five seconds he spent picking it up and handing it to me. 

I went straight to the delivery notification to report this, did so. The guy gave me five months rebate on the monthly Prime delivery charge. Okay, let's see if the delivery changes. I have complained about tossed packages, all beyond our reach about a dozen times. Does the ramp say to you that people here might have mobility problems? 

So, we are between football games. I only catch the replays. Tommy has gone to get the potatoes and I will  be washing and slicing the rest of the vegetables. At least, we can now get to the refrigerator and open it. I may piddle at decluttering as the night goes on. 

The flowers and herbs are done on the porch. Nothing will happen out there until allergy season slacks for me. We will do a bit for Halloween.

Do you have problems with deliveries? USPS is just as bad. 


  1. We put up a sign that says leave package here, a large sign. That has helped some. Fed Ex is the worst here.

    1. Barbara,
      I told Tommy today, I was getting a sign. Plus, I will attach a sign to the front of the ramp to use ramp and not toss packages. It is sort of a long way to expect blind people to see a sign on the Amazon is bad, too.

  2. All the ramp says is that SOMEONE living there needs help, it doesn't say everyone does. I was always able to get things when we had the ramp - but mail nor delivery ever used it. I asked once, and the mailman said it was disrespectful in his eyes. They always used the steps and walk.
    Not everyone thinks of things the same way.
    I think the fact he didn't want to block the door was nice - he may not have wanted to block the ramp either. Just because you have a ramp, one does not assume it is for all in the house. Just my thoughts.
    I think a sign is your best bet.

    1. Cheryl,
      So, he can assume there is more than the disabled person in the house?
      How could using the ramp be disrespectful? This is over the steps. There is no other way onto the porch.So, it is the only way to the door unless the delivery person walks around the ramp and climbs onto the porch.
      Why not assume that there is a problem with getting things into the house. Just because you can get everything in does not mean I can.
      The only reason he said he did not want to block the door is because that is on the delivery instructions along with don't throw the package. He was not thinking about us.
      So, his assumptions are not the best.

  3. As irritating as it might seem, their job is to deliver the items to the house, not particularly where you might think they should be left.
    I find mine anywhere from the walkway to the door, on the steps, to everywhere on the porch or even in the chair. Sometimes they are even shoved between plants. It is what it is, and they are delivered one way or the other.

    1. Anne,
      I have called Amazon about ten times. They are appalled at the places our packages are left and by the fact that sometimes they are thrown. Getting packages off the side steps and sometimes the car is okay. However, packages that are inaccessible to us is not okay with me or Amazon. There is supposed to be delivery directions that ask for the delivery to go to the left of the door. Amazon does not think that is unreasonable or putting an undue burden on delivery drivers.
      One Amazon woman said she had problems, too. Her son is disabled and packages had been placed in places he could not retrieve them. Obviously, this guy read the note to not put packages in front of the door. Once, the package was so heavy I could not push the door to move it. Plus, the item was breakable. I almost fell trying to get around a flat package without stepping on it.
      It is easy enough for a fully abled person to get a package anywhere it is put. But, a fully aware delivery person might realize just anywhere is not going to work for retrieval.
      Thankfully, the delivery people take pictures so that when I complain, the Amazon cs sees what I am talking about. One package was in the middle of pots on the porch. Only by removing pots were we able to use a reacher and a golf club to drag the package out. This was with Tommy and I both working.
      When delivery notes are on the package, they should be followed. These are notes that go on every package sent to me.
      By the way, when I said I yelled loudly, I was yelling to get his attention and then to get him to get the package for me so I would not be in jeopardy. I was not abusive. And, I did ask him, not tell him to hand me the package.
      At my house, packages were left everywhere but not in a place I could not reach or walk. When I noted that the side porch was where they should be, several delivery people put the package on the side porch.

  4. So, let me ask Practical, how do you have my neighbors? So funny that they can sound so much the same. My kids scream, a lot. I finally have learned to close the windows in between the houses but that can get hot because there is no cross breeze.
    Sorry about your packages. Some people just don't understand how not being considerate can affect others.

    1. Vivkie,
      The dogs are the noisy ones! My windows are closed all the time, but they are still very much heard.
      Thanks. Some readers think I am the inconsiderate one, for having disabilities, I suppose.

  5. I miss planting bulbs in autumn. It was like a ritual of faith we will be here in spring to see them.
    Our porch has lovely culdesacs for package drop offs.

    1. Urspo,
      And, it guarantees flowers next spring. No such luck with our delivery people. There is a table. There is a sign. There are instructions on their delivery order.

  6. Where are you? Are you and Tommy okay? I am very worried. Please post just that you are okay or have someone let us know what is going on. It is not like you to vanish for days.


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