Sunday, December 4, 2022

Nothing Sunday

 Of course, my lack of sleep is front and center again. Three hours for Saturday and two naps on Sunday seems to have me back to my normal pain And, we are rewatching Home Alone and Home Alone 2. We are so predictable and boring. I know. 

Saturday, Tommy took a small bin and emptied the table to my left. It was stacked with all sorts of detritus of my life. I took a wet tissue and cleaned part of the glass. Now, I need to get a toothbrush and try to clean the area between the glass top and the wood rim around that top. The glass is beveled and there is a metal piece between the glass and beveled wood. 

Tommy took items off the top because I could not stand and bend to do it. And, I could not twist my body around, either. I just hope I can complete the cleaning of the top, by which I mean the fiddly place between glass and wood. He refused to allow me to use anything as a coaster, so for three years I have had sweaty glasses, bottles, and cans on it daily. It is a miracle the surface is not ruined. Amazingly, there is no damage. 

The sorting of the bin will yield lots of fodder for his new shredder. He loves ripping up paper, so I hope he enjoys the shredder. 

When I finish cleaning this table, even before I sort the bin, I will start on the table to my right. It has larger items, not so much paper at all. Both tables are 25 inches square. Huge! The table with the glass top was given to him by his last girlfriend when she moved out of state. He has an identical glass topped table in the corner of the kitchen. The table to the right of me is one I found on the curb and asked him to bring it here for me about five years ago. He thinks it is his. Not so. Oh, the love seat he had was also hers. 

Both tables have a full shelf underneath. They are very handy, but dust catchers. Picture a half inch of dust. Yes, it was that bad when I moved here, but he would not allow me to remove it even for my health. Dusting either table shelf is beyond me! I will attach a towel to one of his canes to dust those as I sit since bending that far would be impossible. 

This is the second time we have watched both Home Alone movies. Tommy just informed me we are watching them Thursday, too. They will have little sections of commentary during the movie. I wish we could just see the commentary. But, it's okay. 

Dinner: leftovers--chicken, rice, broccoli, butternut squash. I froze the leftover taco soup and chicken cooked with carrots and potatoes. Tomorrow, I will cook the other package of bscb with carrots and zucchini. 

I have finished buying present for Lynda and have NOT opened the Kisses for her! I need to assemble it and wrap it. I don't think she reads this blog, but you never know. Now, I have to figure out what to get for Tommy. I will probably leave the flashlight as one of his Christmas gifts. The upcoming birthday is all set for gifts.

This week, temperatures will be in 70s for three days and 60s for two days--my kind of weather! 

How was your weekend? What are the plans for your week? Do you just hate dusting? I didn't when I was younger.


  1. My plans for the week are dentist going. Maybe fillings, but I doubt it. And then I am praying I can get into someone who can pull one or two teeth for me. The first tooth broke last week, a corner just broke off, and then today at dinner we were eating tamales and a corner of a bottom tooth on the other side of my mouth just broke off late this afternoon. This time it was the last bottom molar on the other side from the top molar that broke last week. The fun for me just never stops lately, it seems. The last time I had a tooth pulled everything went smoothly, I just had local anesthetic to get it done because my Dad was near dying and I didn't want to be all hung over from that twilight sleep anesthetic. A week after it was pulled, I don't know what caused it but my tooth started bleeding while I was sleeping and I woke up choking. It was bleeding and wouldn't stop and had made what they call a liver clot, because it was so big.
    I had to remove the clot myself because it was in the middle of the night before it would stop bleeding, they told me on the phone, to remove it myself. It was an all night into late morning experience. I sure don't want that to happen again. My cardiologist thought that the dentist had me start my blood thinner med again too soon after the surgery.
    I don't like dusting, but I have a swiffer duster that you can pull out real long and then push it back in. It works pretty well. I didn't like dusting when I was younger because it made me sneeze and wheeze.
    Have a nice day.

    1. susie,
      What on earth is going on? Why so many teeth breaking? I hate that for you. Were these teeth or fillings?
      The bleeding from the pulled tooth sounds awful. I had to have a tooth pulled about 30 years ago and had a dry socket and decided I would rather be dead. That's been the worst for me except for one root canal. I have never heard of a liver clot. Removing it yourself sounds not good at all. Maybe this time delaying the restart of the blood thinner will help.
      I suppose I hate to dust because even a slight bend of my back and especially holding that bend hurts until I think my legs and back will collapse. I may teach Tommy how to The sneezing is never good. I have a floor swiffer that I figure will work for up high, just put some Endust on a cloth attached to the head.
      I cannot sleep even though I am past exhausted, so I am up at past 3 am.

    2. Your sleep patterns sound similar to mine. I think the most likely reason for the teeth breaking is that the fillings in them were at least 60 years old. My mom took me to a filling crazy doctor when I was about 8 years old. The fillings held up all of these years, but I have some more teeth that have fillings from that time range. I also have problems with dry mouth most of the time, so that probably contributed to the problem too.

    3. I understand old cavities. I know someone who as an adult of about 25 had a root canal obsessed doctor. Dry mouth does affect oral health, but will it cause breakage? I suppose age affects, even our teeth.

  2. I don’t mind dusting, it’s cleaning floors that I don’t care for when cleaning. Sounds like you’re going to have nice weather this week! Lucky you. 😊 it’s chilly here, but that’s better than hot weather any day in my book.

    1. Belinda,
      Cleaning floors is hard for me, too. It seems like I did not mind it once upon a time, except on principal...I cleaned it six months ago...again?

  3. I have had corners of all my molars break off due to an unethical dentist I saw in my teens. I had fillings, but he insisted that they all needed to be removed and redone. Back then 2nd opinions were considered impolite so of course my parents believed him. He made the fillings much larger and that weakened the molars terribly. I have 6 crowns because of that man. He later committed suicide because he was being sued for malpractice. So long, Judas!
    Yes, crowns are expensive but you shouldn't just pull a healthy (albeit broken) tooth because it's cheaper. You compromise your entire jaw structure when you do so.

    1. Sue,
      I see. I have been thinking the tooth structure, not the filling, was breaking. I have a molar filling that is breaking off bit by bit. I know some people have teeth pulled that can be fixed and I am horrified! But, I had to have one removed. It is stil scheduled for an implant.

  4. I hope you are able to get some decent sleep soon. I'd be a basket case if I couldn't get good sleep.

    1. One,
      Thanks. I will have a good night or a few good nights, and then off I go sleeping only three hours per night for another few nights. I am a basket case!

  5. I genetical had very soft teeth and had many cavities. I have had dental care my entire life. In my early 20 I began wearing partials. in my 30's I got some of the very early implants. I had my entire mouth restored in my 40s & 50s. New set of implants 12 years ago and around that time I ended up with an upper denture. Now my remaining 4 natural teeth (with crowns) are failing. Early next year I will have a few more implants in my lower arch. The cost is not to be believed Way over whatever you can imagine. I pulled the money out of the reverse mortgage. I hated to have to do that but that is actually the reason we got that reverse mortgage in the first place.

    My adult son is practically toothless. To such an extent that I believe it is keeping him unemployed.. I have just helped him fill out a passport application. I will help him with his dental work but will be taking him to Mexico in order to be able to afford the dental work

    1. Janet,
      That is quite a history of bad teeth. I am going to try to get one implant. I probably should get more, but this is the tooth that was so badly infected and near where I had horrific earache for two years. Teeth are worth it if one can afford them anyway at all. I could never wear dentures.
      That is too bad about your son's teeth. I had a friend with PhD and could not find a job as a clerk because one of her front teeth was missing. She had been fired from her position, so needed a job to live. I suppose she got her tooth fixed because she moved away and got another job as a professor. I have heard Mexico is cheaper.


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