Monday, December 5, 2022

Wet and Sleepless in Alabama, but It's Christmas

 It was rainy all day long. At 8 am I got up to cancel an appointment in Cullman. I am terrified of riding in the rain with Tommy since he fiddles with the wipers, turning them off until I am blind and trying to turn them back on and drive. He terrifies me! They understood. Then, I had to stay awake until 9 am to cancel a doctor down here. I was going to have to cancel him anyway since I got the Cullman appointment very late on Friday.

Luckily, she had another appointment for me this week. I had slept three hours, so I tried to sleep around noon. But, sleep would not come--bed too uncomfortable, shoulders still hurt from the fall, dogs were barking incessantly right next to my bedroom window. It was a nightmare. I got up grumpy, very ill with everything. 

At the last moment we got to the PO and Tommy went in with my stamped cards and the one international card, my cc, stamps and purchased an international stamp. I will mail cards as I get them done. So, three off today. It is a start. I emphasized that I wanted a pretty stamp, so I sent the Christmas flower stamps. He said the international stamp had a red carnation, so that made me happy.

I am planning a tiny Christmas "party" with Lynda. She cannot drive in the dark. So, this will be early and not a dinner like she served. Well, she bought fried chicken and potato salad, strawberries and grapes from Publix. It was festive and bought food was just fine. There was something chocolate, too. What we have left over will make easy lunches and snacks for later.

I won't be cooking dinner, I told her, just heavy hors d'oeuvres. It will be snacky and easy but filling--tiny ham sandwiches, round cucumber sandwiches, cherries, baby carrots, broccoli, grape tomatoes, dip, nuts, chocolate, Christmas-y cookies, bowl of halos. This menu will probably change. I planned this all in about five minutes. We have talked it over, and I will drive the block to get her and take her home. 

We cannot eat at the table, so that is why the fare does not require lots of serving bowls, and utensils, mostly finger foods. And, we have one chair in the living room so we can have one person over. My culinary skills will not be on display, just my presentation skills. I now have enough nice pieces for serving all this. 

I just retrieved the pink bag ads. At Publix ham is $1.49/lb. There were two coupons in the coupon sections for $.75 off Jimmy Dean Sausage, my favorite. Now, I have until Dec. 31 to find it on sale. There are other good prices, too. The ham is the first thing I saw. I was hurrying to heat the ham so we could watch TV.

The Great Christmas Light Fight in on TV, NBC. I love it. 

Are you planning anything for Christmas at your house? Well, other than Santa coming?

Dinner--half of tiny center cut ham slice, leftover butternut squash, collards. 


  1. Our street has some really nice light displays . It makes me want to put some lights just around the front windows in the house. I don't know if I will get to it or not but I would like to so that we are not complete party poopers when it comes to Christmas lights. When we had our big spruce tree, we would put the old fashioned bigger lights on it and around the porch, windows and roof line. The big spruce with lights on it stole the show. Our old Spruce died at about the same time as my husband's enthusiasm for putting up the lights and taking them down again. Our kids are grown, and the grandkids usually come to visit in the daytime, and I worry about my husband being on the ladder to put the lights up, so we will just be doing minimal Christmas lights. Otherwise, I haven't even done anything for Christmas yet, and I won't know what will be going on with my two teeth until after tomorrow when I finally get to go to my dentist. I don't think he will be able to fill them and he doesn't pull teeth, so I will most likely have to wait again to get in to a Dental Surgeon. I hope I don't have any bleeding problems with these teeth if they are pulled. That really took it out of me last time when it happened. I sure wouldn't have felt like doing a bunch of Christmas cleaning and decorating if that happens again. But if the teeth do right, then I should be able to get some stuff done. A couple of days ago my husband and I cleaned out the canned good cupboard and it was just plain shameful all of the out of date canned goods that were in there and had to be disposed of. I lose track of what I have on hand and buy some more and allow the older ones to get pushed to the back of the cupboard, instead of keeping them up front.
    My son is supposed to come home for Christmas, but I won't be getting my hopes up too much until I know for sure he is on his way. I can't wait to see him.
    Tonight we watched my grandson's orchestra performance at his school via you tube. The school filmed and broadcast it. This is his second year of playing the trombone. They sounded so good this year. They have come a long way in just one year's time. That was good for my Christmas spirit.

    Your foods for your little Christmas get together sound tasty and fun, I know your friend Lynda will enjoy your get together.

    Have a happy day.

  2. They had Jimmy Dean sausage on sale this week here at the close out store for $1.99, which is about half of the price of it in the grocery stores right now. I was tickled to find it at that price.

  3. I like the idea of finger food for your Christmas party, because I'm not a big eater. I eat throughout the day, but it's always small quantities. If you have Forever stamps, you can use that on international mail too. I just add 3 stamps to my international cards or letters and that covers the postage cost.

    1. Ms Goose,
      Since we must eat on our laps, I did not want to have to have a full place setting in our laps! We can get just as full on small bites. Yes, I sent him in with a book of Forever stamps with main instruction to put pretty stamps on the card. I figured they would work. Glad to know it will work.

  4. We have 4 cats (2 are naughty) so we do not do much of any decorating for Christmas. However, we will be going over to my dads assisted living apartment, and will decorate his door (they have a contest) and a bit more inside also. I put cling snowflakes on the windows and will hang some blue lights there too. It is also his birthday month (90 years) so will decorate a little for that as well. I purchased some simple things that he will approve of. He prefers religious decor and blue is his favorite color so have 2 banners that are blue with white print, one says O, Holy Night and the other says Joy to the World. There is a small wall on each side of the door where we can hang these and then I have a smaller wall hanging in blue with white, showing the nativity, to hang on the door itself. There will also be various plastic snowflakes in 2 different blue colors and clear that I will attach to his door using poster putty. We are not traditional with our dinner, other than making Rueben sandwiches. There will also be apple pie. My dad came over to our house last year, but if he chooses not to this year, we can make the sandwiches ahead and wrap in foil and have dinner with him at his apartment. He may even choose to just have dinner with the other people who have no family or are too far away. It's pretty simple but we're okay with it, as is he. Ranee

    1. You are doing lots decorating his apartment. Sounds nice. It should satisfy him. He has more decorations than I Where is a Reuben sandwich traditional? That has me stymied. It does sound delicious.

    2. Just our tradition, since many family members have passed on. Christmas is just the two of us and dad, if he chooses to join us. It's too close to Thanks giving, so are tired of turkey and we can have regular ham any time, so my husband makes great Ruebens and they are a treat we look forward to. As far as his decorations go, I purchased them all from Amazon this year. He has some snowflake lights that are packed in our attic and just too much trouble to dig out. I think they are meant for outside, anyhow. Ranee

    3. Rae,
      I see. I thought maybe it was some ethnic tradition. Reubens are delicious! I can eat turkey for months! It would be easier to get all the blue on Amazon. It seems better than what I was picturing--shopping around for blue. I bought some snowflake lights that were tiny and ineffective, they went back. Thanks for the further information.


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