Friday, December 2, 2022

This Day Almost Killed Me!

I awoke at 7 am to get ready and be at the dr appointment at 9 am and accompany Tommy to his endoscopy. Finally, at 11:15 am he had not had the endoscopy, I asked him if he were going to stay and wait for the doctor. He said he was leaving. Another couple was there for their 8:30 appointment and had not been seen. 

Let's back up. Around 10:30, I called and told him I was faint. He told me to go get food. I asked if he wanted something, too. He did. I went to Arby's. As I was eating my sandwich, he called and said to pick him up. His sandwich was still warm as I had only eaten a third of mine. We sat and ate since we were famished and exhausted. 

We drove 86 miles for the round trip and got nothing done! We had to pick up meds for me from Walgreen's and one other small, quick chore. Finally, at 3:30 we arrived home. Needless to say, I am exhausted! I had told Tommy I would cook beef tips, carrots, potatoes and onions. He seemed disappointed when I suggested leftovers because I was tired. Right now, he is peeling carrots and potatoes. I might have chicken breast instead of beef. Okay, I put out boneless, skinless thighs to thaw, so no beef tips thawed, just thighs with the vegetables. 

I cannot find Yukon Gold potatoes. So, I just bought something labeled another kind of "gold." I have no idea what is the difference. Do you? 

I still feel like I am riding in the vibrating car. When waiting, I had the motor on, so the vibrations were endless. I am certainly glad I did not have to drive home as we were planning. 

The dogs next door are having their nightly bark session. I am so sick of this noise assault. And, their cat has decided our porch, carport, and the tops of our cars are hers. Well, I will see about that. It has fleas! 

Now is prep time for Tommy's birthday. I got him A Dog's Purpose. I will buy him chewing gum. I forgot what else I decided to give him. Now, I have to think what it was. Oh, a flashlight. We have these Vont lanterns that are a pain. The light comes out from all sides, which is good in a room with no light. But, holding the lantern in front of my face while I

 look in a closet or under the sink blinds me. And a headlamp!

While I was sitting in the car for two hours waiting for Tommy, I made calls I need to make. I found an animal shelter to take the prescription bottles. And, I discovered a close relative died from cancer. From another call, I found more relatives that died from cancer years ago. Lucky me to have this heritage!

There are three thighs leftover that I will freeze. There is a small potato, too. North to Alaska is on, but I may not be able to stay awake long enough to finish the movie. 

Bedtime here. What are all these "gold" potatoes? The tiny one I had tonight was delicious. But, I was hungry.


  1. I am sorry to hear about your bad day. Did they give Tommy a reason why they could not do his procedure? That alone would upset me after I had nothing to eat or drink since at least midnight.

    I guess on the good side you got to go to Arby's. Love to get a sandwich there but probably only do it twice a year. Way, way back in the good old days my husband would take me there after child birth classes, he would get a sandwich, I would get an apple pie/turnover. Seems like long time ago but also seems like yesterday.

    poor Tommy, he got his heart and belly set on those beef tips. I have done the same thing, I would take it out to thaw but not the energy to cook it! Most men do not get it, it is a lot of work to get in there to cook a meal.

    The potato thing I can't answer, I only but regular Idaho and once in a while the little red new potatos .

    1. Texas,
      I don't remember the reason they gave, but something vague. I will ask him tomorrow. He told them that he could not take it any longer, that he had to eat. They were understanding and probably were wondering who would just go home.

      We rarely get an Arby's. It was the closest thing that I like. Those long ago times do seem like yesterday.

      He seemed to do okay with fresh thighs. I will have to get the beef tips out this weekend. He does not cook, so he does not get that it is a job. Of course, I need his help.

      Rats about the Yukon Gold.

  2. I think that doctor's office owes you and Tommy gas money and an apology. Though, in reality I know you would be waiting until who knows where froze over for them to offer to reimburse you. I know a lot of places in our country medical facilities can be few and far between, but possibly you could find a specialist at another facility closer to home, I sure hope so. We have 4 big hospitals within thirty minutes of home, and then there is the very largest hospital that is near the city and is about 40 minutes away, but is so built up and has so many parking garages, a glassed in pedestrian overpass over one of the main highways in the state. It is so huge. That is where my daughter works. We used the medical services there one time for our son's plastic surgery on his ears because that surgeon was listed as one of the best there is for pediatric plastic surgery. The surgeon did a great job. I couldn't have gone without food as long as you did, and Tommy must have really been starving after fasting for his procedure.
    Take care and have a great day today. I am going to try to get some house cleaning done today, at least get a start on it. It is so sunny here right now, but yesterday was so cloudy and windy, that I had 10 mouning doves sheltering under the edge of the ramp to my front door. They were huddled down just looking so cold. I felt sorry for them.

    1. susie,
      The gas money was the least of it! Even the relativitly expensive lunch was not hard. But, what it did to my body now that it is Saturday morning is worse. He has been going to this doctor for over 15 years. So, I decided to go there too. It is a huge place.

      Our one mourning dove left, not sure where. I love doves. Yesterday was sunny, and today looks dreary. Ten doves is a lot!

  3. That's terrible that the dr office was running that late. Did they even try to explain? We have some of those Vont lantern's too - they are bright and blinding!

    1. One,
      No explanation at all. They just told him they were so behind. Nothing. I still want something that will stand, just not blind us.

  4. Yikes! Never a dull day for you I'm afraid. I hope you have a few non-eventful ones soon.

  5. I think the "Gold" potatoes are just another variety of Yukon Gold; a waxy potato that holds its shape when cooked, like a red potato. Potato producers use the name "gold" to distinguish it from a russet, which gets mealy and falls apart when cooked. Also, the flesh is yellow (gold) rather than white. They probably can't use "Yukon Gold" because it's trademarked.

    That doctor's office was incredibly irresponsible to not alert Tommy that the office was running way behind. They should have offered an explanation! I would have been pretty dang mad, especially if I were fasting for the procedure.

    1. Sue,
      Thanks for the info. If Yukon Gold is trademarked, where are they now?
      I agree. He was okay with it except he was getting to the point of being famished not just hungry. I would have gone to the receptionist sooner than he did, especially if fasting.


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