Thursday, December 1, 2022

Busy Grocery Day

 Today, we left early (about noon) with a list in hand and did a quick shopping trip. First, Tommy went into Aldi's and they had no goat cheese with orange and cranberry. So, he bought two cranberry vanilla goat cheese. The man loves goat cheese. 

Food Giant had bscb for $2.19/lb. I bought about 6 lbs. of bscb. It is in the refrigerator thawing right now. Plus, since Tommy loves zucchini, I bought 3 for $2. The squash was not fit to bring home. I bought Ziegler hot dogs for the freezer since these have been absent in stores for most of the summer. 

At The Pig, I was looking for a telescoping backscratcher like I bought there before. They had none, so I left.

Publix had the most things on the list. I bought Beggin Strips bogo for giving to Lynda's dog when we go by with Lynda's permission. Her dog was as afraid of me as I was of her when I tried to give her a strip. Those things stink, not at all like bacon, but she loved it. My a2milk was 3 half gallons for $10, so I bought 6 half gallons, a 4 cup round bowl with snaplock lid bogo. Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries will be saved for Christmas. Yes, I will leave them alone. I don't want to have to go from store to store looking for them closer to Christmas. Herb goat cheese will be great and Tommy loves it. 

So, that was it for this week. They did not have the Kisses that were bogo. Publix has started giving rain checks, so I got one for the Kisses. I sort of looked for eggs, but did not get any even though I should have. Somehow, it is hard to pay $7.97 for 18 eggs. That is 44 cents per egg--still doable, but it hurts, not my wallet, just my feelings. I really feel for people who cannot afford to feed eggs to children. 

I did not find Pet Ritz Pie Crusts. The Pillsbury I bought last time were not as good as the Pet Ritz. I found some pecans in the freezer. There may not be enough for a pie, so the top will be skimpy, but that's okay. I do have two crusts, but I need two more, at least.

We came home and I put the bscb in the refrigerator to thaw. Then, I took a nap. I wanted to see Dolly Parton, so I took a nap. Tommy called me 15 minutes before the show began. Then, between the two of us, I got the whole chicken from four days ago into the oven with three minutes until Dolly came on. 

I really love Dolly Parton, so it was hard to turn her off. The first hour was not good. So, we are watching Home Alone in New York. 

An Amazon package came while I was asleep. It had hair color, fairy lights, a plate rack, and an otc. That is all unwrapped and sorted. The new fairy lights are in the red Kiss and look beautiful. I did not put them on "twinkle" since that is rather disruptive near the tv, just on slow fade. I love the remote and timer that comes with these. 

I finally have an appointment with a cardiologist, two as a matter of fact. And, I got a refill called in, something I needed to do for days. So, today was a good day on the health front.

It has been a productive day! It was also dry and sunny, not very warm, though.

The day has not ended. After the news goes off at 10:30, we will load the dishwasher. It must be done. We have procrastinated. 

Has your day been busy? Productive? Laid back? Procrastinating? Weary?


  1. I guess weary for me, husband passed 12 years ago today. Did not get dressed or leave the house today.

    I looked at the drug store the other day when I was picking up blood pressure meds. The chocolate covered cherries were 3. 29 for a box of 10. I remember the good old days when they were .99 a box of 12. I waved goodbye to them and walked away. When I find them on sale somewhere I will buy many but I am not paying that price.

    I will need to get to the store in few days to pick up bacon and roasts on sale for the freezer. I only buy loss leader meats when they are on sale. I will more than likely get 6#s of bacon that will get put in one pound packs for the freezer and a couple of roasts that will be cut to many small roasts and some stew meat.

    Just a note from a dog mom, those things you bought are to expensive and really not good for a dog to eat often. Mine love a good chunk of carrot, fresh raw green beans for a treat. I buy canned carrots, green beans, sweet peas and pumpkin to add to there dried food. They love it and the vet recommends some veggies in their diet.

    Both of you have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Texas,
      Sorry it was a melancholy day for you. I know it must still hurt.

      I hated those for $.99 and never bought them. I only bought chocolate covered cherries after I discovered Cella.

      Loss leaders and bogo are all I buy. It works, doesn't it?

      I know nothing about dog treats. But, Lynda said I could give her treatsd. I asked first. I have been trying to get Lynda to start feeding her meat and vegetables for dog's health.

      I hope your weekend is better than today.

    2. Texas - Huge hugs! I know those days are difficult.

    3. Cheryl,
      Fibromyalgia and back pain together make days difficult, more so when I am in and out. Thanks.

  2. My days are always busy with dogs, work, house, and outdoor tasks. Wind blows snow back so there's a little shoveling daily. I start my day at 5:00 and probably go steadyish until 9:30/10:00. We buy only a natural dog treat or I make them after reading some things about a few brands. I don't remember which but the ones I buy are fine, and if course the homemade are fine- pb, oats, pumpkin.

    1. SAM,
      My days are busy, too. I am certainly glad I don't have dogs and snow. I am trying to get her to make a natural treat. I thought about making them, but I feel lucky to get our food done. Actually, I am trying to convince her to make the dog food because the dog has allergies. She feeds her dog more meat now and a little less dog food.

  3. Eggs are not that expensive here - I recently got 18 on weekly special for a little over $2 - but I have no qualms paying higher price on them. Considering what all that egg goes through before it gets to my house, doesn't seem like much. I do feel for those who are on limited budgets.
    Glad you got your lights - I bet that is pretty.
    I have been working on jar mixes and sewing since I am stuck at home with my vehicle in the shop.
    Glad you had a good day.

    1. Cheryl,
      That is an amazing price for eggs. No, I will not quit buying or cut back.
      I always say I will make jar mixes, but so far, I have not. Sewing is always good.

  4. I am happy that you got some good fairy lights and that your red kiss looks so pretty. I remember eating the cherry filled chocolates when I was a child and loving them, but somehow they seem too sweet to me now, maybe they have changed the way they make them.
    I have been craving scrambled and boiled eggs for a week or two now. There must be some vitamin or mineral that I am needing that they have.
    I haven't had any chicken breasts in quite some time. We only like them with bone in and skin on. My cholesterol is getting close to starting to be high, and my husband's is normal, as is his blood pressure. I hope it stays like that for him forever. The doctors are always having him tested because he is overweight, too, and they are expecting all of that stuff, but he has none of it. Knock on wood! I think that stuff is hereditary and he had a Grandma who was of English descent who lived to be quite old. Hopefully he inherited her genetics. On the dna blood test that his sister had done, it showed that there was Neanderthal dna in his Dad's line. Maybe that is a strengthening gene.

    We don't buy dog treats for Fritzi. She thinks everything is a treat, including leaves and grass. My husband has been sneaking corners of chicken in a biscuit crackers and giving them to her when he snacks, and all kinds of other things he snacks on. In fact, at 11 pm she starts trying to coax him to come in the living room and eat some snacks while he watches tv. She stands at the computer room door and stares at him and growls softly so he knows she is there. That means she is ready to snack and lay upside down (head down toward the floor on her back) on his stomach. He has to hold onto her so she doesn't fall off. I guess she likes to actually "hang" around with him.
    When I have my breakfast she gets her treat of 2 fingertips full of cream of wheat cereal, or a couple of tiny toast and butter corners of my toast if I have that instead. She also likes little bits of raw tomato, or green beans. She has a big appetite for a tiny dog. She weighs 5 lbs now but with enough cracker corners and snacks she could get too fat fast since she is spayed. Our old Fuzzy Pom was never neutered and he ate quite a bit but never got fat. Pomeranians burn off a lot of calories because they are extremely active dogs.
    My day was not so good on Thursday. I feel kind of feverish and sickish. I think it is the broken tooth. There are hardly any dentists open around here in St Louis, on weekends, and they all seem to close early on Friday.So I guess I am you know what out of luck until my Dentist appointment comes late Tuesday afternoon. My husband wanted me to make meatballs and spaghetti for dinner but I told him I was having a can of beefaroni, because I wasn't up to getting pots and pans dirty when I would have to clean it all up later. I don't know why I crave beefaroni or tomato soup when I am sickish, it must be a memory thing from childhood. Beefaroni is definitely an unhealthy thing, but tastes good to me when I don't feel well. I was reading about raccoon dogs of Japan after dinner one moment and then I didn't know anything else until 1100 pm when Fritzi woke me up.
    Have an enjoyable day!

    1. You have such good stories about your dog! I was thinking a tiny dog could overeat on just corners of your food.

      I doubt a broken tooth could make you run a fever unless it is so infected that you are in pain, too. But, whatever it is, I hope it does not get worse. I ask for a antibiotics to be called in for tooth infections.
      Does your husband want spaghetti enough to wash the dishes?
      Have a better weekend.

  5. As the amount of light each day plummets, I sort of go into a hibernation mode. I move slowly, not at the top of my game mentally, can't sleep well at night--it's weird. It takes me a couple of days to figure out why I am such a sloth (very slow learner here), and then I actively try to combat it. I think I must be part bear.

    1. I hate this time of year. I guess that is why I love everything about Christmas. I need light, food, company to fight the doldrums and sleep problems. I suppose the ancients felt the same way and lit up their places and brought greenery inside and prepared feast over their fires.

  6. PS: Speaking of chocolate (cherries), DH got me a Neuhaus Advent calendar. They are very, very fine Belgian chocolates. The last thing I want in my life is chocolate staring me in the face each morning, but that isn't stopping me from gobbling up the day's offering...

    I am also enjoying my Aldi's Cheese Advent calendar. I learned about them online and promptly ordered one for myself (no telling if it would ever be in-store locally). 24 little blocks of 9 different varieties of cheese! Now THAT is a morning treat to look forward to! Today was smoked cheddar, and boy howdy that went well with the morning coffee.

    So yeah. Belgian chocolate and cheese every morning for the month. I think that might add a few unwanted pounds. Oh well!

  7. I was pretty busy with work yesterday. I was pretty much out of it by 9:30 PM. I have a busy weekend coming up.

    1. Rhitter,
      Hopefully, you can rest up today for the weekend.


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