Thursday, January 26, 2023

The End of Something

I saw an advertisement for Nearly Natural Faux Plants. I liked the name of the company and loved this plant which I will love but not embrace.

Around noon, I heard something on the porch. We both guessed it was a box from UHC; it was. I received the final purchases made yesterday over the phone using the last of my $150 food/otc/utility allowance.

I received:

Deep Words OFF
Lotrimin (Why did I order this?)
1000 Q-tips
Centrum Silver Vitamins for Men over 50 (200)

Received earlier:

Bayer low-dose enteric aspirin
Vitamin D

So, that is the end of it, free money. Along with my groceries from yesterday, these were my benefits for $150. I suppose I have 1000 Q-tips already, so this should be a lifetime supply. I already have this many here. If I had stayed with this program, I would have gotten these benefits every month. 

I mended more dishcloths. We filled and started the dishwasher. Tommy washed dark clothes for me to hang inside. We put a turkey breast in the oven to roast. I feel a smidgen better, but then any exertion slams me.

Today and yesterday were cold with brisk winds. Brrr! As I felt so horrible, it hurt me. But, the sun part of the day was nice. It seems strange there is snow and ice in other places. Some of the trees have very swollen buds which is a nice promise. 

How is Spring coming along at your place? Swollen buds on trees? 
What is happening at your place? Plans?


  1. No signs of spring here - yet. I will settle for warmer temperatures.

  2. No signs of spring here that I’ve noticed. That bitter cold gets to me more now than when I was younger. It doesn’t mix very well with pain.

    1. Belinda,
      I know what you mean about the bitter cold and being older.

  3. No spring here for quite a while. It is winter and cold.

    1. Cheryl,
      I suppose you are about two months behind us. I do love this climate.

  4. Maybe you ordered the Lotrimin for Tommy? Does he have athlete's foot or itchy feet?

  5. What is this thing called Spring you speak of? We have several feet of snow on the ground!

  6. Technically, spring doesn't start until March 20. I'm in south central KY and we've had a couple of March Lilies try to come up.

    My daughter was born March 15, 1993 and there was a lot of snow that weekend. We could still have several cold / freezing days in the next two months.

    1. Alice,
      Well, we don't pay attention to technicalities! lived in north central Kentucky and people ice skated on the sidewalks. Luckily, we lived there during a mild winter. Maybe you won't have many freezing days this year.


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