Saturday, January 28, 2023

Wasting Food!

I wasted food!

Tonight, I was going to make slaw, so Tommy brought me everything I needed to make it on a tray in my lap. So far, so good. Well, except for the fact the cabbage was almost liquid and smelled awful. I hate that! But, I made a packaged salad given to me. It was fresh--Maple Bourbon Bacon, a chopped kit. It has Romaine lettuce, Broccoli, Red and Savoy cabbage, green onions, uncured smoky bacon, golden honey almonds. 

There was just a tiny bit of the dressing, and I am not a fan at all. There was even less of the bacon and almonds. 

The other slaw I had to toss was bought two weeks ago, just before I started feeling tired and lazy. This is the result of being ill. Tommy did not mention it should be used, not that he should! Wasting food is brought on by being ill. We wasted a bit of chicken breast, too. Ordinarily, I would have frozen it, but it was too long since it was baked. Hopefully, that is all we have wasted. The woman is coming to clean tomorrow, so everything can be taken out and uncovered. 

I will drink soured milk by making chocolate milk. Of course, I can bake with sour milk. Slimy cabbage and rotten meat are too much! 

We went to Cullman today. It was a beautiful day, sunny and not to cool--60F. 

Dinner: Tommy--bbq on 2 drumsticks sandwiches, lots of slaw. I had chicken breast with bbq on it, no bun, lots of slaw. We also had grapes. The two of us almost finished the whole bag of slaw! That was delicious and a lot of chewing! 

I need to do things before the cleaner gets here since I have been lethargic for the two weeks since she came.

Do you tend to waste food when you are ill? What is your biggest food wasting excuse, not that it is not true? 


  1. I do not waste much food but occasionally a pepper or cucumber will hide in the crisper and has to go.

    1. Anne,
      Understandable. Who ever thought a whole bag of cabbage could hide for two weeks?

  2. Yes, food waste happens more frequently when the head chef does not feel well enough to cook. Apparently, I am the only person in this household of 3 who is capable of sorting through the fridge and pulling bad stuff out. It's just one of those things that is My Job.

    But then, my husband just saved us $700 by buying the parts for and fixing a broken sliding door on our van. No way I could do that. So we all have our areas of expertise that others depend on and benefit from.

    1. Sue,
      Tommy usually alerts me or just pulls things out that need to be eaten. i was surprised but did not blame him. Maybe he did alert me.
      Fixing that door would have been beyond me, too. That was a great savings!

  3. Completely understandable since you were sick. I try my very best not to waste food, but it does happen occasionally.

    1. Belinda,
      With so much fresh produce, I must be careful and Tommy, too. We were both shocked.

  4. love cole slaw haven't made it in a while. I hate wasting food also.

  5. I hate wasting food yet it happens regularly despite my attempts. My worst is putting something in the fridge 'for later' only that later never arrives.


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