Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cleaning and Gift

 The young woman who cleans came today. I sort of had her all over the house. She certainly did not have me for oversight because I felt too awful to care. She did quite a few things.

Changed my sheets.

Cleaned out drawers and under the bathroom sink. She threw away things with a 1995 date! Emptied bathroom trash that had at least a dozen out of date or empty bottles. He buys the largest size possible, always, so there was a huge bag.

Cleaned and emptied the refrigerator. I had her wipe off all bottles/jars. I wanted Tommy to replace items since he needs to know where things are and what is in the cheese crate. He threw away a lot of tidbits that were pushed back, but not a lot of food waste. 

Put grate back on bottom of the refrigerator. Neither Tommy nor I can get down that far. It mostly lays on the floor and gets kicked around, not on purpose. Tommy just said it is coming off again. I give up! I will have her look at it better next week.

Emptied and put away a box that had gathered lots of cans. She gave them to me to date with a marker, front and top. Then, she put them on appropriate shelves in bedroom and kitchen. 

Took the cover off stove vent hood and replaced the curly bulb with a regular bulb which was much brighter. I can barely see to even scramble eggs. I will put the cover into the dishwasher. I could have and would have done this myself, but when I came here, Tommy said I was not allowed to do so. I have not asked, just lost motivation and ability to do it myself.

Changed the bag in the vacuum. I have never changed the bag since I only used it for five minutes. I managed to order from Amazon new bags that came just in time for her visit today. It is impossible to use without pain. She figured it out. She vacuumed in front of my chair, Tommy's chair, and open space between front door and door to hall, not a lot. 

Emptied the kitchen garbage. She is really good about taking out the trash without being asked. 

Theeennnn, she got me on ebay. I was hoping that I could list things while I am not feeling well. Well, there was a glitch, so I will work on it myself. She needed to go home. I could have signed up for ebay like I did last time, but I was sooo tired and had a fever.

Yesterday, Tommy brought in the mail. There was a magazine for me. "On, no. I am not paying for this "free gift"! Well, it really was a gift from a friend for a magazine--allrecipes for one year. Great! Thanks, Jan. I browsed Saturday afternoon. Now, I will look for a recipe to cook. I love the internet version. But, I prefer a book/magazine in my hand. 

My temperature is still around 99 or 100 degrees. And, I am taking the antibiotic. Tomorrow, I will call AFC and see about the culture results. 

Dinner: a bit of pork loin, one yellow squash, tiny potato, onions--all baked last night. Tommy had pork loin, potato, onion, zucchini, yellow squash. We both had a sourdough roll later. I had banana half for breakfast, grapes before dinner, and half an apple after dinner. Before I go to bed, I will have strawberries. 

Oh, I knew what I wanted for Valentine's Day. You know I never miss an excuse for chocolate. Ghirardelli's Dark Chocolate Raspberry Squares. I suppose these are better for me than the traditional chocolates in a heart box and cheaper. I had shown Tommy what I wanted last week. He was very disappointed I had bought it this week since he wanted to get it for me. I knew it would be gone if he waited, but it did go on his cc. He put it where I cannot reach it at my request. I want something different for dinner and something I don't cook, just a meal we can eat here. 

Before the cleaner left, she asked, "Is it okay if I come next Sunday? Seriously, she asks my permission?

 Do you like the allrecipe website? 

Are you having a cheap and low-key Valentine's Day or do you go all out? 


  1. Valentines day hadn't even crossed my radar!
    I hope you soon feel better and can enjoy the progress you are making with the big clean-up.
    Speaking of bathroom items, back before Christmas I threw out a number of things from the bathroom cabinet. One was a tub of hair gel which I thought was left here by my ex. Today my daughter messaged to ask had anyone seen the hair gel. Oops

    1. kylie,
      Valentine's Day is very much evident here, everywhere you look. Of course, the grocery store has chocolate candy front and center where you have to fight your way around it.
      Well, you have not seen the hair gel since you threw it out, right? Funny mistake!

  2. Our Valentine’s Day will be spent very low key. Sounds like the leaning lady did several tasks to be helpful. I love it when so,e one comes to,clean like that for me. We don’t do it very often but enjoy it when we do.

    1. Belinda,
      She is beyond helpful! I am always afraid each Sunday will be the last. She gardens and has three little ones, so this is beyond wonderful and unexpected. Gardening season is upon us. Considering Tommy has never cleaned at all in almost twenty years, this is long overdue.

  3. I *USED* to like the Allrecipes website. It's changed format recently, so I don't enjoy it as much. I dislike the articles which come up when I open the site. When I need a general recipe for something like, oh, say, pineapple crisp, it still does tend to be my first place to search, though.

    1. Meg,
      I dislike articles too, but I usually just search for a recipe and open allrecipes from amongst all the sites that come up. I really don't dislike the articles, but they lead me

  4. Valentine's Day (V-Day) has such a negative memories for me, and so I ignore it. A former boyfriend dumped me on V-Day, and my former husband once commented during a fight, did I think I deserved a V-Day gift? Yes, I loathe this holiday.

    1. Rhitter,
      I have similar bad experiences with the day, but try to ignore the bad. However, there are bad things associated with ex that affect other days for me. Email if you want to hear about what irks me. I can see why it rankles you, though. We all have things that annoy us later. I understand.

  5. I like Allrecipes and use it pretty often. The comments are usually very helpful and offer tips/ideas to make the recipe better. I will always read through them before deciding whether or not to risk it.

    Valentines Day is very low-key here. I dislike the astronomic price of flowers. Even cards are getting so expensive. We usually do a tiny bit of chocolate for the household, say "I love you!" and call it good. Fussing is for amateurs. ;^) ;^)

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, I just had a Panera sprouted grain bagel with veggie cream cheese. The first one I have had in literally YEARS. OMG, what revelation. It makes me want to toast the rest of the baker's dozen and stuff my face 'til I fall over in a carb coma and bloat like a dead cow in the hot sun. Yes, the bagel was THAT GOOD. Jesus help me.

    I also just bought paint for a powder room redo. Do you know what I paid for a gallon of eggshell premium Benjamin Moore latex paint? NINETY-FIVE DOLLARS. Dang! Should have asked the price before I had the damn paint mixed. I was figuring on $45-50, tops.

    That's what I get for flouncing into the hardware store and loftily demanding "Benjamin Moore's FINEST paint, please!" They musta thought I was a drug dealer's wife. Who else could afford such expensive shizz?

    I honestly don't know whether to put the paint on the wall or sip it from a champagne glass...

    1. Sue,
      I may bake something Tommy likes. But, I am just too tired to do anything, even baking. I never buy cards! I do have generic ones I can write in, but don't want to waste
      Eating vegetarian cream cheese seems wrong. But, it is good on bagels if it is real. You should have a job writing. I laughed too hard at this!--bloat like a dead cow in the sun...too funny.
      There is a reason there are gallons of mistint paint--people change their minds. That is expensive! Just put it on the wall, okay.

  6. I use Allrecipes frequently, What irritates me is that every time I visit the site they try to sell me a magazine subscription! Why can't they see that I already have had a subscription for many years. I still like it in my hand better than just on line. I print recipes from the site and use them as I am preparing the food.

    I also check the reviews. Sometimes people report all the changes they made while fixing the recipe and their review means nothing. I do like it when several people report the same thing like Reduce the salt or If you like sauce as we do you should double the sauce.

    1. Janet,
      I dislike any site online trying to sell me anything! The selling part of these sites has nothing to do with the part of the site that knows who you are. I tried a number for paying a bill and they had no information to the main site and pointed out they only sold the service. Annoying.

      The reviews are what I read, too. And, I pay attention and do what they say. I think i have found a recipe I want to try.
      Thanks, again!


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