Monday, February 6, 2023

After Cleaner

 Sunday, I took a one-hour nap after the cleaner left. There are always things I need to sort after she leaves. I did nothing. Absolutely no effort was expended on dinner Sunday night. 

Still, it was 5 or 6 am Monday morning before I slept. Then, I awoke at 1:30 and did not eat until 5 pm. I was not hungry. However, I have been lusting for a Taco Bell Soft Taco Supreme. So, we went out and I ate two along with a drink from home. 

Of course, we went to the drive-thru to order. We were told at the radio they could not take an order, to come inside. Three times, we told them we could not, could they just let us order at the pickup window. NO! I told Tommy to drive there anyway. The woman inside tried to ignore us. Finally, someone came but the window was locked. ???

She said that we could have to come in as all the drive thru was not working, to come inside to order and pointed to the counter registers that were not busy at all. I asked her very nicely if she could walk over there and order and walk back. She looked confused and said she guessed she could. There was no one else inside, it appeared and no one in front of us. So, this surely could not be an inconvenience. 

We ate at the park about 5 pm, the first bite or anything to drink all day. I accidentally ate one of Tommy's and he was gagging on sour cream. Then we went to search for a bag of ads and coupons that are usually thrown, but there were none. 

So, dinnertime now and we will be baking lots of chicken, five packages, I think. With chicken always available, we seldom go out for fast food. We no longer eat fries and I pinch off the buns around the edges. 

I encouraged Tommy to track where we spent money in December. He still has not done January. So, it will be interesting to see how much less we spent. However, I already know January is less spent. So, getting February done will be the real test in order to compare it to January. 

Okay, it is11 pm and I got one pan of chicken from the oven--8 breasts and 10 legs, all seasoned with garlic powder and onion powder. Sorry, did not get the onion and garlic prepared. At 11 pm after getting the first pan out, I put in another with 8 breasts. It was a smaller pan, so could not get so much in it. There was one package of chicken that Tommy did not like its smell. So, that small pack gone. 

This is the first time all day long I have felt tired. I needed the rest all day from yesterday, and it appears I got plenty of rest today. In a few minutes, I will store the first tray of baked chicken. At midnight, I will take out the second tray and store it, some in the freezer and a bit in the refrigerator. It seems like it takes me all day to get enough energy to do anything! It seems I would rather work late anyway, always have. 

We are not eating all the turkey and chicken I cook as the freezer holds it better cooked than frozen. Plus, it is nice to have on hand. Besides, I want to make chicken, rice, broccoli and cheese for dinner one night. I use cooked chicken rather than raw. It works.

Today, I managed to get plenty of sleep Sunday night. I have piddled and done things earlier today, but not the sorting from the cleaning yesterday. Now, I just hope I can get plenty of sleep tonight. 

The tulip tree across the sleep started blooming Saturday. I can see this out the door when we have it open. Pretty pink. 

Tonight, I read some about Coleridge and Wordsworth, founders of the Romantic period. I "discussed" it with Tommy who just looked at me. He had not one idea. That's okay. I wonder if he will remember what I said about Wordsworth--Lake District, Switzerland, poems he wrote his sister. I suppose it is like Tommy explaining machinery to me.

Okay, I have rambled on long enough. EDIT: If I seem to disappear, it the computer humming like a spaceship and the whole thing is hot to the touch.

Do you track spending and compare each month? 

Do you prefer to work later in the day than early? 


  1. It would be so nice to have all that chicken cooked and frozen. Your own version of convenience food. 😊

    1. Belinda,
      I can add a salad or an easy vegetable and a meal is ready. Then, there are sandwiches!

  2. Sorry I haven't been around much to read your blog or comment. I've been so very busy just trying to keep up with things every day, catch up with old 'to dos' and get ahead a bit (that is planning and actioning) in a few areas. I tend not to write down my spending but I do try and keep track of it in general areas. However I have been keeping most of my receipts now since May 2022 and inputting it all into an Excel spreadsheet. Wow, it really was evident how expensive groceries have become. Since September I've been trying to reduce that and have been successful in keeping costs down by a lot more. How long I can do that remains to be seen given that COLA is still quite high here as it seems to be everywhere else. Yet the grocers here are having record breaking profit years! Our government is now calling them to account for it but it remains to be seen whether anything can be done. In the meantime our central bank has raised interest rate 9 x over the past year. It's a nightmare for many.

    1. Joyful,
      I do keep track but not to the point of writing it all down. I have so little money and so few bills that I can practically keep up in my head. I am always telling Tommy about increases and how sales are bad. So, grocers are thriving off our backs. Wow, I had not heard how well they are doing. Thankfully, we can still afford food!

  3. Oh I forgot to answer your second question. I am a night owl so I prefer to work later in the day and these days I get my groove going very late. I am hoping to change that slightly in time.

    1. I like being a night owl, but all night is not what I want or need, just very late. If I knew how to change, I would.

    2. I totally understand because I've staying up all night for years already. This is a late acquired habit so I'm sure it can be changed. My doctors have said try going to sleep a little bit earlier each night or every few days, say 30-60 minutes and eventually you will get there. Easier said than done. Sleeping pills don't work for me and I don't want them anyway.

    3. Joyful,
      Same here. Nothing works. I know estrogen would help but you would think I was asking for cocaine! When I go to bed earlier, I just lie there or go to sleep and wake earlier. Useless advice infuriates me. I don't want sleeping pills either, but out of desperation, I tried them once and was groggy until about 6 pm the next evening. No good.


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