Sunday, February 5, 2023


 This was a big day--the cleaner came! It seemed like she did little and just piddly stuff. But, it was small things I absolutely cannot do. So, I got her going here and there in the house, doing little things.

She changed my bed, put on the new pale pink sheets

cleaned out two tiny drawers on each side of the stove and put drawer paper in them

put drawer paper in two of the drawers in the chest of drawers

used leftover for two small drawers in dresser

cleaned out the middle of the living room

moved items to other rooms after boxing

changed a few new 40 watt bulbs for 60 watt that I really wanted instead of the smaller size--thought I was going blind. 

moved small table and set up my new printer I have had for over three years and still does not work yet. We worked on that for over an hour!

There is still a pile about 4'x6'x2' high of Tommy's clothes and junk in the living room that he just refuses to move or manage. When we had company before Christmas, he did run and put the pile in another room. I was happy, but then he brought it back to the living room. 

I now have the two drawers by the stove to put potholder into and long utensils. The potholders were just stacked all over, willy nilly. I did not buy enough shelf paper for the drawers in the bedroom, so that is annoying. I do have lots of kitchen drawer paper, so maybe I will use that. 

Things do look better in here. I try to encourage Tommy to do a little between her visits. 

We wear masks as does she when she is here. I knew Tommy was going in and out but did not question him. Well, he went out on the porch to eat so he would not keep raising and lowering his mask while eating. Since the temp was 60F or thereabouts, it was not a hardship to eat outdoors. He sat on his walker by the table on the porch at the only place he can sit without taking a chance of stumbling off the porch. He is braver than I. 

I want tuna salad tonight with tomatoes and Romaine lettuce. Tommy had something with tomatoes and strawberries. He finished off the strawberries and one box of grape tomatoes I got with UHC credit. I saw frozen mixed vegetables and he probably had chicken. I have had banana, so I will have apple and cherries for snacks tonight.

Since I had only four hours sleep last night, I took a three-hour nap after she left and am still exhausted. I love sleeping on fresh sheets on a newly made bed. So, it was a nice nap, just not refreshing. By the way, on the internet Laura Ashley sheets are well over $100 on some sites. I bought mine for only $42 on Amazon, so these sheets are not too pricey. 

I asked Tommy to cut the top off tuna for me since it is almost impossible for me. Well, he opened chicken, so I had chicken. 

That was my Sunday, lots of progress in many small places. Spring is evident all around. The dandelions are blooming profusely everywhere. What transpired at your house this weekend? Aren't fresh sheets and a just-made bed one of the best feelings ever?


  1. Glad you are getting things done. Yes, fresh sheets are the best.

  2. I am like you I love sleeping on fresh new sheets.

  3. Brighter bulbs make such a difference. I need to get some brighter LED bulbs for my powder room. If I am gonna look at my face in the mirror, I want to see it clearly--warts and all! LOL!

    1. Sue,
      Thankfully, I am not going blind! Oh, yes, light on my face, otherwise, what is the use of looking at it?


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