Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Great News!

Last fall, I had so many pretty plants that I had loved and Tommy had faithfully watered. It made me sad to see think of them dying and my having to repurchase plants in the Spring. Tommy never removed them from their pots like I hear they need. He did put them in the utility room, an uninsulated space. 

Just now, he came in from putting a load of clothes in the washer. He said at least half of the plants were coming back. I am so thrilled! 

In my house, I had a basement to store plants. I paid a guy to sweep it out and get things organized. Two months later, I looked for the one plant I was protecting. It was green and thriving and capable of staying alive if protected. He said he put it in the back to get it out of the way, that it was dead anyway. OH NO! Not dead. 

Actually, I could have gardened down there because there were 8 windows on two sides with morning sun streaming through. Oh well. 

Tommy was watering plants in the basement for me. He said he finally quit watering them since they were dead. I think plants need watering less when they are dormant, but a month without water and they were dead. I am not sure where we went wrong. At least, he did not put them in a dark corner. My basement was perfect for plants. 

Amazon Day--We received three packages, two today and one on Monday. I found a longer and sturdier reacher along with a shorter one. Sometimes, the longer one is too long if I am sitting in my chair and just cannot reach something I dropped toward the back of the chair. And, the longer one is sometimes needed by both of us. Plus, neither will fold, making both a bit sturdier. That box also had hair color at a cheaper price in the store. 

I also received pink flannel Laura Ashley sheets. They just look and feel soft, not like flannel. But, they are the palest pink, not blush. We are washing and drying them right now, so I will know if they are the same quality/softness as the Laura Ashley. No lint comes off the sheets or dryer or on me. Some people say this happens. They are reduced much lower than the floral sheets. 

Dinner last night, soup, was long in the making since we started the preps too late. But, it is nice to have dinner done for tonight. Soup--ground beef, potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, green beans, corn. summer savory for flavor. Tommy is having some sort of bread with his, looks like sourdough. 

Tommy is so helpful, annoying sometimes, but extremely helpful. 

We just watched PBS-did you know that the oasis in Africa is formed by the Elephant and Termite? 

Tomorrow, February 2, all day long Groundhog Day will be playing on AMC. Since I have never seen this, I am really looking forward to it, just once, not all day long. 

Are your overwintered plants coming to life yet? 

Have you seen Groundhog Day?


  1. That is good news that at least half of the plants are coming back!

    All the best Jan

    1. Jan,
      I was pleased and hope more eventually come back.

  2. good for you with the plants. Men are supposed to be helpful; kick them out when they are not.


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