Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Scrambling Eggs and a List

First, something to watch out for with the sound off. The woman is laughing softly. So, you are not missing anything.

 Shopping List so funny!

Monday morning, I decided to make scrambled eggs. Tommy brought me a baking tray, a large bowl and a small bowl. I managed to crack 8 eggs one at a time into the smaller bowl, checking for shells and then dumped one egg at a time into the larger bowl. In the kitchen I managed the beater just fine and strained the eggs. 

I dumped all 8 beaten and strained eggs into a skillet that was not quite warm enough to actually cook them. So, I turned the burner up and tried to stand leaning on the stove. When I was in so much pain, I felt I would fall, I called Tommy and asked him to help. My instructions were to keep stirring until the eggs started to clump up, then call me. Don't let them form a brown skim on the eggs. Well, he called me and I could smell browned scrambled eggs! I hate the taste of brown skin on my scrambled eggs. I could see it, too. 

Plus, the eggs were very dry and about the size of a small lima bean and smaller. Finally, he said, "Linda, I have never even seen anyone scramble eggs!" Unbelievable.

I spent a long time getting the brown off the eggs and put half away for Tuesday. He had very wisely removed the skillet from the hot eye! 

The plan is to scramble two eggs some day and let him watch. 

I was fussing about why he did not call me sooner, but he thought it was soon enough when he did call me.

Tuesday, we drove to the doctor's office and Tommy walked in and got me an appointment. I did not feel like arguing with the answering service. I feel so awful that I can barely keep my head up, so I am not sure what I will be like in two weeks. 

Tommy got me two bananas from Publix after the trip to get appointment. I had him get me a 16 oz. cup of chicken wild rice soup from Publix. I polished that off as a snack in the middle of the afternoon. I think it has been over a year since I had that soup. 

Tommy brought me everything to slice for soup--carrots, potatoes, onion, celery. He had peeled the carrots and potatoes for me. He put it all in the crockpot with two cups of water. He has the diced tomatoes, corn, and green beans on the counter with summer savory. It may be midnight before it is ready to eat. He still needs to brown the hamburger meat. 

So, that's my whole day...nothing much, still feverish. It is 7 pm right now, and I feel like I need to go to bed for the night. 

The neighbors have turned out to be a nightmare in more ways than the dog. I really don't care about the pool and trampoline and basketball goal and balls of all sorts all over the yard. I do mind the barking still. But, about two months ago, they put a 6' pool out by the road and regularly dump garbage in it. The pool is partially collapsed and has water and trash in it. Lynda was incensed when she saw it, "We are not going to allow this." Maybe she is going to call the city??? 

The smallest child next door was running and crying. One of the mothers was punishing him by making him run until he started crying. She promised to punish him further if he did not quit crying. That is called child abuse. 

Do you make a grocery list for your husband that is illustrated in any way or has extra instructions? 

Do you have junky neighbors? 

They still have all the junk parked in the carport from their moving in a year ago. The three cars cannot get near the carport. At Christmas, they moved a full bedroom of furniture out there. It is still there, getting rained on when the wind blows it in. I cannot imagine why they don't get rid of it. No one in this whole subdivision has junk around like this house. Lucky us--trash pile and barking dogs. 


  1. Sounds like you need to call the city and report them or make a report on-line. I have done that before, and they are given a certain amount of time to clean up or the city does it and fines them. It does work - it just takes time.
    Feel better!!!!

    1. Cheryl,
      I think Lynda is going to call. In this city there are several yards, far from me that are filled with junk. The yards have been full for ten years. No one makes them clean it up. The city orders change, but they remain. The whole lot will be full. Nothing changes.

  2. Forget the trash, someone needs to report the child abuse ASAP

    1. Exactly. I finally found the child abuse hotline, but a person must identify himself/herself.

  3. You may have to identify yourself but this is for a child! Your name will not be revealed during the well being check. I was a required reporter of suspected child abuse because of a job I held . See something, say something!

    1. It is done. I wonder if I am still a required reporter.

  4. Oh wow... My heart goes out to that child. It is so heartbreaking.

    1. It is sad. I don't even know which of the women is the mother of the child. I imagine the house is chaos.

  5. Sorry about your neighbors and hope you feel better soon ❤️

    1. Rhonda,
      Thanks. I just feel sorry for the children. I still feel ill, but hope for an improvement.


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