Sunday, March 26, 2023

Reason #2 Why I Love Commercials

 # 2--I need a bathroom break. Plain and simple and very basic. Most of the time, I hate to miss a minute of any program. Turner Classics does not have commercials, so I often miss some of the movie. 

Today, the cleaner came but she had to go home after two hours to dress her husband. He earned his realtor's license this last month. So, he wants her to come home and dress him for his first open house. He never dresses in anything but a uniform for his job, so is insecure.

She cleaned the half bath. The commode is so close to the wall, only a child could sit on the commode. And, it is one of the short commodes. Just for fun, I sat on it and had to sit at an angle since my knees would not fit. I was right up against the sink which is the kind attached only to the wall. Then, I could not get up! I was afraid to pull the sink off the wall! My legs rubbed against the door when I sat. By having her close the door so I could reach the doorknob, I manage to extricate myself. It was an adventure. 

She, of course, threw out two or three bits of carpet and the fuzzy commode seat cover, all nasty. He has never used this in all his 40 years here. His boarder did. She left the carpet bits and the commode seat cover. Her brother and boyfriend moved her out when she was ill with liver cancer. I am quite sure she would have cleaned the bathroom and bedroom. Nevertheless, this bath has not been touched in about 18 years. Plus, he closed off the bedroom and shut the hvac vent. Of course, it would get moldy in the bathroom. 

She and family are moving to California, so eventually, I will lose her help. This week, she is driving with her three little children to Ca to look for a house and visit her family. 

Other than a nap, nothing else has happened today. It did start storming when the sun went down. I did not even go to the door to look out all day. Lots of little birds, sparrows, I suppose seem to like my potted plants. I don't think those plants are coming back. I had a bag of six tulip bulbs that I had her put in one pot, not sure what will happen. 

Although I am not planning on buying a vehicle anytime soon, I am now obsessed with what is what on the road. We did make a drive-thru in a car lot. All along the drive on the interstate, north and south. he pointed out what was what. But, my focus right now is on a mattress. Of course, the health issues take precedence. 

Do you use the commercials for a bathroom break?


  1. I abhor commercials. Some shows that are an hour long are really less than 30 minutes. I basically record anything I want to watch. That way I can forward through ALL commercials and I can pause if I need to go to the bathroom.
    I refuse to watch commercials and if I am watching TV without recording (seldom), I turn them down so as not to hear them.

  2. I’m with Cheryl, I don’t like commercials either, so would definitely use them for a bathroom break. I’m enjoying the birds here too. It’s 61 and breezy today, just beautiful. I’m sorry you are going to lose your help with her move to California. I hope you’ll be able to find someone else once she leaves.

    1. Belinda,
      Sometimes, I wait for another commercial break since I want to see the one that is on right This weather is sooo nice.
      Free help was really a bonus, but the fact that she cleaned well and was reliable helped a lot. I tried to pay her.



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