Saturday, April 1, 2023

Trading Places

 My temperature is mostly normal. But, I am still dizzy and shaky on my feet. However, Tommy is not doing well at all. Finally, his temp is up to over 103F. He does not want to eat, might want some broth but will not say. So, I fixed the last of the can of broth I had drunk. 

On Friday night, I made sure he had enough Hall's Mentholyptus for the night. When I got up, he had used them all. So, I got my Ball jar with nice, tight metal lid and refilled his bag. He finally consented to an aspirin after he did not feel better after finding it was 103F. My bottle of 120 baby aspirins only had one left. He reminded me my pink bin for meds in the bedroom had two new bottles. I used the bottle of 120 aspirins to pour some in for him from the bottle of 120. I made sure to tell him to take four. I still have a bottle of 300 ready for us to use. The pharmacist told him to take Claritin, so I gave him a bottle of mine. 

He asked for something for throat pain. I finally figured out it was at CVS and went to get it myself. I did have him go with me even though he did not want to. I am still unsteady and needed someone to tell me if I were doing something dangerous.  He relented and went without a complaint. He refused a plain burger at BK but was very vocal about wanting a real coke. So, we did. I felt sooo shaky and was glad to have an extra pair of eyes, even if those eyes were sicker than I was/am. 

He has been refusing to use insulin because he has not eaten. I don't know if Hall's Mentholyptus has calories or carbs. What about chicken broth? The Coke certainly is sugary. Finally, I pressed him to eat because it would make him feel better to eat something. Men are so hard to take care of when they are puny or really ill. I offered to heat a can of chicken noodle soup without diluting it and that was okay. He wolfed it down, leaving a bit of the liquid. THEN, he consented to take the insulin. 

This is so hard for me. He had six diet pepsi cans on the bookcase near him, a bk cup and a plate and two saucers. He is always "saving" saucers to eat in later and usually yells at me when I try to put them in the dishwasher and then turn on the dw. Today, he said nothing. Several times, I have gotten the dirty dishes while he is in the bathroom, and he never misses them. 

I have had to get my own things since yesterday! I was doing a bit for me, but now do it all for both of us. Plus, I now do the med search in the pink bin. Life is rough when your carer needs your care and you still need a bit of care, 

He said he did not sleep at all on Friday night, so, after the chicken noodle soup, he is snoring. At 5 pm, I had a peanut butter, MW, and banana sandwich. I suppose I will have the last bit of breast I cooked a few days ago. It is time. 

He is over here, sleeping, wheezing, and having trouble breathing, but he says no when he is awake. 

I may have to take over the He refused to allow me to touch it when I came here, like I even care! He has two remotes to figure out. I hate it. 

He only sees one doctor and is proud of that fact. I see a dozen at different points. He has no one from Thursday night until Monday morning. My allergist that I rarely see can take my call and help me out. I think this experience will let him see that visiting more than one doctor is prudent. My pharmacist will help. His at SAM's said he would talk to Tommy's doctor, so that leaves him with ONE person, still. His dentist does all teeth stuff. I use an oral surgeon, too. His dentist does everything. He has liver problems, but his MD treats that. I think at some point, he should see someone who specializes in liver problems. 

His MD has brochures for various prescription drugs all over his office. That bothers me. Tommy does take his meds religiously. But, he never questions. That bothers me, too. 

I have more broth for me and chicken noodle soup for him, so hopefully, we will not need anything.


  1. Yes, getting that soup in him is a big thing. Glad he ate it. Take care - both of you.

    1. He ate some peanut butter and saltines, too. So, better. Thanks.

  2. The truth is both of you will not get well until you have enough fluids and food to give you the energy your bodies need to fight the virus, Now would be the time to have food delivered to the house. Dinners that have been prepared, proteins, veggies, all you have to do is heat. Kind of like a TV dinner but they are many that are so much better and healthier. If you don't have that available, go with the frozen dinners from the store until you both are feeling better.

    Keep an eye on Tommy, if the fever gets worse or his breathing becomes labored you may need to call for help. If you can see he is in trouble, don't ask him, just do it. He may be mad but that is better than him being dead from being stubborn.

    1. Texas,
      There will be no food deliveries. I have proteins prepared and frozen, some vegetables, too.
      He knows I will not rest until he does what is needed. He is stubborn because he is a guy.

  3. I admire how "on top" of things you are, even when so sick. Tommy is certainly in good hands! I hope you are resting enough and not trying to do too much!

    1. Sue,
      Thanks. I don't want him dying on my Poor guy, so sick and clueless, too. No, not getting much rest or sleep.



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