Sunday, May 28, 2023

Grocery Ads

Friday night, I was sitting in my chair and felt something on my right arm. Thinking it was a hair, I turned to brush it away with my left hand. No, it was a tiny spider. So, I was hurriedly trying to squash it and brush it away. I am not sure if it escaped. At almost the same time, I heard a mosquito buzzing in my left ear. So, I was fighting right and left. I am not sure if I killed the mosquito or not. I think this is the third spider I have ever seen in Tommy's house. Maybe I should investigate further and stop this before it becomes an invasion I will not welcome. 

Since I must drive to get the ad even after viewing it on the internet, I only usually get the Pig and Publix. This week, we did decide to get Food Giant ad. It had more deals than the other two stores. I barely felt like going for a ride in the car, much less going in and shopping.

I circled what I wanted and he shopped, calling me with questions. The bananas were not on sale, but he got me two. Pork butt was $1.79/lb and they were all gone. This store does not give rainchecks. This store had two ads, one for Thursday-Sunday. The other is from Wednesday to Wednesday. So, today was the last day for the Memorial Day ad. 

Lemons were 1lb/$2. Tommy called and said they were tinted orange. I was unsure but had him get a bag. It says on the internet that Meyer Lemons turn a bit orange when they are left on the tree too long. So, not sure and I don't feel like trying one. Red or gold potatoes were 2 five-pound bags for $5. Tommy chose red. 

Dole Cole slaw and salad mixes were 2 for $2, bought two coleslaws. Pictsweet frozen vegetables were two bags for $5. The only thing I wanted that was left was the chopped broccoli. This will be for chicken and rice. He picked out four Vidalia onions at $.99/lb. 

I only slept three hours last night after going to bed for or five times. Sleep would not come. Finally at noon I slept for three hours. Hopefully, I can sleep tonight. 

The people across the street were firing up the grill when we left the house at about 4 pm and there was a crowd when we got home a little after 5 pm. 

Tommy was tired so said he would water tomorrow. One of my blueberry bushes has blossoms. The other bush looks like a four-foot dead stick. 

The pillow for raising my legs has been here since the 24th and still is not fully "inflated." That is four days, two days more than the 48 hours it should have taken. 

Today, we did no decluttering, but we did get a few, very few, things back where they go. That is a little progress, right? 

Friday, the skies were murky with smoke from Canadian fires. Today, the skies were a brilliant blue. have your skies been murky with the smoke?  

Today, Tommy chopped the ground meat and browned it. While he was browning it, I chopped a huge Vidalia onion and half went into the ground beef. The rest will be used this week. 

Dinner: Tommy had salad with onions, ham, and another vegetable. I had a sandwich--keto bread, MW, huge slice of beefsteak tomato, and spinach and other greens. This was a 6-carb meal. 

I will try tomorrow and Tuesday and see if they have more pork butts. 

Did you find good deals this week? What are you having for Memorial Day? Are you cooking out? Going away? To a parade? Do you have veterans in your family?


  1. Hoping you feel better and get some good sleep!

    1. Cheryl,
      I slept ten hours and got up at the crack of noon.

  2. We aren’t planning anything special for Memorial Day today. That was a great price on the coleslaw mixes! I would make egg roll in a bowl if I found some at that price. We’ve killed a few spiders this month here, but the worst is those darned centipedes. I can’t stand them, and have killed about 8 so far this month. Yuck!

    1. Belinda,
      I have never seen coleslaw mixes so cheap. And, we have
      two chopped salad here, so did not dare buy more. I have only seen one centipeded here. I looked online and think it is from the little black triangular flying pests that come to the bathroom drain. I hope never to see a centipede again.

  3. My 'good deal' is the neighborhood lemon trees which are dropping fruit by the handful, daily. I took them home/chopped them and into the freezer for later needs.

    1. Urspo,
      That would be a boon for me. I would juice them and freeze. You will enjoy those for a long time.

  4. If your pillow is made out of foam, you could put it in the dryer on a low heat for a few minutes to help speed the decompressing. The heat will help it to expand. Just do not use a hot dryer and check it after a few minutes so that it doesn't stay in the dryer too long. If you don't have a clothes dryer, you can use a hair dryer also but don't get it too close to the foam as it will burn/scorch. I used to work in a manufacturing company that made things from various types of foam and we often used heat guns to get the foam to expand when needed. Ranee (MN)

    1. It is foam. His dryer has one setting-HOT. I would never put foam in there. Besides, I think the foam wedge is too large. Hair dryer? I might try that. Thanks.

  5. DH is grilling steaks and burgers. I made a big batch of tabouli (using quinoa instead of bulger). We have leftover grilled chicken thighs that I will turn into curried chicken salad. I am also making "HOT HONEY STICKY CAULIFLOWER AND CHICKPEAS" because it sounds delicious and isn't too much trouble to make. We'll eat it tomorrow or Wednesday for dinner.

    We have no serious plans for today; just puttering around the house, getting stuff done but at a leisurely pace.

    My sugar snap peas are finally blooming! I recently planted some fragrant sweet peas that I will use to replace the sugar snaps once they are done producing. I have never planted sweet peas before so this is fun for me.

    Has anyone else been watching "Succession"? What did you think of the season finale? I was rooting for Greg, LOL!

    1. Sue,
      Your food sounds delicious. And, it will be great to have other meals ready.
      Good for you and the peas. I know you had been waiting.

  6. We didn't have any special plans for today. Hubby is staying with his 97, almost 98, year old mother tonight. She requires 24 hour care but is still in her home and walking around with a walker!

    1. Lisa,
      That is wonderful he cares for his mother. She must be in good shape to be up on her own with a walker.


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