Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Purple Cauliflower/New Farmer's Market

Today, as I said we would, we went for the ads at three stores. I had looked up the ads online and we made a list from my search. But, I wanted them in hand. So, we did get them to have here and study. Sometimes, I miss things in the tiny print and pictures. 

On the way to the third store, we passed what was apparently a farmer's market. On the way back they allowed us to drive into the space. There were only three vendors left. I am not sure how many were there originally. It started at 4 pm. We arrived at 5 pm. This is a small market that only meets on Wednesday. 

The first booth had wonderful bbq sauce and other canned items. We just tasted the sample, about two tsp. in a tiny cup, tinier than I have ever seen. This is obviously a small market, but the selection of the three booths was good for us. Next week, we will be there by 4 pm and maybe get a better selection.

I have never seen purple cauliflower that I can remember. But, I have a head now at only $2. I found three cups of strawberries @ $4/cup. She dumped them into a basket. Those were the last three. So, that was $12. Tommy was against buying it. He thought the purple color was icky, I guess. I told him I would cut a bag for his salad. He made a face and shook his head, "No!" I think it would be pretty in a salad. 

I had to try their own blueberry lemonade. I doubt it was pasteurized, but it was in plastic bottle with labels. It was delicious. I bet I could make a cheaper version myself. 

Dinner: Tommy had chicken thigh, salad, potatoes with onion. I had spaghetti, salad, and later had potato salad. 

Have you ever seen a head of purple cauliflower? Have you eaten any?

Isn't it fun to find a new source of home-grown vegetables?


  1. I have seen purple cauliflower before, it’s beautiful and full of antioxidants with that color, so very good for you! Tell Tommy it’s full of nutrients for his health. 😊

    1. Belinda,
      I wonder if he will ever get past the color. I have seen purple potatoes and carrots, but not cauliflower. It is so pretty!

  2. When we have traveled in Israel, they have pickled purple cauliflower along with another color or two!

    1. Lisa,
      That is certainly interesting. I would have thought pickling would remove the color, like red cabbage that starts leaching pink.

  3. I like the color, but the taste isn't any different than white cauliflower. Why am I not surprised that Tommy has problems with purple?

    $12 for three cups of strawberries seems rather excessive, even for a Farmer's Market. At that price, they should do a striptease and shimmy their way into your open mouth! And then file an amendment to your 2022 taxes!

    I want to go to a local farmer's market this weekend. I haven't been to one in a long time. The problem is that I buy new and wonderful foods, and then when I get home I am too tired to cook and want a fast food cheeseburger! LOL.

  4. Sue,
    He objected to buying it, said NO. I bought it anyway. He would not taste the blueberry lemonade because he hates lemon! He said it was not supposed to be purple.
    She dumped the three cups into a basket that sold for $12. That proved I was paying more, but I kept my mouth shut and bought it. When she emptied them into the larger basket, I noticed all the berries were good to the bottom, often not the case for store berries with green or mushy ones on the bottom.
    Go ahead and eat the burger and eat the vegetables the next day instead of waiting until even later. I often feel the same way and we just eat a leftover. Okay, maybe a cheeseburger.

  5. Yes, I have seen and bought purple cauliflower. I have also seen some that are a yellowish orange & some that are green. They all taste the same to me. I make a curried Israeli couscous that calls for Cauliflower and carrots. For this salad I stick with the white variety. I also make oven roasted cauliflower that is delish!

    1. Janet,
      I have only seen white, but will look for the other colors. I need to get this purple out and cook or put in salad. How do you oven roast it? Recipe?


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