Friday, June 2, 2023

"Only Black Man on the Planet..."

 Today was really stressful because Tommy put his keys in a box we were going to give away! We left here about 3 PM and came home at 5:30, all the while trying to chase down his keys. We had found three policemen sitting at a service station who gave us directions, all different. I was stressed, so one offered to show us. He drove us in such a convoluted path. Finally, he told us that maybe the guy was really waiting at the Marathon instead of the Chevron. Why would a guy do that? 

I had called his phone number and assumed it was a cell phone. However, when I decided to call him back, Tommy told me that was his home phone. Well, I called over Tommy's objections. They guy was at the Chevron! Anyway, after waiting on us for so long, he came to us. 

While we were delivering food, I noticed all the oranges were on the seat of the car. I told him to get all those, too. He commented about giving away oranges. I told him I was allergic to oranges and Tommy let them waste. He exclaimed, "You are allergic to Vitamin C?" 

Then, he laughed and said he was allergic to watermelon to which I gasped. He said, "Yes. I am the only black man on the planet who is allergic to watermelon."  Funny guy!

Yesterday, I made soup in the crockpot. I used the last of the ground beef and onions, potatoes I chopped for potato salad, half a bag of chopped salad (cabbage), and the rest of the can of chicken broth. Tommy did peel carrots for me to slice, the only thing that was not prepared. Once again, he was especially impressed at the fact we used up stuff in the refrigerator. It stayed on low all night long and was still in the crockpot when we left here are 1 pm. I was frantic that it would scorch while we chased keys all over Hueytown and Bessemer. Surprisingly, it was fine.

The guy's remark was the highlight of the day. (I am easy,) I did wash my hair and bathe. Dinner: Tommy had the soup and a bit of penne pasta and chicken. Then, he gave the pasta/chicken to me. I ate that and never got around to soup. 

I awoke from an hour and a half nap, then dozed in my chair, and am ready to go back to sleep. 

There are plans afoot in my head for this weekend. Hopefully, it all works out. The weather should be great--nice and hot. The fire ants await their bait. I need apples. Strawberries need cleaning and freezing. We have a return. Exciting times! Right? 

What are your plans for this weekend? 


  1. I’m so glad Tommy got his keys back. Not being able to find my keys can be so unsettling. That’s funny about being allergic to watermelon. 😂 Nothing special planned here, just regular duties and grocery shopping. I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Belinda,
      Having something on cooking makes it twice as stressful for me to lose keys. The guy was really jovial all the time, but when he came out with the crack about being the only black man on the planet, I was laughing so hard. There goes your stereotype. I awoke not feeling great and actually only sleeping for 2 hours out of the seven hours I was in bed, so things will have to be slogged through for me. Have a good weekend.

    2. One afternoon last week I took a nap and woke thinking it was morning. I was dead to the world. Once I got my bearings and my head cleared I felt so rested!

      I am actually feeling extra good and strong these days. My Dr told me that he could tell that I was doing well by looking at my face. This Dr. was also John's Dr. during his final year. I know that last year I was exhausted and apparently it showed. This coming Tuesday will mark a year since John passed away.

      My regular Dr. increased one of my medications and encouraged me to join a grief group. I think both of these have made a huge difference in how I am feeling. He also suggested that I get more exercise. I have not followed that suggestion but since I am feeling well I am much more active around here! As an example today I washed all the kitchen cabinet doors, inside and out. Certainly up and down on the step stool should count as exercise!

      Please say Hi to my friend Tommy for me!

    3. Janet,
      I love a nap like that even though it is a bit disconcerting at first. Good for you.
      Stress and a long-time problem does show on a person's face. I am glad you are doing better after your husband's death. I know is does you good to hear that someone can tell the difference. A year is a milestone and I am glad you are doing better.
      Maybe Kim needs to join a grief group if she has not. I read that doing housework is a good workout. Be careful on stools!
      Tommy said hello, too.

  2. Way too much excitement. I am making marinara sauce which is excitement enough.

    1. Exactly! I hope the marinara sauce turns out great.

  3. I once bought a huge watermelon to bring to a friend's place for lunch. The man of the family was a black American and told me hates watermelon. So that's two of them (kind of)
    My weekend was quiet. The search for a car distracted me from all other meaningful activity and I didn't get a car!

    1. kylie,
      I wonder if you offended him by assuming that a Black American would like watermelon. I don't know if you realize it but racists think of Blacks, watermelon, and fried chicken as going together. I try to be careful of that association. Is that a common association in Australia?
      Most people in the Southeastern US love both. Of course, I don't speak for all Southerners.

      Car shopping is the worst! Hopefully, you find a good one at a reasonable price. Good luck.

    2. I don't think most Australians would be that well attuned to US culture, but I could be wrong. I knew about fried chicken but not watermelon. I just thought everyone, everywhere loves watermelon

    3. kylie,
      That is what was so funny about what the guy said. He is black and cannot live up to the stereotype. Of course, I would never mention that to him because he knows I know. I am sure there must be similar things that would offend aborigines.
      Offering a Black a watermelon or fried chicken as a first choice would be very insensitive on my part. You were ignorant of the stereotype and meant no offense. But, he may have turned down watermelon because it hurt his feelings. Maybe not.
      Do you still talk or visit with these people? If so, I would tell them you had no idea. And, why should you?


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