Sunday, June 4, 2023

Saturday, Sunday and Berry, Berry Confused

 Saturday was slow and neither exciting nor boring. I still feel unwell, so nothing much I did not sleep well. It seemed I was awake all night, but did sleep some, just not soundly. 

We did go to Publix to buy milk for me and apples. Tommy went in. Then, we got his insulin at Walgreen's and left it in the car for four hours or more. And, it was 91F today, so  I think it is ruined. He says it is okay. 

When he handed me a copy of some medical report to read, I did and he has moderate hearing loss even though he says it is all me. I did not mention I saw that comment. There is a new hearing aid advertised for $99. I have commented about it several times. Finally, I asked him if he thought that would help. Well, he is not against it. 

Saturday night, I put some shaved steak in the cooking bag and non-salt seasoning. I cooked it an hour and he removed it from the stove and discovered I had cooked the pad that is under meat. I suppose the people who use these know some of us cook these and do not put anything in the pad that is deleterious to our health. 

While it was cooking in the oven, I made cole slaw. Tommy brought everything to me and I made it in my lap as usual. He was doing something in the kitchen. Most of the time, I don't ask. Well, he had gotten out two small freezer bags of corn I had cut off the cob. Dinner was delicious--shaved steak, coleslaw, corn cut off the cob and frozen. 

The cole slaw mix I bought was delicious because it was full of carrots. From now on I will buy Dole. I like slaw with carrots, tasty and healthful. Other brands never have many carrots! And, this was only $1 at the Memorial Day sale. 

One day this last week, I made the Dolly Parton brownies. I will not buy them again. I like fudgy brownies, but these seemed juicy inside. It was strange. 

Saturday, when we got out of the car, my impatien plant was drooping. When Tommy watered about 6:30, He put a pie pan under it to soak water. At bedtime he took the pan of water away. I read impatiens don't like wet feet. Hopefully, they will continue to thrive in the hot weather and sun against the bricks. Maybe it will do better on Sunday. 

Sunday, the impatiens was fine. Hopefully, we won't let it get so dry again. Tommy watered just after noon since I told him morning was the best time to water. Then, around 6 pm, it drizzled, sprinkled, rained softly and quit. I suppose everything is sufficiently hydrated. 

Of course, I took a nap and Tommy had his dinner of soup on his own. Today, I cleaned and trimmed the rest of the strawberries, and put a bit of sugar on the sliced strawberries, just a bit to macerate. I want to have some tomorrow on a sliver of angel food cake that Tommy has been eating on for two weeks. 

Two Bell peppers and one red are sliced in two bags--one for Tommy's salads and the other to cook with onions for him to eat. 

It seems peppers get lost in the freezer and then turn to icy bag of green stuff. So, I won't be freezing any peppers until the freezer can be emptied and organized. 

Tommy washed a load of my clothing and I hung them and folded the ones he dried. Laundry never ceases. I remember the days of three children and diapers for six years! 

Two weeks ago, as we swung through the park, I saw flowers that I was sure were blackberries. Well, we did this for three or four days. Finally, Tommy said we have flowers just like that on the table. Hmm, do blueberry blossoms look like blackberry blossoms. I wondered and checked the blueberry flowers. Then, the flowers fell off in the park. I kept watching for the blueberries to form since I have seen those before many times. 

I was confused as to why the blueberries were so gnarly looking. Yet, they never changed, just grew a bit larger. 

Finally, today, Tommy came inside after watering and told me I had blackberries! What??? I did not buy blackberries! He told me I bought two bushes. Oh, yeah. I forgot. So, now I do have blackberries. 

Immediately, I made plans to protect them from the birds. I do have a plastic snake outside and one in here. Plus, I will get bird netting. If I cannot find that, I will buy tulle to protect them. It is just thing thing and comes in wide bolts. 

All this time, I thought I had only blueberries on the table. I do look at them, but since they are close, I suppose I read the tags on them and saw only the "berries" part of the word. The bushes are small, and there are not many berries, just a handful. 

Hopefully, I feel better this next week as I really need a new mattress. Everyday, I plan to go find one and just have no energy. 

Tomorrow, I need to cook squash and onions with garlic butter. Of course, I will like it but Tommy will love it. I also need to cook a box of sliced mushrooms for me since he won't touch those. I may put the last of the jar of spaghetti sauce over those. Yum. 

[Edit--I came home and was ill when we shopped. I rarely even look at the plants up close. So, my confusion about what plants I bought is due to being ill and neglect of the plants. Tommy did not want one of the plants I bought, yet the woman left it in our cart. So, who knows? Do you have blueberries or blackberries?]


  1. blackberries grow wild here and are very invasive. I have 6 blueberry bushes but it will be years before they produce much.

  2. Kim,
    I should be so lucky to have an invasion of blackberries! Of course, I was complicit in the invasion of the wisteria because I loved the beauty.


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