Wednesday, September 27, 2023

$652 Saving Wednesday Thanks Macy's

Examples of each set

On  Tuesday, I slept until noon, maybe 3 hours and took a nap for a little over an hour Tuesday night. I managed to get to sleep by 4:30 am on Wednesday morning. I slept until 1:30, nine hours sleep. I felt wonderful when I awoke today. I had wanted to go to Macy's and possibly Belk's. 

So, off we went about 2:30 and got home about 5:30. The day was a success. My receipt says I saved $652. Tommy went in for one thing for sure and maybe get something else. Well, 'something else' happened. I was amazed. 

At Belk's I had found and bought three of the Butterfly Meadow dishes several months ago. I could use more if on sale again. Tommy called and my first 'want' was not available. So, he asked about the second item, anything Butterfly Meadow on sale. There was nothing except full sets still in the box and on the shelf. A manager came by. The clerk had called him.

It turns out there were boxes in the back with partial sets. They were $40. I told Tommy to get them no matter what was in them. The manager helped to unpack it all and check for chips or places on the front of the plate where the back of the plate had scuffed it. 

So, this was a $90 purchase for the two boxes with 7 bowls, 8 dinner plates, and 4 accent plates. I always eat off the smaller accent plates. Because of something else happening and my not getting the 25% discount, the manager went ahead and gave me the 25% off, making the purchase $73 and change. 

This was a boon in more ways than one. I wanted to get the Butterfly Meadow plate with the Monarch Butterfly on it. So, I have that. The accent plate is perfect for a meal for me. Tommy could use it, too, but he uses his old, heavy Blue Willow plates. They are so heavy and he only has two or three left, just enough for a bachelor. 

But, then I discovered that the bowls are Butterfly Meadow Flutter (birds). Those have birds on them. Next, I discovered that the accent plates are Butterfly Meadow Bunny (bunnies). The three extra I bought after the initial set are Butterfly Hydrangea (pink hydrangea). The original set was Butterfly Meadow (butterflies). So, I have four different sets. They are all shaped the same, with a scalloped edge, same colors. I really don't care as they blend so well and are so cheap. 

Uh oh! Tommy just read that the bowls are rice bowls. I thought they were shaped like rice bowls. I bet I can eat cereal or whatever out of them. 

Tommy and the manager examined each dish for chips. Probably, the partial boxes had broken merchandise like the box I received. 

I doubt I will ever need 13 dinner plates. I may sell the seven extra dinner plates for $10 each and recoup all but $3 of my purchase. We will probably never break any dinner plates because we rarely use them.

If I could get 8 hours sleep each night, my life would be transformed. I am still not tired. We had the last of the pork loin for dinner. The next pork loin goes in with Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. I will freeze most of it. 

My back still hurts, but that needs surgery more than sleep. I can still tell that fibromyalgia is here and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But, at least it is not as bad as mixing it all with lack of sleep. And, I am now too tired to edit this any. A couple of paragraphs are woefully composed.

Edit: I forgot I have six snack plates that I bought on sale this summer. All this keeps us from using paper plates.

Was this a bargain or not???

Thanks, Macy's! Any bargains for you lately? 



  1. How neat to find and purchase the $40 boxes. I think you got a great deal and they are beautiful!

    1. Belinda,
      I thought Tommy might balk when I told him to buy them. Thanks. I love them.

  2. I love all the plates, but especially the one with the hummingbird. Good deal you got!

  3. Well, are you asking me, who loves, Loves, LOVES dishes if it was a bargain? YES!!! Trust me, if it was MY pattern at that price, I would have bought them all! I love Butterfly Meadow, but my Lenox pattern is Midnight Blossom. I'm using Pfaltzgraff "Yorktowne" right now though. (Thrift store find...$99 for service for 8 plus serving). I have 4 different every day patterns, and probably 6 formal China, and all but two (both Lenox) were bought at thrift shops. I also like Blue Willow, but, like Pfaltzgraff, it IS heavy, isn't it? I find so many complete sets in the thrift shops. I think it's because the younger adults don't want those pretty plates anymore. I'm told they eat off of paper, or like plain white, microwaveable plates. Ah well, more for me!

    1. Meg, those are pretty patterns you have. I don't go in thrift stores much anymore. You make me want to go in one or three. I wonder if young people will ever grow up and want pretty dishes or even wash dishes.

  4. I never knew that you could ask if they had partial sets. Great deals & beautiful plates Linda!

    1. Ms Goose.
      He did not ask. When the manager heard he wanted Butterfly Meadow, the manager volunteered, so Tommy called me and I told him to get both boxes. Thanks. I think they are beautiful and a wonderful deal. By the time I sell those 8 plates for $10 each, I will have extra money and dishes, too.

  5. Butterfly Meadow is so pretty, as are all the variations! You certainly got a whale of deal. I think your plan to keep what you want and sell the rest is a great idea.

    At 16 oz capacity, those "rice" bowls will be very versatile. I like their shape--they look like they would fit well in the hand.

    I have gotten no incredible deals like yours. I did just buy some autumn wreaths on sale from Kohl's for my front doors. If they last a season or two I will be satisfied.


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