Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Busy Day and BOGO Bargains

Tommy picked me up and we were off. I thought my new universal remote quit working or the new TV finally died. This is my third in a year.

This was the Tuesday free lunch that we pick up and take to the park and sit facing the lake to eat. Today, we had two hotdogs, really good slaw, baked beans and a bag of chips, and two cookies. I gave him my baked beans. We had water from home.

At the store where I had two rain checks, I found the Suddenly Salad stocked but so high that I had to get help to get five down for me. I showed a checker the other for Brussels Sprouts. She got five for me. Suddenly Salad was $2.29 marked down to $1. Sprouts were $2.09 marked down to $1.

When I was putting up the Brussels Sprouts when I got home, I discovered she gave me the baby Brussels Sprouts that are much more expensive and not on sale. I am not complaining.

Publix sales were going off, too, but I had nothing on sale that I needed. I did need bananas and got those. however, at any price I needed/wanted Miracle Whip. Lucky me, it was on sale bogo. So, for 5.99, I got two jars of MW. Then, I thought I would really stock up. I came home with four MW, plum tomatoes on sale, and strawberries on sale. I forgot the prices and I don't want to get up to find the receipt.

There was only one more little bit in the MW jar that would involve extensive scraping, but I forgot to put it back in the refrigerator. I was panicking about paying full price for MW.

Tommy left me at Office Max and went to WM and got a new universal remote. Since I had to wait my turn, he arrived at OM just after I finished my chores. We got home and I used a utility knife to slit the packaging, you know the kind only a gorilla could get into without a sharp tool. Well, Tommy was sitting there clicking the old remote that I thought was broken. I forgot that when the remote seems to quit to punch the button--TV. He did not forget+. I felt foolish. But, the new remote can be returned.

While in OM I had a photo that was in the paper in 1975 copied. It was a picture of my two older children and me with the baby inside me. So, all three are there. I was soooo skinny then even though I was pregnant, not showing. I lost the dongle to my wireless mouse, so I got another wireless mouse to keep my hand and arm from hurting. Plus, it is so difficult to copy and paste with the pad on the computer.

At Walgreen I had bought a face cream that I obviously am allergic to. I got that price back on a gift card.

We had fresh squash, Brussels Sprouts, and tomatoes for dinner. Tommy said it was really good. Then when he finished he said it would have been better with a protein. YEAH! Sorry, I did not get protein thawed. I suppose I could have opened a can of chicken, but I did not think.

Today, I got a perfect and extensive back rub, so life is good.  The harangue from my neighbor is still making very exhausted. Neighbor ripped the picture I had copied, and I still cannot find the text of the article with the picture.

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