Monday, July 15, 2019


After the problems Tommy has had with his extremely low blood sugar, I begged him to go to his doctor. He had an appointment for today for a regular checkup with doctor who manages his diabetes. Tommy told him about talking to a friend who said he was talking crazy and making no sense, so called for a welfare check numerous times.

Tommy takes an insulin shot morning and night and a pill morning and night. The doctor took him off the evening pill. Hopefully, this works. I call him several times a day to check on him, but I don't tell him why or what I am doing.

The trash my friend put in a new bag was full and very heavy. I was suspicious and went through the trash. Yuck! Not only did I get the wide-mouthed pint Ball jar out, but I found other things. I had a 5lb bag of oyster shell sitting on a far counter, away from where I cook. He asked what it was and told me I no longer had chickens. I pointed out I would again and wanted to keep the bag, not to throw it away. It was in the trash!  It cost about $8.

I need bananas so I will have one in the morning. Maybe I will go to Publix to get some. Maybe I won't.

This morning, I thought I had forgotten to pay a bill. I yanked on clothes and combed my hair. This is the only bill I pay with cash or use  a debit card instead of paying over phone or internet. I was explaining to her how I had been sick and forgot. She said I had come in on July 2, and paid it. I suppose it is better to forget I had made a payment than forget to make a payment. I broke out in a cold sweat when I thought I had to pay a late charge.

I can barely keep my hees open.


  1. Much better to have forgotten you have paid than to have forgotten to pay.

    1. Anne,
      Oh, so much better! I was mad at me about the late charge.

  2. I did that with the mortgage and had a panic attack.

  3. Yes, I think it's better "to forget you had made a payment than forget to make a payment."

    Take Care

    All the best Jan


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