Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Groceries and Gas and Ear

There were no bananas for me and no peanut butter for Tommy. So, I struggled to get dressed and went to grocery. I got both items and a few more. The new ad was out today. 

5 bananas 

peanut butter

3 24-packs Pepsi b2g1

3 8-packs small Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free b2g1

2 bottles Bertoli spaghetti sauce 2/$4

2 Honey Nut Cheerio bogo 

Northern Bath Tissue--36 count

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream  bogo but I bought only one. It was not very good. I forgot I bought this because it was in the freezer.


Tommy filled the gas tank Friday because it was time. I hope that when it is time for more gas that we can find it without sitting in line for hours like we see on TV. Has anyone seen a shortage of gas or long lines?

Tuesday, I had a tele talk with nurse practitioner and got a prescription and another refilled. I have a slight temp, just enough to make me miserable. There are no other symptoms except the side of my head feels funny.  Thankfully, there is no more loud tinnitus.  I MUST get the chicken in the oven tonight! 

That's it! I am off for a nap. I told Tommy he was going to have to help me get dinner ready tonight. 


  1. We don't seem to be impacted by the gas issue-people are just plain jerks to screw with infrastructure. It's the poor, the elderly, the people that can't readily go out and about that are always hurt.

    1. SAM,
      The shortage is in the SE because that is where the tanks are located. I read that in one state something like 78% of the gas stations had to close because of no gas. I really hate people have problems. We won't for at least two weeks. hopefully, the problem will be fixed by then. This incident shows just how fragile life can be when enemies do not have to fire a shot in order to bring us to our knees, crippling everyday activities.

  2. no gas shortage here last time I looked.
    Perhaps the west gets their gas from elsewhere.

    1. Urspo,
      Correct. This is just the South and East problem.


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