Thursday, May 6, 2021

Groceries This Week

 We made a quick trip out to pay a bill, get gas, and buy groceries. 

bread at bread store 2 loaves @ $1.19/each

deli fried chicken breast $2.69

grape tomatoes $2

Greek pasta salad $2.20

5 bananas $1.26

red delicious apple $1.13

broccoli $2.50

2 gal distilled water each $1.29

Diet Cokes Caffeine Free $6.19

Total was $20.82

Part of this was lunch in the park. We shared the chicken breast because they are huge. I bought the least package of Greek pasta salad. It was full of spinach, feta, and olive oil with the penne pasta. We shared that, too. I bought the tomatoes for the salad and for home. We drank water we had with us. We both figured this all healthier than fast food places and cheaper. I never eat the skin or breading. 

This was my day. I really must wash my hair this evening! 

Dinner will be the rest of the baked chicken breast, broccoli, tomatoes, and cheese in a casserole. 

Yesterday, I upped my exercise a bit and did two minutes twice and one minute after that.  I am incredibly tired and my heart is doing flip flops. I have no intentions of sitting or lying down, necessarily. But, dinner will be easy and I can wash my hair and exercise. 

Yesterday, some places in Birmingham received over 7" of rain. One city in the area had 9"!  It seemed we had torrents all day, but not so heavy. The lightning was truly frightening at times! 

If you are in this area, how much rain did you get? What are your plans for Mother's Day?


  1. I did not measure our rain but I am guessing by all the flooding right around me we probably had 5 -6inches at least. The creek at Mom's was out of the banks by 2 and we have about 5 other very heavy rains after that. Evidently shortly after TheHub got home the creek on our main access road flooded and was impassible for a bit.

    1. Anne,
      I saw on the weather report that it rained more heavily down your way. There were no reports of the rain here, but I cannot imagine getting any more. I am glad he made it home before the road was impassible. It was amazing how the rain came in waves.

  2. I think we received about 4 inches of rain in our area, though our new rain gauge is not as good as our old one. Lesson learned: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    I think it is great that you have gone from 30 seconds of exercise to 5 minutes in such a relatively short time.

    At the bread store I frequent, we buy Nature’s Own Butterbread for 79 cents a loaf. I get 3 or 4 loaves at a time and put them in the freezer.

    1. rhymes,
      I imagine we got about 4 inches.

      I was surprised it got so much easier. Now, I will up it again.

      I buy Nature's Own Honey Wheat. I love it. Butter b
      Bread is good too. I no longer have room in my freezer!

  3. Not so much in the last day or two, but Monday into Tuesday we had five inches in south central Kentucky.

    No special plans for mother's day. My mother has been gone three years now. I see my daughter about five days a week, and hopefully my son will make his usual 'surprise' appearance.

    1. Alice,
      That is a lot of rain! After a reprieve we will have a rainy week, hopefully not so much.

      My mother died almost 30 years ago, so this day is still bittersweet for me. Tommy is going to get me what I want!

  4. It rarely rains here. Our YEARLY average is less than 14” we will not get that much this year I remember visiting a cousin in the Gulf area. We were there a week and she never had to dust. The rain & grass kept dusting at a minimum. Here it is always dusty

    1. Janet,
      We average 60" each year. Right now, we are still dealing with pollen, so it is our "dust" right now.


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