Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sleep, Dinner, Neutrogena, File Cabinet, Sugar, Heat

 It unbelievable that I slept well two nights in a row. This afternoon, I lay down because I was tired and my back hurt. I told Tommy to get me up in two hours if I went to sleep. I don't remember lying down, but I awoke feeling okay, only to discover I had slept less than thirty minutes. I lay there for another hour just to rest. 

When I lay down, all of a sudden the wind picked up and the rain was horrendous. Later, I saw little tufts of leaves were all over the yard from Tommy's huge maple in the back yard. 

I think the lack of reading has been affecting me in many ways. I am only reading about 4-10 pages since I can work through tiredness and read until dawn. Or, at least that is what I have done in the past. So, Now, I know what I have to do. I have gathered together books to spur me on.  

I made a big mistake in only getting one package of the bscb priced at $1.99/lb.! Next time, I will get at least 5 packages. 

My a2milk was 3 half-gallons for $10. Since that price goes off today, I got 6 half-gallons. The last time I bought milk at this price, it actually lasted until now. When Tommy put them away, he said I have four half-gallons from a previous shopping trip. That makes ten half-gallons! Yikes. I need to drink milk and lots of it. Since I was ill, I did not drink much milk. But, this brand lasts two or three weeks past its best buy date. 

We are having baked chicken tonight. Tommy will have the rest of the bell peppers/onions/zucchini I made last night and the leftover English peas. I will have a salad of diced tomatoes/basil/feta cheese with a drizzle of dressing. This means all leftovers will be finished. I don't count the salad greens or blueberries as leftovers. There is nothing cooked, prepared, or mixed to be eaten. Okay, I figured out we have another small helping of potatoes and green peas. So, there is that. 

The baked chicken will last for three more days but I will have to prepare vegetables. I have two pounds of carrots, tomatoes, and frozen vegetables. I have spent all my allotted grocery money, but if a really good deal comes along between now and next Monday, I will break down and buy. There are enough fresh vegetables and fruit and frozen vegetables. We won't suffer for balanced meals. 

Tuesday was spent in cleaning up a mess of papers and other stuff. It wore me out and looks no better as it seems the mess just was moved to another place! I need a file cabinet, so searching for that on Wednesday. In my file cabinet I used one drawer for office supplies. I did have things organized on a six-foot table where my computer and printer were located, but moved them to the file cabinet when I had a laptop and smaller printer. Here, with no drawers or closets to call my own, things are just stacked out in the open....sigh. 

Did you have any of the Neutrogena sunscreen that had benzene it it? There is a recall.  I have two containers to turn in for a refund. 

All these hummingbirds are certainly sucking up the nectar! I have had a wide-mouth quart jar full of sugar for ages. Now, I am going to have to buy more sugar. I use about a teaspoon every two days or so, and now I am using it by the half-cup. I need more feeders and really cannot afford more! 

Today, the temperature in the shade felt like 103 according to the weather man. That is hot. How hot is it at your town?


  1. I had to buy another 10 lbs of sugar my last shopping trip. I really use it up during the summer months, making hummingbird nectar.

    1. One,
      I specifically thought about your saying you had to refill yours often and wondered how much you used.

    2. I go through about 4 cups of nectar a week....and 2 tsp a day in my coffee, LOL.

  2. it is about 40C (104F) which is common but we are having humidity with it which makes it unbearable


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