Sunday, September 19, 2021

Tommy Amuses Me--Grocery Shopping

 Tommy has never been a coupon or ad user. But, he has changed. 

When I got the pink plastic bag of ads I would go through the coupons and cut them all out. One day, I asked him if he minded doing the cutting. He leapt at the chance. Then, after that he eagerly sought the bag of coupons after I had taken them out, giving them a cursory glance. He knew we were mailing them to my friend who is in charge of the food bank at her church. 

Well, those pink bags never come anymore. 

One day several months ago, I was not feeling well. I asked him if he look for a certain ad I thought I had seen. At some point I asked him to look in the ads and circle what was there that I always bought or looked like something I wanted and just anything he might want me to buy. He never circled anything he wanted. 

That all changed. 

I was going to the store on Saturday and had him look for items, same ones--things I bought, things he thought I might want, and anything he saw that he might want. Later, I looked at the ad. He had circled Brownie Bites from the deli/bakery, packages of Doritos/Fritos. He had circled an ad for Fritos Party Sized Snacks, Pepsi cartons, Cheerios. I never eat any of those except for chocolate! I thought this was highly unusual. It turns out he wanted something for the Auburn game on Saturday. I always ask and he never wants anything for the game! 

On Saturday, I did not want to go in Publix. 

He was very accommodating as he usually is and went in. When he came out, he had lots of stuff. I noted a huge bag of popcorn and commented that he still had microwave popcorn. He said he wanted it for the Auburn game that evening. Of course, I don't care. I always tell him exactly what to buy and anything he sees that looks good. Well, for once he added something! Oh, yes, he got the bogo Cheerios. I had gotten the b2g1 Pepsi the day before.

He has become very invested in coupons and bogo ads at Publix. I have never fussed about what he buys. And, since March 2020 he has not gone into a store until this last two months. I always asked him what he wanted me to get and to call me in the store if he thought of anything. 

Do you have someone who really gets into coupons or shopping or buying things not on a list? 

I smile inwardly just thinking about this.


  1. Replies
    1. Lisa,
      So do I. Having a coupon, which I usually don't, helps even more.

  2. We don't have coupons in Australia. We used to get a letterbox full of brochures every week. I guess that's close to twenty years ago, now I think of it. I used to go through and figure out what specials I wanted to buy. These days I get a weekly email but i don't read it because I'm not shopping.
    In general we shop off list A LOT. My daughter came home with five punnets of stawberries last week because they were so well priced.

    Tommy is learning stuff and I thinkhis life is being enriched. It's wonderful

    1. kylie,
      I cannot imagine a life with no coupons. There are times the ads are not so good. I am glad your daughter is learning early to buy good bargains. I hope he is learning! I do his life is better.

  3. As I wrote today, I am not one to use coupons.
    I would have been interested to read of Tommy's use of them.

    1. Urspo,
      He didn't use coupons this time. but, he has. If he uses coupons, I am not present to witness it. But, he does not mind using coupons. I often see men with a handful of coupons, using them at the grocery store.

  4. I think it is great that Tommy is learning to save money!

    1. Kim,
      He knew how to save money--just spend nothing! Now, he is learning to save money and eat well!

  5. I think before when you would ask him if there was anything that he wanted, maybe he just wasn't creative enough to come up with an idea on the spur of the moment. Now that he's accustomed to looking at ads and such, he has a better idea of what is available.

    I know that we are an anomaly, but my husband does almost all of the shopping for our household. The first several years we were together, he probably went grocery shopping every day (M-F anyway) and just bought whatever looked good. We have been trying to do better and do a bit of meal planning this year, so there is usually only one trip per week.


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