Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Haircut Day

 Now, our only job is to clean out the living room so the recliners can be put in here. I suppose the guys will take away the old recliners. Hope so. The rest is piled and cluttered, a mess. 

I called and finally found someone who would prescribe the lift for a recliner! And, medicare won't reimburse La Z Boy because they are too expensive. I have to get it from a medical supply for help. When I told Tommy, he said he was not going to all that trouble to save $250. Well, we are going to look and test. 

For two years I have asked at various places that sell equipment for the handicapped/disabled where I could get a recliner/lift through medicare. Not one person would tell me, claiming they did not know of any place! I have been told I could not sit in one to try it out, just order it. Not true! I will see if anyone has what they call a "zero gravity" chair, one that raises my feet above my heart, is minus that head pillow, and that the seat is deeper. 

Finally, today, Tommy let me cut his hair. I must have cut five or more inches off. We both have trouble getting through the carport to the back yard, so we do everything in front of the house. It looks tacky, like we are yahoos, but it is the only thing we can do without pain and maybe falling. I sort of got it to short and crooked on the back on one side. Just don't look there. I look over at him and I am amazed. 

When we were in the front yard, he exclaimed he could feel the sun on his neck and ears. I told him the sun was shining. He said his neck and ears had been covered for so long. He was amazed that he could feel the sun. I laughed. 

He washed a load of clothes for me, separating the things I hang into three bags--nightgowns, panties, and the white sheet of crepe back satin I use in the car. Usually, he just stuffs things in willy nilly. Of course, then he went back for the things he dried--my towels and washcloths. I cannot believe he has become so organized, something I did not ever expect. I just hang them up however he brings things in. 

He does not want me to wash his clothes or to mingle He puts everything he needs to wash in one load every two weeks. So, he does and I don't argue. 

This fall, I intend to buy something upon which to hang clothing in a bedroom and just dry my towels and washcloths on there, too. That way, he does not have to stand in the weather to sort things for the dryer and then go back in the weather again. Also, I won't have to hang things on the door facings in the hall. I am tired of it! Tired! 

Last night, I asked Tommy was he going to get rid of the love seat I sit on. He said he  might as well. This is one of those very cheapo pieces of furniture and over 20 years old, broken down and nasty. His last girlfriend gave it to him when she moved because she could not get it on the truck. Her dog used it as she pleased, and Tommy has smoke in here until I came here. It is just nasty to me even though it still looks pretty good. 

He said he really hates there will be no other place for a person to sit when we get rid of his recliner, the one he refused to let me use, and the love seat. Well, no one else can sit in her anyway. He does not know it, but I am going to a consignment shop to find chairs. I like movable chairs instead of massive ones not meant to be moved about. This won't be my idea of a stylish makeover, but anything is better than it is now. baby steps baby steps

We went out today so I could get bananas and milk at Publix. At The Pig I found mixes for $0.48, two pumpkin spice cupcake mixes and a apple cider cupcake mix. Since I don't have cupcake papers and don't want to wash the pan, I just put the mixes in the pan and make a sort of cake in a tiny rectangular glass pan. It works. For the apple cider mix, I will chop two apples of some sort. 

Since I need to cook dinner, I think I will let Tommy clean the razor with oil and a tiny brush. Dinner will be Stovetop Stuffing with three small breasts in it, very meat-rich. I will put in the chicken, low sodium mushroom soup, egg, celery, dried cranberries or Craisins, and green beans. There are other vegetables to cook, maybe sweet potatoes. But, the sweet potatoes will not go in the Stovetop mixture. I am going to cook the breasts and celery together with sage. My mouth is watering. This plan may change right now because I am soo tired.


  1. Did you ask when you were arranging for delivery of the new chairs if the delivery people would take the old ones away? I don't think furniture stores will do this, at least none that I know of will.

    1. Frances,
      I did not ask but Tommy is going to call tomorrow. I think they will be easy to get rid of anyway. I was soooo tired when we left.

  2. If you put the old ones out on the street at the curb, someone will probably take them.

  3. Many places have stopped hauling used/old upholstered furniture away because of the possibility of bedbugs infesting the new furniture that goes on the truck. Our community has a haul away for discarded furniture if we call a certain number and have it done. But I believe some furniture companies will haul away the furniture that you are done with, but they charge a fee from what I have seen.

    1. susie,
      I saw old furniture next to a nice furniture store truck in the back of the store. But, I can see not carrying old furniture on a truck with new furniture.

  4. Myst companies will not take away your old, so check first.

    1. KIM,
      Tommy called just now but did not ask. So, I am waiting for a call back about his question.

  5. Lazyboy may charge a disposal fee--it would be well worth it to have them (and the loveseat!) taken away so you and Tommy don't have to struggle with them. Or you might just be able to slip the delivery guys a $20 and have them haul them to your curb. Does your town have a "bulky waste" pickup day?
    Your Stovetop casserole sounds delicious!! Do you have a recipe? Because I would love to make it. I am not good at guessing amounts, though...


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