Monday, January 17, 2022

Better Night

 I awoke at 1 pm after a better night. I still was not able to go to sleep until 5 am, but I did sleep better. 

I awoke to a voice mail--the recliners are in! So, my whole focus will be getting someone to help me get this stuff out of the way so it will fit. Then, we will have two recliners to join the loveseat on the lawn! 

Yesterday, Tommy just sat when I said we needed to unload the dishwasher, and the few other things that needed to be done. So, I was pushed to around 7 pm, losing hope and energy. He had leftovers again, something different every day, it seems. Now, the day I wanted to finally get all the Christmas put away, I have to think about yesterday's work and getting the recliners delivered. sigh sigh

Okay, two days in the 30s is a temp I find cold. On days like this, I would consider wearing socks and shoes outdoors. 

Okay, I must think and plan. So, stay warm if it is cold where you are. 

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