Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Monday--Rough Day and Bird Watching

 This is why I drink a2milk. I had a bit of ice cream Monday morning and spent the day in agony. When I was not screaming in agony from cramps, I was so weak from loss of electrolytes. 

We left three times to go to Publix about a mile from here. The first time, we made it to the parking lot. The next time, not as far. The third time, we only got a bit down the main road and came home to stay. After that, I gave up and had to take a nap. Tommy took it all in stride, not complaining. 

Even after I awoke, I was weak and still am. This is slowing down the kitchen shelf project. Tonight, we will put a few more items on the shelves, mainly refilling Tommy's coffee and tea shelf. 

I now have another appointment with the missionaries. We cannot put shelf paper on any but the bottom shelves. And, I do a crummy job because of my shoulders and hands! 

The view from my chair out the front door is beautiful. I have four shepherd's crooks with double hooks and something on every hook. Still no hummingbirds after the first. 

Since all the fuss about Downton Abbey, we watched the movie  Monday night. It was so boring.  There were hints of so many assignations, more boring events. 

Monday was a beautiful warm day and I loved it. Since I put flowers in front of the door on the hooks, birds come daily and sit around. Before this year, birds did not come. One couple is intriguing, Eastern Phoebe. It looks up continually at the porch ceiling, looking for a nest sight. The only trim is a ledge about 3/4 inch wide, not enough for a nest. But, who knows what it will attempt. We are watching the porch light to make sure a family does not end up there. 

As I was watching the little bird, it shook its head wildly with its mouth open and appeared to "cough" out a bug. It was a huge bug, at least compared to the size of the bird. I now wonder why the bird got rid of the bug. 

Tuesday, I have a 7:40 am phone appointment with my allergist. The doctor starts even earlier than that. Then, at 11 am, I have to go see about my phone purchase. We must go to Publix as the milk price rises after Tuesday. We have another chore after that. At least it will be hot and dry. I really hate it that some people do suffer without ac! A rain shower for my pots of flowers would be lovely. 

So, it's Monday now, and I am up way too early. Who ever heard of a doctor's appointment at 7:40? Not me.


  1. So why not just keep a box of Lactaid tablets around for when you want dairy? They are likely more cost effective than $10 a gallon milk, too.

    1. Lana,
      Because I am not lactose intolerant. Lactaid would not help one bit. I am allergic to a1 protein found in mammal products. I also am not allergic to milk. I know. It is complicated. As a baby and young child, I would not let meat come into my mouth. So, this has been going on all my life.

    2. So if you eliminate all of those proteins from your diet do you feel better?

    3. Lana,
      It is just the a1 protein in mammal products. I don't suffer in extreme pain.

    4. Coming from America's Dairyland, I did some research. This stuff is fascinating to me! Here's what I learned:

      A1 and A2 are beta-caseine milk proteins. A1 and A2 milk is sourced from different breeds of cows. It is the difference in the genetic code of the cow on its 6th chromosome that causes the difference in the beta casein structure of the milk it produces.

      (All human milk is A2, so it is recognized by the body and properly digested - unlike A1 protein, which the body sees as a toxin and reacts to with digestive upset.)

      For most of history, scientists believe that cows produced only A2 milk. But around 5,000-10,000 years ago, a mutation in the beta casein gene seems to have given rise to the A1 allele.

      A1 milk comes mainly from cow breeds originating from Northern Europe. These cow breeds include Ayrshire, British Shorthorn, Holstein, and Fresian. What they all have in common is their milk which contains the A1 beta-casein protein.

      A2 milk comes mainly from Charolais, Guernsey, Jersey, and Limousin cow breeds.

      There is much discussion about whether A1 or A2 is better for human consumption. No definitive proof currently exists.

      I can tolerate any kind of milk, so I'm not an A2 customer. Personally, I think my A1 tolerance stems from my Northern European heritage, as so many generations of my ancestors drank A1 milk.

    5. Sue,
      At some point in the past, I have read all this, but I am glad you reminded us all. I believe A2 is better for me, hence my preference for a2milk. My heritage is Scots-Irish and Ukraine, as far as I know. Thanks for the research. I am glad you do not have a problem with any kind of milk. You are lucky. You would not want the agony I have gone through.

    6. It is so interesting! And it's important for folks to know that A1/A2 milk has NOTHING to do with lactose intolerance. They are completely different things!

    7. PS: Your body treats A1 as a toxin, so A2 is the only choice for you! As for ice cream, you might have to make your own with A2 milk or choose a non-dairy variety. Yes, I feel fortunate to have a cast-iron digestive system!

    8. People jump to the conclusion I am lactose intolerant or allergic to milk because they are not aware of the protein issue.

  2. My Mother used to crave ice cream ...every time she had one cone she would throw up. Maybe this was her problem. We used to talk to her and ask her was it worth it. Poor thing. She was also allergic to chocolate.
    Gosh the things we take for granted.

    1. Vickie,
      Poor thing! At least I don't throw up. I cannot imagine my life without chocolate. I was hoping I would not be allergic to bananas or chocolate. I was shocked when I was allergic to mammal products.

  3. If you have the opportunity to watch the Downton Abbey series in it's entirety you will feel differently. You may be able to find it on line, at your library or through your local PBS station. The story is good, the acting is above board and the costumes are beautiful. Watching the story of the Royal visit would leave one very confused.

    A couple of years ago my daughter, sister and I were able to visit a gallery showing of the actual costumes from the series. I enjoyed it very much.

    1. It was confusing and boring. Maybe the series is better. I will look.


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