Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Decluttering, Feeling Puny, Spaghetti

 There has been no rain in three weeks. Last week, we had 0.003 of an inch of rain. Or, was it 0.03 of an inch. Either way, that is not a lot of rain. Combined with the leaves falling and something growing to which I am allergic, I am fighting a battle to the end of the month! Humidity is 29%, just the way I like it whether hot or cold. 

The first time I was ever ill the whole month of October, I had just gone back to school, taking a heavy load. I failed one class and dropped another. The class I failed was a humanities participation class, 1 hour! Other students asked me how I failed that class. Easy! You don't ever show up. These were lecture, dance, theatre, and always on Friday night. I went to class on Tuesday and Thursday that semester, plus one class on one Saturday, and a Sunday class. Going on Friday was just something I could not handle. So, I failed. I was beyond annoyed at my state of health. Every year since then, 30 years ago, I have been ill every October. 

Ground beef is now $3.99/lb. and boneless skinless chicken breast is $2.99, prices I have not seen so low in almost a year. Hopefully, this will be a trend, lower meat prices. 

I had a coupon for a free loaf of bread. There was a bogo sale for the same bread. So, I should have been able to use the free coupon to "purchase" one loaf and get another free. I explained all this to Tommy when he went in to get it. But, did he get that deal. No, he gave up a coupon AND paid for a loaf of bread. If the coupon could not be used that way, I could have saved it until bread was not bogo. Did he do that? No! So, I have to go back and get some sort of satisfaction. He wasted a coupon. 

We took four little plastic grocery bags with things in them to the Thrift store and put them in the donations. Tommy insists that t-shirts should go in the trash here at the house. Finally, he said they had to go for donations even though these are old and will bring money. He wants to drop all old electronics into the garbage in front of the house. I really don't understand his thinking. But, three small bags are gone from the house. 

I have had a 42 ounce can of pimiento waiting to open and share with my neighbor for over a year. I finally did that, so one can and clutter off the counter in the kitchen. We took it to her on the trip to grocery and thrift store. There were seven people/cars waiting at the pharmacy drive-through, so we will do that another day. 

I am struggling to stay well. But, in a few minutes, I will wander into the kitchen where he is cooking ground beef for spaghetti. I will add caramelized onion, garlic, and olive oil to the jar of pasta. We can have a salad. 

On Monday, when I awoke feeling on top of the world, I looked for otc meds I keep in a bin in my bedroom. I try to never let my otc meds run out. Since I struggled to find dental floss in the store about 18 months ago, I had bought a box of six from Amazon. And, where was it now? So, I uncovered my favorite dental floss, Glide Pro-Health Original. I have no idea if the shelves are stocked with what I need, but my bin is stocked. If there is any on the shelf, it is probably higher than the price I paid last year.


  1. Glad to hear you are feeling better. The coupon for the bread, I get it but most store clerks would not. Tommy would have needed to get a manager to come approve the two free loafs. You and I would have done it but most fellows would not go to the trouble or fuss.

    I would have held onto those Tshirts. I cut them up and put them in my cleaning drawer. They are good for dusting, cleaning the ceiling fans, wiping down the baths and kitchen after a good cleaning. Throw them in the wash and you have them there the next time.

    I just ordered Dove soap and Mitchum deodorant from Amazon. It was the best deal I could find. Walmart, the drugstores were all so high. I was shocked when I ran out of those things. The price had gone so high. Of couse, I am one of those that buy in bulk when I see the best price. I have a good stock of those things, plus shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, tooth brushes and mouthwash. If I die tomorrow my son and family will be set for a good while. LOL

    When you make spaghetti with meat sauce do you freeze some for other meals. I like to do that along with soups and chili. Just easy meals when you don't feel like cooking. I have found that I even like chili served over spaghetti, just add some fresh onion and cheese. I think they call it Cincinnati chili.

    Stay well and get your shots as soon as you can!!

    1. Texas,
      When he was in the car afterwards, I explained to him that he gave up a coupon and still got the bogo deal. I will go back when I feel like it.
      These are event t-shirts! I won't be cutting them. I still will sell them. I have lots of his old ones, white ones, to cut up.
      I do buy lots of anything like that when I find it on sale and with a coupon. When my son visited with his family, I offered them toothpaste and toothbrushes. When I explained they were free on sale and with a coupon, the did take some. I have furnished three children, sil, dil, and four children with toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant, and other stuff like that. When I die, I hope Tommy uses this stuff.
      I stored the sauce still in the jar, the meat separately, the leftover pasta separately. Tommy will probably eat the meat in a wrap with swiss cheese. I will eat the pasta with olive oil and parmesan. There will be the sauce left for another meal or spaghetti again. Maybe I will freeze it.
      I have never heard of chili over spaghetti! Tommy said he would not eat it that

  2. Prices sure do vary per region. This week ground beef is and chicken breast are 1.99/lb. here.
    I understand the reasoning on your coupon, most cashiers would not. Many of our stores no longer combine offers or coupons here. It has changed a lot over the past couple years.
    Chili over spaghetti would basically like serving chili with macaroni in it. I have made it that way and sometimes without. I do often serve over pasta - like chili mac.
    Feel better.

    1. Cheryl,
      Maybe those prices will drift here. I have not seen bscb for that prices in months.
      They still stack coupons here, so not sure why this happened.
      I don't eat chili with macaroni in it. It sounds gross. Actually, chili with no beans over a hotdog is the only chili I eat.

  3. I am glad you are feeling a bit better now. Chili two ways -- chili over spaghetti. Good stuff on these cooler days. I have my ingredients to make my Chili 2 ways here at home for that first wet, windy, cold day.
    I learned a good hint about making chili from a lady I worked with when I was first married, about 48 years ago. She was a really good cook. Make your own chili, and then add a roll of one of the good store chili's and mix them together. The seasonings from the roll of store bought chili add a good full flavor to the burger based chili that I just make myself. I've done it that way every time I've made chili since way back then. Sometimes I just eat plain chili, but usually, I put it over spaghetti for chili two ways. I still put crackers in my bowl even with the spaghetti, just because I like it that way. I would skip the onions on top, but I know you enjoy them on yours. It;s a good thing we all like different things. The spice of life.
    Have a wonderful day! Keep feeling better!

    1. susie,
      That is a good hint if I ever made chili. A roll of chili? Never heard of that.
      I have seen people crumble crackers over their chili, but don't eat chili. I do not put onions on chili. Last night, I added caramelized onions to the jar of spaghetti.
      I awoke this Thursday unable to breathe and started sucking on my inhaler! But, otherwise, I feel much better.

    2. I have never heard of a "roll" of chili, either! What ingredients are in a roll of chili, susie? Are they sold frozen?

    3. So I looked it up myself and found frozen Beef Chili and Chili with Beans, in a plastic roll (or chub) just like sausage is sold. Fascinating! Must be a regional food 'cuz it is not available in my region! LOL.

    4. Sue,
      I have never seen chili chub, either. But, I would probably not be interested. Good to know.

  4. To be honest, I don't think that a loaf of free bread qualifies for a BOGO. You didn't pay for that loaf of bread, you got it free. Since you did not "buy one" you can't "get one".

    If Tommy did not come home with 3 loaves of bread. I think the most you can do is get that free coupon back. Now THAT I would insist on; they shouldn't have taken the coupon if he did the BOGO.

    Glad you're feeling well (feisty) enough to argue about bread! LOL!

    This household gets 6 free toothbrushes and 6 travel toothpastes from the dentist every year--and we all use electronic toothbrushes! I donate them to food drives and shelters.

  5. Sue,
    I "buy" the first loaf with the coupon. The store gets that money back from the manufacturer. Then, the next loaf is free! Otherwise, the store is collecting money for that coupon that they gave no value to me.

    He should have thought it through and brought the coupon back to me! Yep! But, I won't argue. I will explain it to them. Well, there are two people who will get it.

    Donating is a good use for free toothbrushes. I definitely use mine.

  6. Um, no-- the manufacturer gave you a free loaf of bread. You bought nothing.

    Think of it this way: if the store is having a BOGO on Honeybutt Bread and a rep from Honeybutt Bread was there handing out free loaves as a promotion, you couldn't take that free loaf to the cashier and say, "Here--I have one loaf so I get another free!" You have to actually give cash for the first loaf to get another. And a coupon is not cash--it has cash *value* between the mfr. and the store, but it has no cash value for you.

    1. Sue,
      It has worked this way before. So, the store got cash from me for the bread. The store also got cash from the manufacturer for the other loaf. And, the store got cash for my coupon without giving me anything in return. Maybe someone should tell stores who have always stacked coupons like this before.


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