Friday, October 7, 2022

Following the Drama, 424 % Increase

 About 4 pm yesterday, a couple missed their dog. Finally, they found it was in a storm drain in a pipe.  Tiger Lily is 14-yrs-old. Finally, at 11 pm the dog was freed from the 18-inch pipe. I was so stressed and shed a few tears. The news today covered the rescue and recovery. I was really afraid the dog might be so stressed physically that she would die. Another blogger was much closer to the action.

Another blogger had a comment that all the cough drops in Walmart in another city were sold out. There were no cough drops in the whole store. Well, I depend on Halls Mentholyptus to keep me well and get me well. I use them to keep sinuses clear when suffering from allergies. On Wednesday night, I told Tommy that we would not come home today until I found them and bought them. 

Publix was out of the kind I wanted but had plenty of everything else. Next, we went to CVS in the same parking lot. There, I bought two packages just to be sure I had plenty. The price has gone up and the number of drops has drastically dropped! 

Before--$0.98 Now--$3.19

Before--40 in bag Now--30 in bag

Before--2.5 cents each Now--10.6 cents each

Increase in price from Before to Now-- 424% !!!

Read that last again. It is astounding. 

Now, I wonder if the size/weight of the cough drop is less. 

Maybe the exorbitant price jump is because I bought the Halls at CVS. I have no idea. 

Maybe the problem is that I bought the bags of Halls Mentholyptus cough drops. Maybe another store would be not so expensive. 

The person who commented said she had to throw away her stash because the drops had become sticky. Sticky is not a real problem other than the fact the paper wrapper will not come off. Bummer when that happens. 

I got sick of the last five cough drops in a bag being ruined the next fall when I needed them. Sometimes it was 20 cough drops I had to toss. No, it is impossible to get the paper off. Once, I was desperate and put the sticky drop with residue of paper in my mouth and kept taking it out to pick bits of paper out of my mouth and off the drop! Early the next day, I did go out and buy more. 

Now, I take the whole unopened bag and stuff it into a quart Ball canning jar with a used canning lid and ring. The plastic lids are not air-tight or waterproof. Dropping in an oxygen absorber might work, too. No, that would dry them out too much. Two bags will fit into a quart jar. Now that there are fewer drops, three bags might fit.

Tommy worked so much today; I was worrying about wearing him out. He watered, carried in three cases of 24-pack water, repotted my yellow pansy into the bunny planter, peeled the last two carrots and the rest of the potatoes, moved all the dishes from left hand side of sink so I could wash color from my hair, put all dirty utensils on a pan for me over the dishwasher, emptied garbage twice into outdoor can, dragged the outdoor can to the road, and other stuff I cannot remember. It seemed he was up and busy all day. Some of these chores I had told him days ago I wanted him to do them, but he decided to do them all today. 

Planting the pansies was something I planned to do until I have been so ill. I do not need the air, pollen, the dust, anything to make me sick again. I told him why I needed him to do the 

I sort of slept well last night and slept for almost 7 hours. I awoke in dire need of the inhaler and other meds and have overcome the desire for a nap all day. 

Wednesday was a day of deep blue skies and fluffy clouds. Thursday was very pleasant, around 80 and low humidity. I could handle many days like this. Trees are starting to shed a few leaves. Some are turning a paler shade of green, almost imperceptible. 

Thursday night, I baked two bscb, two carrots, and a puny bit of potatoes. The reason I baked only two bscb is because that is what was in the package I thawed. Tommy had zucchini with his meal. We have as leftovers--1 bscb, two tiny pieces of potato, squash, and zucchini. 

Does the Autumn air affect your breathing, asthma, or allergies? 

Have you had a hard time finding cough drops? Have you ever had cough drops get sticky? 


  1. I can't remember the last time I used a cough drop. Wonder why the stores are out of them. Maybe you can find some online and order a supply to stock up.

    1. One,
      I never use one for a cough. I use the Halls mentholyptus for my sinuses. I did get two bags, so that should suffice for a bit. But, I will try to find them cheaper in the meantime.

  2. Poor Tiger Lily! Stories about animals in peril make my stomach churn. Like the cat that was huddled on an AC unit in the hurricane while 4 feet of stormwater raged around her? Made me sick. I'm so grateful the guy rescued her but I was just a mess that she was inches away from drowning.

    I know it's irrational, but I feel like animals and children should always be safe and happy and never in terror. In a perfect world...

    Cough drops always end up getting sticky. It's just how they age, I guess. I cannot tolerate menthol cough drops whatsoever--they are just so foul! I don't know of any local cough drop shortage, but then I'm rarely in the market.

    New England weather yesterday and today has been just gorgeous. Sunny, low-to-mid 70's. Perfect warm fall days. But it's supposed to drop to the 60's next week. So I think I may sit in the sun for a few minutes and soak up all this loveliness while it's here. The birds are just trilling up a storm at my feeders and birdbaths--they're happy, too.

    I should do some repotting myself--my Meyer lemon tree needs to be repotted before I bring it in for the winter. It has spent a happy summer out on my south-facing front porch, setting out new branches/leaves and looking pretty. I almost lost it to spider mites this past winter/spring. I will have to give it several spider mite baths before bringing it in. In fact, I guess I should do that instead of parking my butt in a lounge chair! Sigh. It's always something.

  3. I saw the rescue of the cat on the ac unit. Cats can swim, but there seemed to be nowhere for him to go. I felt sorry for that cat in the high water. Animals are just so helpless!
    My cough drops are never for cough, just the congestion in my head and menthol are the only ones that work. Well, one woman said all drops in her WM were gone. I panicked!

    The weather here is very pleasant. It is just the kind of weather that makes me ill.

    Sitting in the sun sounds delicious. But, I know what you mean, always something.

  4. No cough drop shortage here either. Poor doggy - glad it is safe.

    1. Cheryl,
      There may not be a drop shortage anywhere, just at one WM. It was such a precious dog. It had damaged its paws trying to get out and could not walk, just sleep.

  5. We were very worried when we drove by her house and saw the firetruck and police car. TheHub and I were scared something had happened to Kerri or one of her children. It was a relief to find out her dog was stuck in a drain, and even better too find it had been rescued

    1. I can imagine that was scary to see that kind of activity at a neighbor's house. Hopefully, the dog will continue to recover. It was a relief to find the dog had been recovered.

  6. In the last 2 years, I have developed bronchitis and have to use an inhaler to keep from coughing.


    1. I have had chronic bronchitis for years. Finally, I was prescribed three inhalers and diagnosed as having asthma.


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