Monday, November 28, 2022

Decorating Thoughts

 Since I decided to put fairy lights in my red kiss candy dish instead of candy, I had to buy fairy lights. They finally came. When I put the whole string in the red kiss, it was magical. Of course, there has to be a stinker in the mix. One set, the first set in which I put batteries, was faulty. One of the little spring coils on which the battery end rests was missing. So, since they were ordered in a box of two, I had to return both. 

I found construction paper that had 12 sheets of red and 12 sheets of green to make a chain like we made when we were kids. Tommy insists we use every color of paper. Who does that? It's certainly spoiling the idea of having a paper chain for Christmas! 

Tomorrow, I will get out the door wreath and start the little decorating we will do. The red kiss will be here when I get fairy lights.

Tonight, we watched The Great American Christmas Light Fight. It was wonderful. There are four contestant each hour. The best Christmas lights win. I am always full of inspiration after we see this program every year. Of course, the idea quickly dies after considering I don't have the stamina or youth to do all this decorating on the roof, not to speak of the lack of money.  One year, I did enter the Christmas decorating contest in the town where we lived. I made elves and decorated the swing set in the front yard. 

A wealthy and influential man won for just sticking the back end of Santa out of a second store window with a little balcony. People all over town called or told me in person they had complained to the powers that be and said I should have won. We moved and I never tried that again, probably because I never saw that any town had that contest. 

Sunday night, I measured out the spices for the sweet potato bread. I may measure the flour and sugar I will get it done one day. I promised Lynda some, so need to just bake it. She is very understanding. Besides, I told her that I would be slow getting it done. 

Part of decluttering is thinking and planning. I have determined to put glass baking dishes and glass cereal bowls and glass storage dishes in an upper two cabinets. I had put three colanders in these cabinets, but I believe the glass will be better up there instead of on a chair! The colanders can go into a bottom cabinet where we both can reach them. Neither of us can get very low. 

My air fryer will go on the curb with a "free" sign. I used it twice and the drawer will not close. So, it is just taking up space! That was a waste of money. 

When I fell, I hurt the knee that was the uninjured knee. But, my shoulders with rotator cuff injuries both hit. Now, my left shoulder is in agony. I thought Tommy was going to have to help me get my t-shirt off today. Lots of other spots on my body have that "slammed to the floor" feeling, but it is my left shoulder and left knee that still are in significant pain. 

We watched "White Christmas" tonight. I loved it!

The grocery ads don't seem to have much to interest me this week. But, I have not looked at the Piggly Wiggly ads yet. 

Today was another beautiful day. I love these days, not dark and not too cold. 

How was your weekend? What is happening in your world? Did you take advantage of Cyber Monday?


  1. As a child I did the paper chains and they were always multi-colored, just like the lights on the tree. Multi-colored lights are my favorite.
    Sorry you fell again. Hope you get to feeling better quickly. Be careful!
    Today is eye doctor and taking car to shop. No shopping at all for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for me.

    1. Cheryl,
      Maybe that is what he had. We only did red and green. I'll ask. I did not fall again. I am still feeling the fall from last week.
      I did not shop either day. I meant to order more fairy lights but did not.

  2. If you getting the ingredients all out at once, even if you hold off until next day to measure, might that not speed up your baking process but still not be over taxing? I'd hate partially measured recipes out on a counter. I'd probably spill, knock over and have to start again.

    1. SAM,
      I put the measured ingredients into a small bowl with a snaplock lid. So, no spilling. I don't have enough room on the counter to leave all ingredients out. Besides, getting them out requires too much standing. I did it the best way I could.


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