Saturday, November 26, 2022

Saturday Successes

 Saturday, we needed to pick something up in Cullman. Since it was supposed to rain, I was leery of going. Tommy woke me at 7:15 as I asked. Even after leaving at 8:10, things went well. We needed to miss the rain forecast for Saturday and get home in time for the Iron Bowl.

Hoping to find a cheap turkey breast, I went to two stores and found two for $1.69/lb. Publix was an in and out trip. The turkey breast was $17.88 for a 10.58 lb. breast. 

In the other store, Betty Crocker brownie mixes in a pouch for $1.29--got 4. Three disposable bread pans--came to $1.40 for each pan. The turkey at this store was $8.72 for 5.16 lb turkey breast. I wish both had been smaller. 

We both went into this store. He bought five cans of the Double Luck green beans I love for $0.69 each. He then had a receipt to enter the drawing for $100. Of course, I had my receipt to enter, too. As I was inside before him and well into the store, I called him and alerted him to apples reduced--$1 per bag of 4, so he bought a bag. 

In about 2018, I won this drawing and had $100 to spend on groceries. Maybe we will have a repeat of good fortune this year.

Got the mail from the PO. 

The turkey breasts were the only food I looked for and seemingly the only good price I found except for the green beans. However, I searched for them, so maybe more bargains were out there.

Have you found any good prices still left from Christmas ads? Any deals at all, food or otherwise? Are you still eating Thanksgiving food and enjoying it? Or, have you reimagined it?

Tommy wanted to eat at Chicken Salad Chick again. He is really a fan of this place. I had the Classic Chicken Salad again, no soup. I had to order a sandwich or could not get the scoop of chicken salad. So, I order a croissant on the side. It is lying in the box in the car, wasted. Tommy had Fruity Fran on wheat bread. We drank water even though Tommy asked if I wanted a drink. I let him have my cookie. 

We drove by my lot and came home! We beat the rain and arrived home about 1 pm. By 2 pm I was in bed for a nap. I only slept three hours and feel like I need another nap. 

I worried I would not be able to easily fit the turkey in the two holes in the freezer, but had absolutely no trouble. I think we might have to return to Cullman for business, so maybe I can get two more at that price, hopefully, two small turkey breasts. Turkey breasts are less than the cost of bscb--half the price per pound. 

Today was a good day despite my lack of sleep and worry about rain. If Auburn had won the Iron Bowl, it would be nearly perfect. Tommy is a little discouraged, as is my son. 

Gas price is down to $2.91. 

In a few minutes we are watching a Lifetime Original premier of the The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve. Okay, this looks good...a Scrooge-like character. Tommy is heating a roasted chicken leg, sweet potato, and frozen mixed vegetables.

If you have checked, what price are turkey breasts where you live? 


  1. I have truly never thought about going to the grocery the weekend after Thanksgiving. I have plenty of food on hand. I have purchased turkey breast in the past - but have never paid more than .99/lb for them.
    Eating lots of turkey and leftovers here.
    My goodness, wow on your gas prices! That is amazing. We are still very close to $4.
    It is raining here, rained all overnight and rain to be most of the day! I guess we need it.
    Glad you had a good day.

    1. Cheryl,
      We did not go grocery shopping. I was getting a turkey breast and Tommy was out of milk. The grocery stores were almost empty, so not a bad place to go!
      We were happy to see prices below $3. The rain was minimal here even though places a few miles away had much more. I think we need it since pecan crops are nonexistent because of lack of rain.

  2. I do not know and I not care viz. no turkey for me please for some months now.

    1. Urspo,
      Okay then! It is delicious white meat and cheap poultry and cheap protein. I love it.

    2. I wouldn't mind a hotel breast or two, but I guess that's not gonna happen. I haven't done any grocery shopping since before Thanksgiving. I should really be using the post-holiday sales to add to my pantry. But I had stuff to keep me busy at home, so...

  3. This isn't Sue, but to answer your question: Hotel-style turkey breasts include the giblets, neck, and wings. They are usually sold fresh, rarely frozen, and are generally available in the Northeast.

    1. Frances,
      I have never heard of such a thing. Half a turkey? I thought maybe it was a typo, so I was trying to figure it out. Thanks for enlightening me.


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