Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Tornadoes, Familial Tremors, Fairy Lights

We were watching a Michael Bublé special as the tornado warnings scrolled across the screen. Rather incongruous, yes? It is blowing and raining. We had Michael Buble special on, but the weather people took over and he was overridden by the weather. And, that's okay. I have my light with me and Tommy has his. There is a little light to turn on in the bathroom. Phones are charged. Hopefully nothing dire happens. 

Monday, I told Tommy I was going out on Tuesday for things I wanted/needed. So, we did and it almost killed me! My blood sugar was so low that I had to have something to eat. I still have not recovered from hypoglycemia! Tomorrow, I will feel more human. 

We also went to the food giveaway. In line, a woman was stopped and people were going around her. She called someone and got out of the car to see the street sign. I had Tommy ask her if she needed help. She did. We both got out of the car, both of us holding onto the car to walk around it. He took the device we bought at Auto Zone to jumpstart her car. I drove ahead to stay in line. He walked back with his walker to me and I drove. I hated to leave him behind! 

What we bought and used today--Duralast Jump Starter, 2.4 amp jumpstarter power pack. The guy at Auto Zone recommended it and said that is what they used at the store to start cars. This has helped us quite a few times, and now we used it to help a woman stranded. I think every car should have one! Maybe we have a new calling! That, plus the device to air up the tires are certainly useful.

Sometimes, we are given a frozen chicken breast with feta and spinach. What we got this time looked like that but had no label. So, I opened a box of potato onion pierogies and cooked the dish that might be chicken. Well, the pierogies were awful and the chicken was butternut squash. We did not eat the pierogies, ate some of the butternut squash, and leftover taco soup.

I took a nap. So, what is new? I lay down, went to sleep instantly, and did not move until I awoke two hours later.  That won't interfere with my sleep tonight, since we will stay up until the danger of a tornado is past. 

The two sets of fairy lights had to be returned since one was damaged, and I could not find any in the one store where I went. I hope the tensions in China will not affect my new order for more fairy lights. There don't seem to be fairy lights made in the US. 

I talked with my friend who is 92 and husband is 91. She was saying how difficult cooking was for her. I told her we use the cooking bags and how we put in chicken, potatoes, carrots and onion and have a meal in the oven shortly. I told her how Tommy peels potatoes and carrots, and once I get it all seasoned, he puts it in the oven and takes it out, giving us days of chicken to do different things and eat different meals. She said her husband can make bread. So, he can probably do all the preparing and cooking of this kind of meal. I bought her a box of Reynolds Cooking Bags. Of course, any meat can be cooked in the bags. Her family brings meals to them, but she still cooks a bit. 

She might never buy Cooking Bags, but if she has a box at hand, she might use them. I will wrap these as a Christmas present and give them a sweet potato bread loaf (made with my pumpkin bread recipe) for her Christmas. 

She has familial tremors and says the condition makes her very tired. I understand tired! But, I know nothing of familial tremors. 


  1. I think I'd rather suffer through a tornado than listed to Michael Buble. Not my favorite singer, that one. And I say that as a former Midwesterner who has lived through many a tornado...

    I took a catnap this morning as well. I was feeling kinda blech-y, but feel fine now. Naps are an amazing boost to well-being!

    I did not take advantage of Cyber Monday. Should have, I suppose, but didn't. I don't feel very shoppy this year. I want nothing, nor do I want to buy anything. That will not work for the rest of my fam, of course. Sigh. Can't Christmas just be about good food, board games, puzzles, and stockings filled with candy and junk?

  2. I think it is wonderful that you and Tommy were able to help this lady out. I know doing those kinds of things take considerable effort for both of you, but think it is great that you do it while you can. Regarding the cooking bags as a gift, fantastic. I am all for giving something that one may not buy for themselves, but will use, if they have it. The bread is nice added feature. Maybe you will inspire them to make an occasional meal the way you and Tommy do.

    1. Rae,
      It was hard for both of us, but not as bad as being stuck with a dead battery. She was desperately trying to call someone. We have seen other people in line with cars that don't run, so I suppose we will check to see what is the matter.

      She is 92, so I explained how very easy it is. She has a husband who can make bread, so I figure he can throw stuff in the bag since it does not HAVE to be neat or in any order. They go out and get fast food some days because it is easy. If they only cook once a week in the bag, they can have four meals a week! I told her to freeze it if there is more than they can eat. She seemed like this was something she had never heard about or thought of doing. I hope it works for them.

      Last year, I gave them a wooden I made cardinal to hang in a tree out front that has two similar bluebirds hanging in it.


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