Friday, November 25, 2022

Plans Changed Multiple Times Today

 I had a good plan until it was not a good plan due to my mistake. The plan Friday morning was to buy bscb at Publix today. Then, I decided why not eat the half of the turkey breast reserved for our eventual Thanksgiving meal and buy a new breast cheaply for $1.49/lb. and thaw it. The plan was a good one until I found a turkey breast at Publix for over $32. It seems the ones for $1.49 are gone, sold. Or, the price was only through Wednesday. 

The chicken breasts were an exorbitant price, nothing I wanted to pay. We went to another Publix. No turkey breasts at $1.49. I bought milk for Tommy, and we headed home. I was exhausted and the sun was low in the sky. 

We sat in the park for about 15 minutes and talked. I made a new plan. We would go home, and I could search the freezer. That plan was working until lots of frozen rocks fell from the freezer quite an avalanche. Since I could not read what was on the packages because of no light near the freezer, I called Tommy. He took the large package over to the sink where there is a measly light, and read it--a whole chicken. So, it went into the refrigerator to thaw. I did not hurt as much as I thought I would.

The things that fell out were meatloaf and field peas, among other things. I was rushing to see The Great Christmas Light Fight. We hurried and heated meatloaf, leftover sweet potatoes, and field peas for dinner. We had three minutes to spare. Then, he realized he read the wrong thing and The Great Christmas Light Fight was not coming on. Bummer. 

We watched Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer. I love that song and movie. Now, we are watching It's a Wonderful Life. I have to see this once every year. 

While I was picking frozen food off the floor, I found two chicken legs, so that is thawing as a meal or two for Tommy. A package with two hoagie buns will be eaten, probably by Tommy with peanut butter on them. I need to go check and see if something is hiding in the dark that escaped from the freezer.

There are two great gaps in the freezer that are for turkey breasts when I find ones that are cheap again.

I did not get the sweet potato bread baked. Maybe I will bake it tomorrow evening. Don't hold me to it. I told Lynda I might bring her some on Wednesday. I told her it would be Thursday, and then Friday. This evening, I told her it would be baked someday. I will be glad when my sense of taste recovers. 

I piddled at decluttering and picking up bits of trash from the table beside me. Yes, we can tell a bit of difference. 

The fall--my knee collapsed quite a few times on Thanksgiving. So, I used my cane. Today, the collapsing and almost falling stopped. My hand and shoulders hurt. I appear to be recovering nicely and I can still bend my left knee, something I could barely do before I fell. I am achy in places, but not really hurt except for the left knee pain. 

What movies or specials do you love to watch each holiday season?


  1. I'm glad to hear that you are recovering from your fall. Poor Linda! Bad Tommy! (LOL). Sounds like you need a headlamp to wear when you go digging in the freezer. Don't laugh--they are actually very handy and practical!

    I did not venture out today; I don't like to go anywhere on Black Friday due to the shopping traffic. I did some online shopping and cleaned up after Thanksgiving. I froze 12 cups of turkey stock after it was chilled and defatted. I also froze 9 cups of cranberry chutney (we are eating through 3 cups I kept aside). Tomorrow I will portion/freeze lots of leftover turkey and chicken, set more bones to cook for stock (couldn't fit the whole carcass in the first time around), and will make a fresh batch of gravy because DH and DS liked it so well.

    The Keto dressing was SO GOOD! Oh, I heaped my plate sky high with mashed cauliflower and keto stuffing and steamed green beans and smothered it all in gravy with a huge dollop of cranberry chutney on the side. I enjoyed the heck out of that stuffing and will make it often, now that I know it is so tasty and so low in carbs.

    My mother absolutely detests the song "Grandma Got Run Over..." She take it quite personally and says it is degrading and insulting. She says if anyone needs to get run over, it's Grandpa. LOL--my mother is hilarious!

    I don't have any "must see" movies for the Thanksgiving holidays, but I do have some for Xmas. It's a Wonderful Life is at the top. Damn, that Jimmy Stewart is one sexy hunk o' man meat (I like 'em tall and nerdy). And who doesn't just love Donna Reed and want to be her BFF?

    I don't even watch the big Thanksgiving parade. The relentless inane commentary and constant commercial breaks drive me nuts. Besides, I gotta cook!

    Most of my watching is cable, anyway. Right now DH and I are watching the 2nd season of Lotus (highly recommend!), The Crown, and we just started watching Wednesday, which is fairly promising.

    1. I have . multiple head lamps for walking dogs, when Zim looking in unlit closets, etc. They are so handy and add safety.

  2. Sue,
    He was pretty good and helpful today. He heated my plate of food after I got what I wanted. I don't want to be holding something when my knee gives out.

    Tommy and I were talking about our headlamps, wondering where they are. I like them. They work for looking in a dark closet, too.

    I certainly did not need to go anywhere except for the turkey breast, and Tommy did need milk. I ordered some books for gifts online. Actually, the traffic was pretty tame. Of course, I only went into two Publix stores and there were few people there. I was not even curious about the other stores.

    Oh, yes! Jimmy Stewart is fine! His performance in that movie is astounding. Who has anything but good things to say about Donna Reed?

    Cooking was why I only got a glimpse of the parade for years. I can ignore the commentary and focus on the art. Never seen the crown. Tommy has cable and I do not ever watch The Crown. It sounds tedious and untrue. Never heard of Lotus.

  3. Glad to hear you are improving a little from the fall. Just stay home and be careful.
    It's a Wonderful Life was my husbands favorite movie. I think I know about every line in it! I like the Christmas Story. Prancer is a favorite of mine, as is Christmas Vacation (it makes me laugh).
    I can't watch the parade either. Just way too much chitter chatter and it seems about the same every year. I really see nothing exciting about it.
    Stayed home, no shopping on Friday for me. Too many people out there.
    Take care

    1. Cheryl,
      I am improving every day. Where we went, there were few people. Yes, those movies are great.
      If the talk bothered me, I suppose I would turn off the sound. Ooops, I suppose I could not hear the music.
      I shopped for milk and turkey

  4. I enjoy It's a Wonderful Life, The Bishop's Wife, Remember the Night from 1940 with Fred McMurray, Barbara Stanwyck, and Beulah Bondi who plays Fred McMurray's mother who hosts Barbara Stanwyck (on special parole from jail) for the Christmas Holiday. Not by looks, but by the way she speaks and acts in this movie Beula Bondi reminds me so much of my Grandma, who passed away when I was only 5 or 6 years old. The kitchen in the movie even reminds me of my Grandma's kitchen, and stringing the tree with popcorn. Grandma and Grandma always had a cedar tree from their woods, that they would decorate.
    The movie is romantic, too..

    For New Year's Eve I like On Borrowed Time with Lionel Barrymore and Beula Bondi. It's fantasy but interesting to think about. Lionel Barrymore manages to trick "Death" (played by Cedrick Hardwick who is just a voice most of the time and invisible, finally being visible toward the end of the movie) so that Death is trapped in a huge old apple tree in Lionel's backyard. Death cannot escape the tree but whatever or whoever touches the tree dies immediately. Lionel has a fence built around the tree so his little grandson, Bud, won't touch the tree by accident. "Death" has recently taken Lionel's son and daughter in law in a car accident. As long as Death is trapped in the tree, no one in the world can die. The old town doctor tells Lionell that left so many people and all creatures suffering terribly. Lionel didn't care, he told the doctor, He wasn't going to allow Death to take his wife. She is sick with heart problems. The old town doctor did experiments and it was true no creature died as long as death was trapped in the tree. Death does eventually escape, and some of the characters do go to "where the woodbine twineth". It is an excellent old movie, and I have watched it so many times now and I still cry before it is all over with. A excellent old movie in my opinion.
    I like the move Meet Me in St Louis, because I love imagining St. Louis back in those days. It's fun to see how pretty Judy Garland is and hear her sing some of the classics, and to think of the trolleys and what an amazing event the 1904 World's Fair must have been. It is a movie that I don't even need to really watch, I remember every scene just by listening to it while I do Christmas projects. It always used to come on late when my husband worked nights and I would get the lights on our Christmas tree and have ornaments on it by the end of the movie, while the kids were asleep and and my husband was at work. That next day the kids got to put their special ornaments on the tree. It seems that before cable, they always played It's a Wonderful Life, The Bishop's Wife, and Meet me in St Louis all in a row while I did the Christmas tree for hours and hour on end. I remember after getting the tree done I would have some peppermint ice cream.

    I was never much of a fan of Grandma Got Ran Over by a Reindeer, maybe because my Mom really disliked it. I love hearing all of the classic Christmas carols, and for some reason Santa Baby, which is disliked by many people I know, makes me happy to hear.

    I hope you get to feeling better as each day passes. Having a knee give out is not fun and is scary to have to worry that it will all of the time. Take care.

  5. I love all those movies, too. You have some special memories. But, I don't remember Death. I will have to watch for that. Well, I love Santa Baby no matter who does not like it, one of my favorite songs. The knee is better, but I still think I did damage. Even a torn meniscus will feel better eventually. But, it will still collapse. That does worry me. Have a nice weekend.

  6. Unsure if you have a Market of Choice, but they have turkey wings two for $7.

    1. S,
      If I only want a breast, why would I buy wings?

    2. Not to mention that price is terrible. Wings are mostly bones and skin; not enough meat to justify that price!

    3. Sue,
      I have never eaten a wing, not to my taste. I might put meat from brown meat into something else. But, I have never ordered wings to eat.

  7. Well now I am hungry for turkey wings. I used to always call dibs on one of the wings when we cooked a whole turkey for Thanksgiving.
    I never tried it, but I heard that a smoked turkey wing will give a good flavor to beans as you cook them.

    1. susie,
      I never put meat in beans. And, it sure would not be a wing! or turkey.


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