Wednesday, December 7, 2022


 Well, it is mostly Tommy's frustration. We went to the Galleria and he went inside to buy things for me using gift cards and my Belk cc if necessary. I wanted the red Godinger tea glasses, leather gloves, and a houndstooth scarf. 

He walked the second floor of Belk's that had nly two clerks. He never did find the glasses or someone who would help him. He looked bedraggled when he came out to report. His cell had died because he said he never checked the battery charge. The  poor guy looked so tired. He went back in to find gloves and scarves. They should have been close together. 

He found a tiny section of gloves, Isotoners, not what I want. I want leather gloves, cashmere lined. I don't want cheap leather the kind that is scraps glued together. He only found solid, knit scarves with pearls on them. Well, I know Belk's. They have gloves around this corner and that corner and all the way at the end of an aisle. It is annoying under the best of circumstances finding gloves or scarves. Hw swore he found no more. I believe that, but he does not know how to find items in Belk's. But, that is okay. 

He practically fell into the car and quickly ate the pb cracker I gave him. I had one swallow of the oj and he had the rest. We were famished, and frustrated and got a burger. 

Then, I got a few things from a different Publix than where we shop. I forgot what. 

The plan was to shop today for groceries in sale ads. But, we got home late and collapsed. Oh well. 

It was so warm that we needed the ac last night. Today, I heard the high was 73F and 75F. We did not carry a sweater or jacket "just in case." 

We both collapsed. Before we had left, I got some of the dishes in the dishwasher and will do the rest tonight. We ate almost all of the leftovers, so I will cook chicken tomorrow night. We have one tiny potato and two large, sweet potatoes left to eat. 

Tomorrow, I will bake chicken breasts and vegetables. Friday, for his birthday I will bake the pork loin and vegetables and make slaw. 

I talked to 92-yr-old friend and was telling her about the red Kiss and how I was putting fairy lights in it and the problem so far getting fairy lights that work. She was saying how she wanted a red Kiss, too and fairy lights. I have an extra red Kiss and an extra set of fairy lights, so I will give those to her for Christmas in addition to the cooking bags. 

When I talked to a friend here in Birmingham today, she wants us to have lunch at the Botanical Gardens. So, that may be in the works in a few weeks. 

And, I had a long talk with Lynda. When you sit in the car for two hours, talking on the phone and catching up helps the time to fly. Or, something like that. 

I decided I would order for delivery from Belk's. The ladies houndstooth scarf listed no content. So, I looked up the brand of scarf and found it is sold by WM as a man's scarf for $8 less. Don't the stores annoy you will branding, pricing and listings? The leather gloves from Belk's do not specify the kind of leather or the material for lining or if they gloves are even lined. I may just shop at Macy's, but I don't have gift cards for there. At the temperatures we are having, I may not need gloves or a scarf for a few months. 

Tommy said one employee told him there was lots of stock in the back but not enough employees to put it out. I do find it hard to believe that no one wants to work! 

One day after I have a stint put in, I will try the trek into Belk's. 

Really, don't you expect a nicer store to carry things not found in WM? I have worn WM scarves in the past and have been pleased. But, I hate finding it in WM and in Belk's for a higher price! 

I put things in the cart at Belk's online and cannot enter the gift cards, so I would have to pay money when I have plenty of means to get it with the egift card. 

I forgot to say but we found gas for 

Does pricing and quality irk you? 

Are you having trouble finding clerks in stores?


  1. Employees are lacking in stores for sure. I do not believe it is no one wants to work - I believe it is because stores aren't hiring. Used to see "Help Wanted" signs everywhere - not anymore. Bottom line - greed.

    1. Cheryl,
      Maybe I can see not wanting to work at fast food or not having the skills to work at some places. But, Belk's has varying types of jobs. Pushing a rack of clothing out is not brain surgery or back breaking. Helping someone find an item is not taxing, maybe not easy, but doable. At Christmas, people want a bit of extra cash and will grit their teeth and work.

  2. That was sweet of Tommy to search in the store to find gloves and a scarf for you. I am like you, in that I don't like isotoner gloves. I like soft leather gloves with a lining that does not include acrylic. Acrilyc causes my skin to break out. I guess it is the texture of it, but I have had gloves, and even socks made from it in the past , and it chaps my skin terribly. I have trouble finding gloves that fit. I have to be there to try them on. I have what I call husk woman hands, my hands are wide across in the palm and hand area, and rather large, not fat, just wide, but my thumbs and fingers are very, very long and thin. They used to be pretty with nice shaped fingernails, but then one year, when I was in my mid 50's I had relatively short amount of time where all of the knuckles nearest the nails became knotty and some even twist a bit. Oh, they hurt at night during the time they were reshaping themselves. My hands did look exactly like my sweet Grandma's and Mom's, but theirs never got deformed from arthritis like mine. Luckily the aching of that arthritis pain went away for the most part, unless i have a fever. I always have to look for the largest women's leather gloves they have, and I like them to come up high on my wrist. They aren't cheap, I'll say that much.

    What kind of scarf are you looking for? Knit or silky. I love large silky scarves, I wear one almost anytime I go out in winter. I often wear them "Babushka style" or if you want to feel pretty think of it as Grace Kelly style instead, just in a triangle and tied under the chin, to keep my ears warm and my hair from blowing all around. If you are lucky enough to have a silk scarf it doesn't squash down your hair too much. A lot of times I take them off of my head and tie them pretty around my neck as an accent when I come indoors, I usually like to just have the long scarf corners arranged in the front with a plain long sleeved top. My hair is down past my shoulders
    now, but at this length is looking ok when I curl it. The curls are long and kind of separate. I spray the hair that way and it stays most of the day. I am not just about to go and get it cut while people are still going to work with flu, covid, and that rsv virus. The thought of someone standing behind me and breathing sickness over me is too much. I may be looking like an old, fat Rapunzel by the time all of these viruses clear out so I feel relaxed enough to get a hair cut.
    Have an adventurous day.

    1. susie,
      He did this without complaining a bit. I told him to bring me every scarf that was houndstooth and I could return what I did not want. I told him cashmere because I did not want itchy or sweaty hands. Here in the South, I rarely need gloves, so they last forever and I don't lose gloves. They are pricey, but not bought often.
      I told him to get longer gloves since my wrists will be exposed in the type leather gloves I wore when I was very young. My fingers are still straight and don't look swollen or knotty or anything. Hopefully, I can still wear the same size leather glove. Knit gloves sometimes have been too tight in the past, so I am sure they will hurt me now.
      He was so good about it, I was frustrated because he tried so hard and looked so exhausted.

      I really need a haircut. But, I am like you--don't want to get sick. I need a scarf only for my neck because I become ill if my neck gets cold. I have put one over my hair, too. I may cut my hair again!

  3. There seems to be always a lack of clerks and help not just nowadays.

    1. Urspo,
      This lack of clerks is the worst I have ever seen!


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