Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Tommy's Cake

 My head has been busy today, deciding what to serve for our tiny Christmas party and what to make for Tommy's birthday this Friday. 

I asked him if the pork loin with potatoes and carrots and onion would be fine after I asked him what he wanted. He shrugged at first, but said the pork loin would be fine. I suggested slaw and he said no, it would be too much. Exactly when is slaw too much. We will have it, but he does not have to eat it. I want it. 

Then, I went through the ads for the week, finding a few things but nothing major except for the ham for $1.49/lb at Publix. So, my grocery list is done. Eggs still are not on sale. 

I asked Tommy for a suggestion for cake for his birthday. He did not know. When I asked about carrot cake, he was eager, "get a couple pieces." So, he will get a carrot cake or just slices. He just now said to get a slice or two, not a whole cake. And, he wants vanilla ice cream. So, it is settled.  We don't need a whole cake around here. I do have candles. 

Today, I needed a nap at noon. I forgot we had someplace to go, so I could only sleep until 1:15. UGH Then, I needed the rest of the nap at 5:15 pm and awoke at 6:30 pm. Honestly, I am napping like a baby! 

Tomorrow, we have plans, so I hope I can sleep well. We will go to Belk's and to several stores to grocery shop. I have gift cards for Belk's. 

I received the Amazon fairy lights and went to the trouble to set them up for Lynda's gift. I was fit to be tied when the remote did not work. I had already set mine up! So, I was going to have to dismantle mine for the second time and order more and return the present set. The very nice woman said to just keep them, take a refund and order more, plus they were giving me a $10 credit at Amazon. Okay, then.

The lights will still work if they are in the same area with the first set in the box. The remote works on both. thankfully. 

The remote lives in a sandwich bag. It is so tiny and thin that it will disappear if it slides somewhere, it will disappear. If it disappears, I can find it by the sandwich bag. I have one hiding somewhere for my boombox! It could have been thrown away for all I know. 

Have you seen these tiny remotes (3.25 x 1.5 x 3/16 inch)? Have you lost one? 

Have you ever just bought one slice of cake for the birthday person?

How are the ads for this week at your stores?


  1. That is smart to put the remote in the sandwich bag! I have bought myself one slice of cheesecake before, LOL.

    1. One,
      Once you have lost one tiny remote, you figure out something to keep it more visible. I am going to put a piece of colored paper in their, too.
      I only see two slices of cheesecake sold. Of course, I can eat two slices...lol.

  2. I got a good nights sleep last night after a very rough night on Monday night. So much was on my mind and couldn't sleep.
    I finally made to the store after 3 weeks today. I thought of you. They had bags and bags of gold potatoes - 5lb. for 2.99. I got a spiral sliced ham for entertaining for later this month. It was .89/lb.

    1. Cheryl,
      It is good to get sleep after a rough night. Sometimes, it is nothing on my mind, just cannot sleep.
      I think I paid $4.99/lb. for the golds I bought. That is a good price on spiral cut. I wish I could find one at that price. I will have my ham sliced for free at Publix.

  3. My husbands birthday is also this Friday and I am sure he would love a piece of carrot cake (his favorite), however, I have a jar of sour cherries and while not enough for a pie, I will attempt to make sour cherry hand pies for him. I like cherry anything, except pie, so I think the hand pies are a good option and it will probably make about 3 of them. Cherry pie is one of his favorite pies, so hope they turn out okay. I have a lab appointment this Friday so we will probably go to lunch somewhere for his birthday, just not sure where. Happy Birthday, Tommy. I have pillar candles that use the remote and love them. Get the ambiance without the danger of fire. (4 cats, remember and 2 naughty ones) Ranee

    1. Rae,
      I hate cherry pie! My brother did not like any cake but loved cherry pie, so that is what he wanted my mother to bake for his birthday. I asked Tommy if he wanted to go out to eat for his birthday and he said no. So, he seems happy with the pork loin and carrot cake slice. I have two sets of three each pillar candles with a remote. I am terrified of fire and don't have naughty cats. My candles flicker, so neat.

  4. Here it seems for some strange reason, we are having good sales. Last night, I ran in the store. I had been sick so I could not remember what was on sale.
    They had 3lb bags of frozen chicken wings for 5.98 Limit 2
    Butter at 2.74 limit 2
    pint of blueberries .99 limit 2
    Bacon 3.99lb, got 5lbs for the freezer.
    Fresh ground beef 3.88lb family pack, my package was about 4lbs. This will be seperated for the freezer

    Checked the flyers for this week.
    EGGS 2.04 dozen, does not show a limit.
    BSCB fresh chicken breast 1.47lb limit 10lbs
    Butter BOGO should be about 2.75lb limit 2
    Bacon still on sale same price
    Blueberries still on sale same price

    So more shopping tomorrow. No, this is not all for me. I am buying extra to go in son's freezer. They can use this more than some present I might pick out that they would not want or like. They have to eat!! I am also going to pick up a prime rib roast on sale for their Christmas dinner.

    Tommy's cake, I usually bake my own but will purchase one now again. I know it is hard for you to get your baking done, too much time on your feet. When I do buy one, I get the whole cake. I then cut it into fourths and freeze. Then I don't eat too much at a time but I have it there in the freezer when I want a treat. In the long run cheaper to buy the whole cake, slices are so high these days. I always pick one that I would not normally make at home. OOOH, last time it was Italian Cream.

    Have a fun day tomorrow!! Hope you find a lot of great deals!

    1. With those prices, you must be in a time warp or hallucinating from being ill! lol. What store was this? Those are terrific prices. Food for a gift is fantastic, and they will think of you each time they eat. I would love to find those prices!
      For my best friend who died from a house fire, I gave him food for Christmas--food he could not cook like deviled eggs and cornbread. He was so happy.
      I was going to buy a whole cake and Tommy said just a couple of slices, so about $9, too much. Sometimes, we buy one slice and half it, but it is his birthday, so I won't eat his only slice of cake.

  5. This is Albertsons here, don't know if they are attached to any stores out there. I just know I am getting it while the getting is good LOL

    1. Texas,
      I don't think Albertson's is affiliated with any stores here. I don't blame you for getting while the getting is good. Smart.


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