Thursday, December 8, 2022

Good Day, Busy Day

 Friday morning, I had an appointment for an ultrasound. Since I could not eat or drink after midnight, I hope I could sleep. I would not have eaten in the night because I resist eating, just drink water. I slept really well on Thursday night. 

I got up at 8:45 and we left at 9:30 for my 10:30 appointment. The whole appointment went well, but the glitch when I arrived worried me. A woman with a very accusatory voice kept telling me that no one would come out with a wheelchair to get me, whoever drove me had to go get one and push me in. She was relentless. So, I told her I was following directions. Finally, she called back with a much softer attitude.

The woman who came to get me was really sweet. Little did I realize she was the tech who did the ultrasound. She was kind and patient about my difficulties and the need for two pillows under my legs. The doctor had ordered two ultrasounds, so it took about 45 minutes. Now, I have to wait for the results. I am nervous but hopeful.

The gel was mercifully heated! She helped me from the table. I have had techs say-Can't you get off the table BY YOURSELF? Unless you have had these people mistreat you, there is no way you can appreciate simple kindness in a moment of weakness. 

Across the street I saw Bama Fever and Tiger Pride. I had Tommy take me there. I bought him an Auburn t-shirt, since he is a fan and graduate. I showed it to him and said, "Happy Birthday" since I did not want to have to go back if it did not fit. I bought from the $14.95 rack. It fits, but he says the neck is too tight. 

I tried eating the Munchies peanut butter and crackers. NO WAY. They were cheese crackers, but I tried them. I have always hated cheese crackers. So, he got us both a plain burger. Now, he can have cheese crackers with peanut butter for a snack here. 

We came straight home and left immediately to shop from my list from the ads. At Publix there was one ham left on the shelf, a ham for $1.49. I got it as I just did not want to wait on another to be weighed and priced for me to choose. The $1.49/lb. turkey breasts were sold out! So, I have to go back again, tomorrow at 10 am. About once a year, I will eat corned beef which was on sale. Dasani was cheap. 

Carrot cake was $3.49/slice. A whole cake on sale was $19.00. So, I bought two slices. I forgot the ice cream but can get it when I get the turkey breasts. 

At The Pig I bought cole slaw, cheddar cheese, squash, correct Munchies. Tommy loves squash and zucchini cooked together, so I am making that for him.

Food Giant--one deep dish Pet Ritz pie crust. another box of Munchies since Pig only had one, two cans of VanCamps pork and beans for $.88/each because I use them for baked beans and Tommy loves mine, I also found a deep, round plastic container with a lid that sealed as well as the Tupperware! And, it was only $1.25. I won't store food in it, though. 

By the time we got home it was around 3:30. We were both exhausted, but the day had gone well except for the first glitch. Since we had so little to eat, I suggested we have a pizza with cauliflower crust. It took me forever to get it in the oven, so that ended up being dinner. I feel like we did not eat well at all today! 

I had a heated argument with a friend who thinks we should not have closed borders because borders are a social construct. I agree with the social construct bit, but she made upset me. I think she is an anarchist. I reminded her of state boundaries, lot descriptions and our own rooms in a house. I doubt she is willing to give up and inch of her place because someone else wants it. 

After cheese, hot pizza, tiredness from the day, and being upset, I slept upright in my chair. I hate to sleep like that. We watched some sort of country music Christmas show. It was cheery. 

Just now, Tommy went to the car and found the delivery of my new sets of fairy lights. Good. They were right on the table by the door. 

Cheap gas--$2.84/gal. Temperature--mid 70s

Oh, yesterday as I sat in the car outside Belk's, I watched a USPS driver throw huge and small boxes into a very large truck. So, if you ordered anything from Belk's and it arrives damaged. I know why! Who throws boxes for delivery? I wonder how many more times these same boxes were thrown by USPS employees. 

Unfortunately, tomorrow we get up early and start all over again. I need to get the ice cream I forgot and get turkey breasts, among other things. This way, we do not need to go out on the weekend for anything. I am looking forward to a lazy day at home, at least a day at home doing things here. Medical things are never relaxing. At least I got all the ad items bought except for the turkey breasts. We had too much produce already except for the two squashes I bought for Tommy. 

Do you get out the ads in order to make a list of loss leaders? Items you need? 

Do you have a friend whose ideologies appall you and seem very radical?


  1. I usually do check the grocery store ad for things on sale that we need or might want to eat for the week. Sometimes what is on sale might give me an idea for something that would be good to cook. I had a heck of a time making out a grocery list this week. With two broken teeth one on one side and another on the other side, and a week to go until I can get them pulled, I am having a hard time finding things that are soft enough for me to eat and that don't have bread, since my teeth seem to pull out when I eat bread. So far I have cream of wheat for breakfast, nothing for lunch, and soup of various kinds for supper. I got some braunschweiger to have for my supper a few times, just with no bread. Tomorrow I am getting some glucerna to drink for one of my meals a day. I will also be getting some yogurt.
    I am already having a couple of problems with the person I am talking to on the phone regarding scheduling my blood thinner medicine and the tooth extractions. And then I found out they want to put an antibiotic into the IV anesthetic, and it is an antibiotic which is at the top of the list for causing c diff. I can't take that. I have had c diff before. It landed me in the hospital for 5 days, a colonoscopy which didn't find where the bleeding was coming from, and a second antibiotic to kill off the c diff. I am not just about to take an antibiotic that is at the top of the list for causing c diff. I have to call my doctor, which is like pulling hen's teeth, and find out what kind of IV sedation
    antibiotic that I can take that the dental surgeon will use. I am allergic to Pennicillin so that one is ruled out too. This should not have to be this difficult, but I guess that is the way things are now. If I could find another dental surgeon with an opening before Christmas, I would go there if they would accept me for this apparently Holy medical/dental service to be performed. Until reading your post about people sometimes having mobility problems and not being helped out by the medical staff I hadn't thought too much about that. I don't think the phone person would be helpful to a person with a mobility issue. More to think about for me..

    1. susie,
      Hold fast and don't let them give you that antibiotic. What is it? There are certain meds that I refuse to take, also. The nurse practitioner wrote them anyway after I told her the doctor I had seen once for something, told me not to take the med. So, I just won't see her again. Period!
      When having surgery, make sure they keep your diabetes under control or infection could occur.
      I would stick to my guns on this issue. There are er services for teeth emergencies. Good luck with this medical problem. You are certainly eating light! or soft.

  2. I don't have friends in real life who are radical politically, but among Facebook Friends there are those who curse everyone in the opposite party. Sometimes it's hard to believe how their thought process works.

    1. Carole,
      I do have friends who are radical politically, and mostly I agree. However, this is madness and I agree with most of what she says normally. My left friends on fb, don't curse them liberals, just try to counter their positions.

  3. What a super busy (and productive) day you had! I'm tired just reading all that. And you have to do it all again tomorrow? God bless! On days like those I need a can of Monster to make it through...

    Medical appointments ARE exhausting! Even if it's something as simple as the Covid booster and a flu shot (which I just got today), I just hate medical appointments. The pharmacy for immunizations, Dr. Do-It-All for body basics, Dr. Girly Bits for the plumbing, Dr. Smusher for the ta-tas, Dr. Butt for the U-No-What, Dr. Toofs 2x/yr (if you don't pop crowns!). OY! It's ENDLESS!

    I think I got worn out shepherding 2 kids through all their appts. through the years. I know--I didn't have it as bad as so many other moms. Plus, I always have to schedule DH's visits. Like he can't pick up the damn phone himself. Still, if I want him around to yell at in my twilight years, I have no choice.

    I ducked into Aldi's and they FINALLY had their Keto Friendly bread in stock! I have been chasing that stuff forever! I bought 2 loaves plus slider rolls so I could make those baked slider sandwiches that are drowning in deli meat and cheese and butter.

    Is the bread awesome? Absolutely not! But it is carb-free, and that's what matters. I like a sandwich for lunch, period. This way I can have one without sending my blood sugar to the moon. Or a simple piece of toast with my morning coffee. It's the little things, you know?

  4. I was tired, too. And, did have caffeine from a Coke to help

    Medical stuff is difficult, even when it is simple. The older I become, the less simple medical issues are. I have all those doctors too, but they mostly want a phlebotomist involved! Or, some tech in radiology.
    I might try keto bread.

  5. Ugh, 12 hours post-vaccinations, I am absolutely reeling. My injection sites ache, the rest of my body aches, I am freezing cold (I am the family furnace; I usually run very warm), my head is stuffed up. I feel exactly like I have the flu. I slept 9 hours; I've been up for only one hour and want to crawl straight back into bed. Maybe I'll sit in the recliner and fall asleep in front of the TV. Off to take some Tylenol...hope you have a more productive day than mine.

    1. Sue,
      I feel for you. It sounds terrible. Go on and go right back to bed! I would. If it is any consolation, the worse the reaction the better the protection. Sitting and sleeping in recliner in front of the tv sounds like a good use of your time. I felt sick but not as sick as you for about 24 hours and suddenly felt better. It is the first reaction I have ever had.


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